Baker, Anita - Squeeze Me Lyrics

Come on and squeeze me
Baby won't you tease me
Come on and squeeze me
I like it when you tease me

Like the way you shake your thang
Like the way you move
Love the way you so casually slide into the groove
You know you take me so high boy
I don't want to come down
You don't have to come down
You don't have to be shy baby
As long as I'm around

Ooh you love me so good
I could never love another
And I wish you would
Not be so undercover

[Chorus x2]

Whenever I get lonely I start thinking about you
Ooh sweet baby you're the only one can do the things you do
You tickle my fascination
I get all caught up around you
Such a thrilling sensation
When you get into my groove

Hold me
Tell me I'm your one and only baby
Ooh make it good tonight
I'm gonna make it feel so nice
Ooh your love is so good
I can never love another
And I wish you would
Not be so under cover

[Chorus x4]

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Baker, Anita Squeeze Me Comments
  1. Jhamel Wade

    This is huge!!

  2. Jhamel Wade

    This is a "dope" one, yes sir; the rhythm, bass, soul, symphony, drums, the horns and etc I what I like "BEST" about this song 'here'!!

  3. Ronald Jenkins

    incredible high school A.K

  4. thunderbird1961

    Not many know about this song, but it's one of her best. And this is early in her career. Totally love it

    Rinaldo Marion

    thunderbird1961 Thunderbird 1961 You know your music. You are so right. Squeeze Me & Feel The Need. She put everything into both songs.

    Tory Shaye

    Incredible song, amazing groove, pure talent.