Bali Baby - WWW Lyrics

Ha, so I see y'all forgot
I had motherfucking bars, ya feel me?
So I had to bring it back out real quick, you dig?

Uh, wiggity, wiggity, wack
I'm working hard like my team on the back
Careful baby don't you slip up and crack
If this is a war then my bars on attack
Pullin' out tricks like the man with the hat
Bounce on your tits if they're looking like racks
I set a trap 'cause these bitches is rats
Eat up a beat just like it was a snack

Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x3]
Knock it out the park, like I got a bat
Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x3]
Bali Baby and I know I'm gon' slap
Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x7]
Step on a crack, and then break out my back

Wiggity, wiggity, water
I birthed these bitches, you know I'm their fathers
I asked them "Why do they bother?"
Where is my lamb, baby I came to slaughter
I told her I can not call her
I got the tricks just like I'm Harry Potter
And you know that I am hotter
Niggas is grown, but still acting like toddlers

Yeah I blow a kiss
Diamonds my wrist
Y-3 my kicks
10 deep my fit
Who wrote your diss
That shit a miss
I am an idol, yeah, just ask the kids!
They takin' flicks, yeah they like my pics
All on my dick, all in my shit
You talk down, cause' you know I'm that bitch
Where is the tissue, cause' I am the shit

Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x3]
Knock it out the park, like I got a bat
Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x3]
Bali Baby and I know I'm gon' slap
Wiggity, wiggity, wack [x7]
Step on a crack, and then break out my back

Did you just hear what the fuck I just said!?
Huh, nah go ahead and replay that shit
Cause you know that shit was motherfuckin' fire
Ya feel me?
You know your whole house needs to be motherfuckin
Tooted out
Cause you know that shit on fire, bitch, ha!
You know what the fuck going on man
Told y'all I had the bars man, I could do it all man
Fuck you mean?
I'll rap battle any one of y'all niggas
Hell is you saying?
And I'm in the A, all the time, all day, ha!

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Bali Baby WWW Comments
  1. Jimmy D. Shoewall

    Bali Do

  2. love lace

    That little grasshopper thing scared the shit outta me 😂😂😂 lmfao we all know Geminis are crazy Lml yes Bali ES LOCA! 😭 that yellow and orange wig looked cute on you though 🔥🔥🔥

  3. jim bob

    Yes this is whack. Don't do this again.

  4. Karen

    Is it just me or was it funny in a scary way at the beginning. Like a movie

  5. Gaming Fiamgiy KARMA Many

    Bali Baby 🤙🤙💀💀☠️

  6. Tyray Pearson


  7. Ashley west

    Love u Bali but this song iwas wiggity wiggity ass

  8. Fire moon

    elle est sous côté

  9. Jade M

    Wtf the beginning is a phat mood wtf

  10. Sean G

    i mean, it was wack

  11. Berry Swisher

    Not as cool as Rico no matter how crazy you try to be. Makes me mad bc I like Bali a lot 😢

  12. merry cone

    okay this is her best music video

  13. IssaAngel

    I love the creepy concept

  14. Brianna Wright

    Y'all sleep on this

  15. Jazmyn Brown

    Dat Chucky wig 😂😂😂😂

  16. imdumped

    are you always on coke?

  17. Bernard William Jappah

    I didn't like the song title but i've the song and i've the beat on fire

  18. Spirit Eye Stride

    this song is wiggady wiggady whack...

  19. ama r



    Every song sound the same she need to change up her flow on some of these tracks

  21. Chauniece Harrison

    Smh wtf happen to her bro!!!!! Im at a lost for words idek what to say

  22. ama r


  23. megbro

    I love Bali’s weird ass

  24. annunaki komt eraan

    Please tell me you got a cameltoe pussy

  25. Ae’Ryl Zanae

    This is scary

  26. Alicia Cobbs

    Wtf is this shit ....😶😬✋

  27. Leelee Calhoun

    This song is wiggady wiggady whack

  28. Alana Goodwin


  29. City Boi

    This bitch crazy foreal tho😒😒😒

  30. - B a D! -

    i love the beat , but uhh . .

  31. You're friend Jala

    Yo wigs is wigady wigady wachk

  32. Ernesto.Maroto


  33. MindOnSkyee

    ion even like bali... but can't even front this go hard.

