Baker, Anita - Wrong Man Lyrics

I feel you moving, slipping away
I try to call, but I can't find the words to say
My lips move ahh but they don't make a sound
I hear your voice but you're nowhere around
I close my eyes I can't find my sleep
My wounds will not heel, If you cut me too deep
My mind is strong but my spirit is weak
I got to get back on my feet

Well, you can be so cruel
Oh, I just don't understand
Do the tears that I cry, baby
Hey, does it make you feel like a man?
And I told you once, boy
Oh, baby let me tell you again
You can't do right 'cause your the
Wrong man

You're the wrong man
You're the wrong man
You're the wrong man

I hear you calling but I ain't no fool
I've got to be stronger, I've got to get over you
Each time I cry it's a sign of my pain
Every tear that falls carries your name
All I know is it cannot go on
Every thing I do for you is wrong
Ain't nothing I can say or can do
I just got to, I gotta get up child
I gotta move.

Hear me baby
Tell me what you want me to do
Ain't my my my, ain't my lovin' good
Enough for you?
I told you once boy, baby lemme
Tell you again
You can't do right 'cause...


You know I love you
Sometimes it just ain't enough
And I don't wanna leave you
Baby but I'm giving you up
And I told you once boy
And I don't wanna tell you again
You can't do right 'cause
You're the wrong man
You can't do right baby [repeat]

I'd rather lose you, child
Than lose my mind, yeah
I'd rather lose you
Then to lose my mind

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Baker, Anita Wrong Man Comments
  1. Anthony Grant

    Who in the world would NOT like this song??? You MUST BE THE WRONG MAN!! ( or woman )...

  2. Robert Green

    I must keep going. Move on with my life

  3. Orville Butler

    This lady came and save the world musically, talented without boundaries......

  4. Renee Bell

    How old is this song am I late just heard it a month ago but love it

  5. Ttyhj Duhg

    Love it

  6. Earl Allen Jr

    You would be surprised how many football players were singing Anita Baker in the dorm before class every morning in college!!!! Lol. We loved her.


    This is a song everyone can relate too

  8. J W.

    I like the beat breakdown starting at 3:45 lol

  9. Marlo Rice

    "Do The tears that I cry. baby hey does it make you feel like a man?" 😃

  10. Tamera Ward

    I hear u calling but i aint no fool

  11. Celeste Hill

    Vocal and instrumental arrangements are impeccable.

  12. Futuristic Concepts

    Now imagine a slight flip to the lyrics and a guy sang this to the ladies!!

  13. Gugu Bungane

    MY WOUNDS WOULD NOT HEAL COS U CUT ME TOO DEEP. May WE ALL be healed from these wounds. My heart goes out to y'all.

  14. Linda Johnson

    I love this song how true

  15. discolady2

    It’s a whole lot of wrong men outside for the right woman he can’t do right would rather let him go then to hold on to a wrong person

  16. Nkenga Warren

    I don't wanna lose you but baby I'm giving you up

  17. kemetstry

    Pure A.B.


  18. Prosperity Foruand me

    Love this song

  19. Sandra Dee Lawson.

    Anita Baker kind of favor's my older cousin Ms. Helen Marie Bland.

  20. jublino travis

    Anita Baker GOAT! Most underrated female vocalist of the last century. She is the dogs bollox

  21. Andrea Smith

    Nicole in New Orleans La beatiful songs always song beatiful love songs jazz etc love duets ill always b a fan

  22. Andrea Smith

    still a fan nocole in new orleans my favorite music 1990s sanging ro newborn son 1992 reason y he sang today miss them days sanging anita baker plenty room you the wrong man in love with the wrong tell her u belong to me. etc lately

  23. Amanda King

    My most and deeply profound song by Anita. It speaks volumes. The lyrics says it all. Love it when she says, “I’d rather lose you, than to lose my mind.” Been through this pain with my husband. Every tear I cried definitely carried his name. He’s in heaven now and at peace, but I carry him in my heart, and I still have tears, but of joy and remembrance. Awesome!

  24. Mark McCormick

    “I’d rather lose you, than lose my mind”

  25. magnificent reg

    i'd marry her DOG just to get in the family!

    Futuristic Concepts

    Damn bro. Her dog?


    say that you would drink her bath water but please don't marry the dog.

    leake cece

    Y'all A Trip

  26. Rikaya Partlow

    How the hell does THIS have such a small amount of views?! HOW?!

  27. Henry Pennymon

    This lady could literally sing the phone book and it would be RIGHT!

    James Tomlin


    leake cece

    You a fool LOL first comment I see I bust out laughing thanks for the smile

  28. Henry Luis


  29. Julius Jones

    One of her best. Way too appropriate at times. Truly.

  30. Ernest Crues

    The best singer ever love u anita

  31. Debbie Bloodworth

    I hear👂 your voice, but your nowhere around 😞 Every tear drop 😭 that fall seems to carry your name.😢 I don't want to leave you - Baby but I'm giving you up, cause your the WRONG MAN😩😩


    Yas a lot of black men are wrong thats 1 of the reasons why black women date outside their race and I am about to do the same date outside my race

    J W.

