Baker, Anita - Mystery Lyrics

Turning back the hands of time
Holding on to misty memories
Chasing shadows throught the night
Trying to find my happy ending

Reaching out for another chance at heaven
We could still find a way if we try

Baby, believe in the myster
Like it used to be
We were more than lonely drifters in the dark
I can remember the sun inside
Love held us tight
I need to feel your magic in my heart
Instead of it tearing apart

Diamonds shining in the night
Lying soft and warm together
Only images survive
Can't my dreams go on forever

Oh there's still time to lock away your sadness
Let the secrets of love start to smile

Baby believe in the mystery
Like it used to be
Baby bring back all the passion to my heart
I can remember the tender days, all the love we made
Can't you see in me your magic here tonight

Lonely spirits seem to whisper in the wind
It's a silent song that's never meant to be
Since the dawn of time the mystery never ends
We could find forever if we let love rise again

Tell me shy can't we reach for another chance at heaven
We can still find the way if you try

Baby believe in the mystery
Like it used to be
Baby bring back all the passion to my heart
I can remember the tender days, all the love we made
I need to feel your magic here tonight

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Baker, Anita Mystery Comments
  1. ms nikki

    Such a beautiful song..Thanks Rod and Anita💞😁!

  2. Natalie Gonzales

    R.i.p uncle marcus love u everyday!!!love ur niece natalie

  3. crystal sola


  4. Jay

    Found this song after I searched up for the sample to Hustler Musik by Lil Wayne, I love this song.

  5. liveyourlife1777

    This song touches my soul. It's like a summer night with the thunderstorm in the air. Or a summer night sitting by the water listening to the waves and watching the moon reflection on the water.

  6. Melvin Scott

    Words speaking to point for a special person to me an havent seen her in 30yrs

  7. Kimmie B

    Still the jam! :)

  8. African Defender

    Sound like what is now call Egypt use to be Kemetic🌍🏝️🌄🌅

  9. Christian Boyd

    WOW.... 33 years ago and still jamming. Who's still listening to this cold cut right here?

  10. song serenade

    Sweet,soulful,supreme,nostalgic and powerful emotions and vibe.!!!💐📷👑💖🎼🎷🎺🎹🌎⛅🍹👍😎💍🌷🌞

  11. Cynthia A

    I just love her so much💜

  12. Lawrence Hamilton

    This and Good Love were my favorites. That sister will definitely have you in your feelings. And keep you from killing folks. And losing your woman. #salute #thesongstress

  13. le schelle

    Still listening in 2019 favorite and a Steppers jam.

  14. Marcos Xavier

    Essa é minha favorita muito som uma qualidade uma acima da média..deslumbrante

  15. Frank Genovay

    Both “The Manhattan Transfer”, and Anita Baker did a good job on this song!

  16. Yasin Badiei

    Logic sampled the intro in aye Girl!!

  17. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    best voice is here

    Anita Baker - Mystery
    690.365 visualizaciones
    •25 sept. 2013

  18. Leslie Faulk

    Thank You! This song was on my mind and I couldn’t get to my LP’s fast enough. She is and will always be my idol.

  19. Lincoln Lloyd Redley


  20. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    Regina Belle - Baby Come To Me
    4.663.322 visualizaciones ANITA THE QUEEN OF SOUL

  21. Jurmel Davis

    Shiiit 👏 classic

  22. branco44444444

    What a enchantable song!!! So-so sweet and sensual ... a dream's maker!

  23. Jamell Robinson

    She is one of the best to do it. This generation now will never know real music. They think Beyonce is the best. Beyonce cant hold a candle next to Anita Baker voice and style

  24. Norlinar Shamsuddin

    Stellar performance!!! ❤️

  25. Traveling Tal

    Rod Temperton Originally wrote this song for The Manhattan Transfer. Just Ms. Baker they did a Wonderful Job with it.

  26. Sonia Vargas Schonheit

    Trying to find my happy ending

  27. Lotta Shaw

    Love this song

  28. terry hagwood

    Jayo Felony's 'Lovely'

  29. Brittany Rutherford

    I will never stop loving this song and this album

  30. Matt McCoy

    I use to ride my 🚲 to this song with my 🚶 man's back in long Island 💘 this song

  31. Candice Alane

    Love this Song ❗ I miss hearing Anita on the Radio


    One of my favs

  33. B Jones

    And still 2019 !!!

  34. Mr. Will

    Still obsessed in 2019.

  35. phaberge Hits

    Bassline is Pure Funk covered in her Sweet Honey Vocals!! ahhhh heaven!!

  36. B1Chronixx

    I just can't get over how amazing the opening of the song is from 0:11 to 0:22

  37. Ralph Rice

    Anita Baker is one of the greatest of all times

  38. Aisha Alamin

    Baby bring back all the passion to my heart ❤️ 😩🥰

  39. vernooabra darby

    I haven’t heard since I was 5. Ignoring to play but from today’s crippling music this is magical.😘

  40. Lashanda Rogers

    It's a mystery....even I can't believe it.😄😍

  41. Justin Noble

    Manhattan Transfer version is better. Anita’s is good, but Janis’ version is more soulful and smoky — and she has 3 of the best backup singers to layer silky harmonies.

