Baker, Anita - Plenty Of Room Lyrics

I thought I told you everthing you needed
You needed to know, oh
I thought I gave you everything and then you decided to go, oh
Ohhh, You know I understand
And child I love you with an open hand
When ever you should need me
You know where I am

Cause I got room
Plenty of room
Never lonely again just open my door come on in
Cause I got room plenty of room
You'll never be lonely again just open my door come on in
Cause I got room

Don't you know I love you child where ever
Where ever you rome on your own
Lord knows it gets cold out side and if you
You should want to come home, on home
Ohh, you know I don't lie
Should the world outside make you want to cry
Don't be shy no darling just come on by


Ohh, Right now would be a good time to find
That you have walked into my room
Any time would be a good time
It ain't never to late baby never to soon
Ain't no better love than me and you
You know that's true oh
So sit down at my table til your spirit is feed
Rest your worries by the fire
Lay your burdens in my bed

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Baker, Anita Plenty Of Room Comments

    2020 Johnny ♥️💜

  2. David Mabu

    I just can't express my feelings.. oh Anita..

  3. contina ward

    Her music hit down in your soul love you Anita

  4. Loretta De Herrera

    I DO LOVE HER..💖💖💖

  5. Jonathan Nurse

    This song called "Plenty Of Room", was sung by Anita Baker with her album "Rhythm Of Love" for 1994, going back to 1989.

  6. anet parks

    I have a guy in my life that I will always have room for in my heart. No matter where he goes or what he does I am here for him. He's my guy forever and always!

  7. Maxcine Robinson

    I still have plenty of room Nelson till we meet again

  8. Geraldo Barbosa

    Wonderful song !!

  9. YaGirl Plow

    This is simply a beautiful song... I hate I missed you at Jazz Fest 2018....

  10. Tiffany Towers

    ❤😍😘 love this song she gotta few i like

    Lacedra Minor

    Same here

  11. Rikaya Partlow

    🎼🎤🎧Love is all I wanna give
    I wish I knew what you were gonna do
    Ain't no one in the world, boy
    But me and you
    You know it's true
    Sit down at my table 'til your spirit is fed
    Lay your burdens by the fire
    Rest your worries in my bed
    I'll never leave you lonely, oh boy
    Now don't you hear what I said?🎼🎤🎧

    Kim Ames

    Rikaya Partlow That good and good ear. Most people wouldn’t have made out what she said but yeah you’re a genuine fan!

  12. Dexter Lewis


  13. Charisma Jackson

    I just need the instrumental!! Somebody, anybody please help!!!!

  14. Kim Adams

    I say that this is her country western song.


    It has a country sound to it.

  15. Jazzydee Arnold

    I felt in love wit this many of years ago. Think about my Mom when i heatr it. She told me these words also.

  16. Jerry Johnson

    Anita Baker. The Songstress. 'Nuff said....playing "A Baker's Dozen" tonight. Thank you and God bless. Thanks for the upload, BigPeter86 Real Music Channel. Blessings

    BigPeter86 Real Music Channel

    Jerry Johnson You are very welcome sir. Blessings

    Jonathan Nurse

    @BigPeter86 Real Music Channel Has this song by Anita Baker called "Plenty Of Room" been released in 1989?

  17. Jerry Johnson

    Jan.26th: Happy birthday R&B-Soul-Smooth Jazz Singer Anita Baker; Platinum and Gold Albums, winner: 8 Grammy Awards, 7 Soul Train Music Awards, 4 American Music Awards. Thank you and God bless...tha's a singer right there. Thanks for the upload, BigPeter86 Real Music Channel. Blessings

    BigPeter86 Real Music Channel

    Jerry Johnson Anytime sir. Blessings.

  18. Brandy Strong

    My mommy used to sing this song to me. Love you Mommy always and forever, I know you're looking down upon us and singing this to me when I'm feeling down and missing you.

    Priscilla Johnson

    I used to sing this to my daughter too I love this song too

  19. shimaz muhammad

    Brings tears to my eyes.
    To all who ever left me for one reason or another.
    I still love you and there's always room!

  20. debra sewell

    This song was written for her son . When I think about missing my son and the day he won't be living with me, I play this song. Anita is a dime singer but thinking of my son and Anita's sultry voice brings tears to my eyes.

    Renee Dickerson Stevenson

    God bless you

  21. paris thomas

    the martin jones herdersonand thomas & family

  22. atrocitus rage

    i first heard this when I was 15..I'm 29 now #anita and o he I also gangbang..Anita the truth

    Angle Johnson

    this is from 1994 I was 4 when this came out

  23. Francine

    quelle voix magnifique !

  24. makal thompson

    such a wonderful song !!

    Deloris Woodley

    Anita Baker, morning, noon and night, Cuto I've got room, It's in my heart!

  25. Antwoine Jones

    One of my favorites!!

  26. LGKids

    Soft and Warm and the Majic 108 Quiet Storm, oh my bad, I was just thinking about back in the day when you could let the craziness of a long hard day just go away from hearing good music like this, take over your radio! Peace!


    LGKids you must be from St. Louis?

  27. Kendra M


  28. Bertha Mfula

    I just love this song!


    This song reminds me of my first love...I miss him so much and would give anything for him to walk through my door....forever in my heart R. I.P