  34. Freestyle _Jayy

    To me this is a bop 🙊👌🤘🤙

  35. Rcihard Salazar

    cinematic intros lose peoples interest, JS

  36. devon

    This jawn is Wiggity wiggity wack

  37. Alana Goodwin

    still shook this came out o my b day XD

  38. Street Fight

    I love her kiss sounds

  39. Kevin

    I want brazy bali

  40. Lai Brat


  41. Mer'Keyah Riley

    I thought this was a dance at the beginning

  42. Gully Bos

    I think I just killed a few brain cells bro! Check out my music please

  43. Tym.arthur

    Bitch..... who tf is Chicken? Gotta fucking go🤦🏻‍♀️

  44. Okami Baibu

    Rico Nasty better😁🔥🔥😁

  45. Sincerely Majestik

    Why's this so catchy? 😂

  46. sasan k

    Bali always on some where shit but i love it though. My favor song from her is elastic

  47. Bong Joshua

    This song is a sneak diss on well guess who . . .

  48. pj.repak

    this shit triggity trash

  49. Tay Mccleary

    Video tough but the wiggide x2 ass

  50. LooneyBlade113

    this song is wiggity wiggity wack

  51. El Chuma

    I dnt knw y she did a video for this 1 but I still luv hee

  52. Shian Dacosta

    Bali baby x Blake would be littt 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Darrell Reese


  54. Ali Universe

    .... w- ok.

  55. Chris Wooten

    bali i loved you but your changing 😞 this not the gangsta bali i know

  56. Makaylah Brown

    Video tuff song lame

  57. Jay G

    Bitch just tryna get into the whack ass industry. LLL 🚫

  58. Twin Twin

    U need 2 ft with me


    Let me write you something

  60. is The Panda

    I could've sworn you dropped this in 2017...

  61. Vee I

    So we just gonna pretend like Rico nasty didn’t start doing this whole rock n goth punk thing before Bali and all of the sudden she over here copying the look lmao

  62. Pizza bell

    A no from me😭😭

  63. julcia krolowa

    bali should have feat with klondike blonde oh my

  64. skinneh

    Lonerism tame impala?

  65. Rei.sachiko


  66. D-JAYY 19

    Watching this on acid was weird asf

  67. Lala Dabrat

    Bruh u dropped no bars in this video I’m disappointed

  68. G4S Nation

    The visuals on this song go fuckin crazy.
    Lil ol’ Bali escaping from a mental institution & getting her lights knocked to end up on a chair with a straight jacket loosing her gaht damn mind while the people are trying to get in her mind.
    The other place she shooted “WWW” along with the stuffed animals in the dark gave me a “Five Nights at Freddy’s” nostalgic type vibe.

  69. Verona Jennings61

    Baliiii I love her so much 😍😍😍

  70. Cortlin Dav

    But fr On some real real shit that link right there .... that link right there

  71. Cortlin Dav

    But on some real real shit u top 3 😉

  72. Cortlin Dav

    Aye on some real shit

  73. Angel B

    why is everyone with this emo rockstar wave.

  74. TonyKOtv

    Never clicked so slow in my life 😒

  75. Alaina Gardner

    Makes me wanna stop at a green light and exit my car to get smiggady smiggady smacked

  76. miamiwax

    This music video is wiggedy wiggedy wack

  77. Prettyboii

    I ain’t goin lie this song hard

  78. Peachy Trash

    I like this song what y’all bitches mean

  79. Bizarro

    Wtf is this creepy as shit 😂

  80. Life Of Shäyy

    Subcribe to me and notifications and I will do the same to you

  81. X O T I X Z x

    This songs wiggedity wiggedity wack bali need to bring that old producer back like elastic

  82. Tuna cakes

    Why are u RUNNING

  83. Shari Williams

    I think they are too worried about flooding us with music, they forget they need to focus on the quality.

  84. Victoria Aldrete

    I use to think bali was allthat but sis

  85. Dręãa Bæbę


  86. The Guide

    The new bali straight go back to the banana clip and coupe type feel please

  87. paesh & Audrey

    This shitt whack what happened to you Bella

  88. Diamond Fleming

    These comments 😂😂tho tbh I miss old Bali but artist do wanna try stuff new sometimes to see how they sound doing other genres in stuff but brazy Bali is coming back it was on her Insta snap hopefully she read her fans comments cuz alot people hate her new shit and some people like it brazy Bali was just better to me

  89. blaccAbraham90

    She sounds like the female Dexter.


    bali the female lil wop #🖤

  91. Amira Sulley

    this song is old ..

  92. Mike of Doom

    very original

  93. Khaali Hayes

    Your videos have better visuals these days but....Bali listen to me... PLEASE. and this is your (L)GBT fam talkin' to you. Switch up your flow and take more time before you go into the booth. Everyone is rushing to get out songs and mixtapes that are forgettable. But if you take your time you can make something NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET. Get some people in the study who write RnB or someone who can help you write pre-chorus chorus and even a bridge. I honestly think it will take your music to another level. Just my opinion... much love from Brooklyn

  94. Khaali Hayes

    the orderly having her shirt tied up is cracking me up

  95. Iam M.C.

    Why Miley Cyrus Wasn't On The E.P. Thats One The Litties Songs..