  42. LaRue Jones

    Ainta Baker the songstress❤

  43. MrBmic

    It's almost criminal for any person to sound this damn good. This NEVER gets old!!! Singers Of Today, Take notes!!

  44. InstaGlam

    Anita Anita you are truly the master songstress, your voice is amazzzzzinggg!!

  45. Lisa Bullock

    Manhattan Transfer did a nice rendition of this song too...

  46. Lisa Bullock

    One of my favorite songs ❤

  47. Garrett Tamez

    Wait, this isn't Tony hawk pro skater 2...

  48. Angel Jackson

    My favorite. 2019 any1?

  49. GodataN

    Anita baker the only person that makes me thinks love exist 💕

  50. Jerome Eggleston

    Love it period

  51. Jurmel Davis

    Classic late nighta ridin

  52. GEHAUT Francis

    Superbe voix

  53. ThugNinja91

    I know this take y'all wayy back 😉✌

  54. Queen of Locks

    I have this whole cd in my car's CD player right now 😍💖


  55. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    Have love Anita for many years. Just saw her in her farewell tour this past summer. What a show. Amazing.

  56. Dj, Wrinkles Xloaded Sound International

    *Love me some Baker*

  57. preston white

    No r&b singer can sing like this in 2019 facts test me

  58. preston white

    Sex music for grown folks

  59. Mark Mckeown

    What an 80's feel track.
    Some clever that is gonna say 91 or something.

  60. Puff N Stuff

    I love me some Anita Baker.

  61. Indira Arnold

    Love these songs

  62. d .byn

    Sarah Vaughn and Anita sound similar i love them both!

    Jerome Smith

    Sarah Vaughan was Queen Anita's idol when she was growing up as a teenager. She studied her and and singing style. Both ladies sing contralto, so it was a natural affection of Anita for her.

  63. Helena Royale

    Bumping in 2019

    joe santo

    great minds

  64. Jerome Smith

    Anita just absolutely nailed this cover. Simply a brilliant vocal masterpiece! So smooth and soulful! Also, the best bass intro in a song I have ever heard!!!

    Anita! Living Legend####

    "The Songstress"
    Queen of Smooth Jazz
    Queen of Quiet Storm

  65. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    I have loved Anita baker for many years have seen her twice in concert. Saw her farewell tour summer of 2018. It just never gets old. Her music will go on forever. The voice of an angel.

  66. Darryl Martin

    So many good memories from this song , i miss the good ol days 😭

  67. Puff N Stuff

    NO WORDS.........🐐

  68. Christopher Cotton

    Her label at the time (Elektra Entertainment) should have gone on and released this as a single back in 1986. I guarantee you that this song would have been a top 10 hit if not an across the board number 1 on both the hot 100 and R&B/Black singles charts.

  69. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Anita Baker at the height of her amazing powers.

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    This woman has got PIPES!   And her voice is oh so sultry.   This is one of my favorite songs.   Period!

  70. Que Unlimited

    That Bass...That Bass...THAT BASS!!!

  71. Livelive

    I knew I'd fine all they Ladies here, glad I stopped by.

  72. Lola Deon

    her voice is Memorizing 90s bby

  73. Monsterdrumma

    No one is mentioning this killer bass line?! Who the hell is playing the bass on this track, anyone?

    Jerome Smith

    Other than Queen Anita's magnificent vocals, that bass is killer!!


    I have the "Rapture" album and the liner notes have David B. Washington as bass player on this track, as well as on "Watch Your Step" and "Caught Up In The Rapture". There were some great bass players on this album.

  74. Ernesto Bardwell

    Come Show Me That Sexy 💘 You Have Waiting For Me 😍💝Lovely Latecia I Wait For You😍😍💝💝💝💝🐦💿Ernesto B NYC🌉

  75. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause


  76. Phyllis Turnage

    bad song right here

  77. Ole Fish Eyed Fool -Watch it Sucka!

    Baby believe in the mystery !

  78. ENS1218

    0:23 gives me chills

    Deshuan Sanders


  79. Definitive1

    That sample at 00:11 so dope!

    AhLei Nicole

    Definitive1 it issss and I feel like I’ve heard it in another song but cannot for the life of me remember who sampled it; do you know?!

  80. Wanda Brown


  81. ayladj27

    I believe in the Mystery ❤ love every song this woman sings

  82. Wanda Brown


  83. music ear brown

    Breathe taking

  84. César Collao

    Me encanta

  85. Chucky Eyes

    What happened to our women??

  86. Jhamel Wade

    These speakers are a mystery-must; the vibes, sound effects, bass, instrumentation, and etc that goes well with this jazzy tune! Fanatic'!!

  87. Google Google

    My girl friend brought me anita but she took my ❤

  88. Marques Scott

    This is a great song 2 put on my playlist.

  89. Maurice Pickens

    I'm 45 and still bumpin this snoop Dogg voice the shitniz

  90. Marcelo Gordo

    Me encanta.esta cancion.

  91. Alessio Roma

    Real music.. Forever 🌍❤🎶🎶