    What did her husband do to her? This song sounds like it comes from a deep place?? It's a tune though!!!

  32. Debbie Bloodworth

    "You can't do right baby, why won't you do right". My wounds will not heal cause you've cut me to deep😥. I got to get stronger, I got to get over you. I got to get up child, baby I've got to move. Cause your the wrong man.😾 My mind is strong💪, but my spirit is weak😢. I'd rather lose you😱, than to lose my mind 😵😨

  33. Omar Elbadani


  34. Omar Elbadani

    Omar I feel you to Warsaw wat a voice end Rothenberg its the right name for this album Omar

  35. Richard Johnson

    Thank you for posting this tune. no one can do it like Anita.

  36. Lisia A.

    The story of my life....this song...not anymore.

  37. Stephanie Ester

    I LUV. All her music

  38. J W.

    Was this song about Babyface?

    Randall Pope

    J Love is that a trick question?

    J W.

    @Randall Pope it's about Walter bridgeforth I was being funny😂

    Celeste Hill

    ​@J W.Yeah...Walter was not the one.

    J W.

    Just a sperm donor like most men

  39. Talbot Slaughter

    I don't know Anita Baker's Rhythm of Love and composition was the s***

  40. Talbot Slaughter

    That's my girl.

  41. Tachelle Jackson

    She told no lies in this song.. Smh

    Henry Luis

    I SWEAR!

  42. Angela Colbert

    This song will never get old old for me

    Henry Luis


  43. Imani Brandon

    I love Anita Bakers voice. I feel At Peace when I hear her sing. It's too bad that she's retiring.

  44. AlliKatt Chica

    the 16 dislikes must be hearing impaired!!!!! This is the Bomb!! Sing it, Anita!!!

    Burdette Thompson

    This is perfect when he is not the one I can testify to that sing girl

  45. kathy shepherd

    greatest artist in the me! My hero!

  46. Kellee Alanna

    This song!

  47. P.e Jimerson


  48. Andray Jett

    what more can we say....Anita...thats it.

  49. tasha ahast

    this song was made for me....thanks for posting

  50. arshad chau

    One of my favorite from last 20 years great song

  51. Joyce Macklin

    Love Anita Baker

  52. Freddie G

    one of my top 3 female singles you ask who the other two Minnie Riperton and sade

    Amanda King

    Freddie Jones great taste in female artists

  53. Draven Swan

    one of the greats

  54. Sandra Sedgwick Williams

    You can't do right cos you're the wrong man......wish it wasn't so but it is.

    Blanche Whiteclark

    Sandra Sedgwick Williams
    I feel you girlfriend 😥

    Daniel Blackburn

    Every tear that falls, carrys you name. I'd rather loose you than too loose my mind 😈😏

  55. Vanessa This

    I got a serious crush on you Anita DAMN

  56. steelydeb

    I love you Anni.

  57. Eros Muse

    I feel evey word she is singing, it's about making the wrong choice and knowing it!

  58. william griffin

    this is my song right here.


    ...the truth and nothing but the truth (vocally speaking)

  59. 911proto

    This is a great song by Anita. Just love that woman!!

    Chrystal Smith

    My favorite female artisr! Love this beautiful, talented woman!

  60. dolyn1971


  61. lword1970

    what - this lp was her best . it had body & soul, i apologize , plenty of room,rythym of love , its been you . every cut was hot

  62. Howard Davis

    I don't know, nor do I care if such a word exist! It's PERFECT in describing much of today's music. Dezzy23, why are skills that Anita displays so ignored today? BTW check out Phyllis Hyman's jams on YT. I know, that you'll love 'em. Not all of today's diva's are lacking in skills...I love Dionne Farris & Kendra Ross. But "singers" with skills like these sistahs have, don't get the air play that they deserve!

    Keep the faith & spread the work Dezzy23. We're counting you :-)

  63. Dezzy23

    I understand where you coming from bigbambam... Im a youngin myself and I prefer listening to Anita, Boys 2 men, Sade, Mariah (in her prime). Basicly I like listening to Real music that didnt need to be technologically enhanced like today's music. Truthfully Im tired of alot of these autotune using singers today... Maybe they should take a lesson from the singers with real talent like Anita. Today people are more interested in selling sex and Im just sick of it.

    Alceda Neal

    Dezzy23 same her I don’t listen to today’s junk

  64. Howard Davis


    Keep this music alive....let the youngins (lol) know what the real deal is! Let them hear it, let them feel we have over the years :-)

  65. Howard Davis

    What has happened to us...
    where multiple dubbing, music machines replacing real musicians, music videos replacing the individual's imagination as to what a song is saying to them, has gotten us? How many of today's "Live performances" actually sound as good as the studio recordings? many of them are actually singing?

  66. 1814Brandan

    This song is HOTT, y'all. LOVELOVELOVE this song. This was not her best LP, but this song was HOTT.

    Tim B

    1814Brandan those are some good drugs you're on. THIS CD IS OFF THE CHAIN!!! EVERY CUT!!!

  67. Shun


  68. Thandie Greene

    Hi Miss Monet. Still lovin' some Anita!!!