Baker, Anita - My Funny Valentine Lyrics

My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet, you're my favorite work of art
Is your figure less than Greek
Is your mouth a little weak
When you open it to speak, are you baby
Are you smart

Don't change your hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little Valentine, stay
Each day is Valentine's Day

[Musical Interlude]

[Ad lib:]
Baby, don't change your hair for me
Is your figure less than Greek
Is your mouth a little weak
When you open it to speak, are
You... baby, are you smart

Don't change your hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little Valentine, why don't you stay
Each day is Valentine's Day
(Scat) doo, wee, day
Ad Lib - Everyday is...
Every night is...
Every day ooh, ooh...

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Baker, Anita My Funny Valentine Comments
  1. Van Johnson

    Excellent job of redoing this song.dec2019.

  2. Lee Powers

    What a voice! So heavenly!

  3. Tunmishe Oke

    sultry, smoky, cloudy, jazzy, Anita

  4. wo1longshlongghunglotu wright

    i think she could sing anything. love the voice, sound, style and beauty. i don't think she received the musical accolades for her performances and music that she really deserved. she does a very nice rendition of the above.

  5. Joann Byrd

    Chaka, Anita and TC Carson sing it so sexy and smooooooth

  6. van johnson

    Yes she can do some jazz.april2019

  7. Sandy Williams

    Anita shoulda left this ALONE!

    Paula Henry

    Comment coming from somebody who can't even sing! Hahaha! Hateraid in full mode.

  8. Jack Blackens

    No one can sound like her such a pure smooth voice

  9. Jack Blackens

    No one else sounds or can sound like her . That's why no one else tried to steal her songs

  10. Kizer Soze

    @ JazzysCookie Here`s another one from Barry White`s former guitarist Emmett North Jr.

  11. Kizer Soze

    @ JazzysCookie check out this guy former Barry White guitarist Emmett North Jr.

  12. janelle charles


  13. Sacaria Sears

    I love her ❤️ Iam going to her last concert before her retirement


    She can’t retire; she’s got bills to pay.
    I love her music!

  14. Claudett Boston


  15. Terry Glazier

    i loveeeeee this how i sit n cry to this!!! it was done perfectly her voice on married the instruments. but i cry because i have had a few funny valentines!!! boy was that a emotional painful r0[[3r coaster ride!!!

  16. Ester Willis


  17. AlliKatt Chica

    I love Anita Baker...she needs to go on tour soon!!

  18. Susan Murphy

    Anita is the best!

  19. Cherie Palmer

    *V~DAY 2017! & still listening 😄🎶 Anita is every day all around good jams beautiful voice 💗

  20. Brianna hatchett

    My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine.
    You make me smile with my heart.
    Your looks are laughable.
    Yet, you're my favorite work of art
    Is your figure less than Greek?
    Is your mouth a little weak?
    When you open it to speak, are you baby

    Don't change your hair for me
    Not if you care for me
    Stay little Valentine, stay
    Every day is Valentine's Day.....

    Azalea Brown

    Brianna hatchett some of the lyrics are not really flattering lol. A sensitive man might take offense

    Timothy Wilson

    Brianna hatchett ...the truth

  21. 40 & a mule

    I lost my love 😞 my pooh bear and this song always reminds me of the wonderful times we had together.......we loved listening to Anita 😍 I miss u Mel my pooh bear.

  22. Sandra Molett

    All karaoke songs

  23. Gerald Johnson

    Anita Baker. Singer. 'Nuff said. For my Throwback Thursday I played Sarah Vaughann's and Anita Baker's versions of this Rodgers and Hart classic. Thanks for the upload, JazzysCookie. Blessings


    Gerald Johnson so sorry for the late response. my pleasure
    💟🌞🎼🎵🎶😂. Thank You 🌷

  24. Robert Abdon-Baker

    my personal favorite. classic!

  25. Dante Barros

    Look this amazing version! Share with friends, Jazz is Life!

  26. Ronny Stil

    I love the message of this song love can be a part of your life every day! The dissonance is powerful Anita is magnificent thank u for sharing!


    Ronny Stil my pleasure

  27. Wyvonia Ray

    Absolutely breathtaking! Anita is as close to Sarah " The Divine One" as it gets but still has her own unique style.

    Jerome Smith

    I agree! My dad listened to the late great Sarah Vaughn, and I grew up listening to her as well. Anita is the closest thing to "The Divine One" we will ever have.

  28. Darrell Frazier

    Ok seems I am on a "My Funny Valentine" kick. Love Anita Baker and totally love this rendition...


    Me too! Listening to all of them! First heard Des O' Connor sing it years ago

  29. Shontina Smith

    The best version I have heard for this song.


    I love how she takes her time with it. Very smooth and soulful. Love the instruments.

  31. mickey morgan

    Nice, breathy . . . winds herself around and about the notes in lovely expression

    Thomas Reece

    A fantastic voice, marvelous rendition of a classic, and an album that will melt you. If you are on Amazon Prime... get many of her music downloads free to your Prime Music.  

  32. Jan2010new

    Definitely my favorite rendition of this song.  Gives me chills bumps every time! ... Thanx for uploading.

  33. LadyJaz The Queen

    One of my very favorite versions of this song.

  34. Colin

    phyllis hyman has the best version please listen

  35. skas246


  36. JazzysCookie

  37. didillk

    amazing, thanks for sharing , brazil, rj.

  38. AQuilla Fearon

    What a shame, but happy that you have the song here...

  39. JazzysCookie

    :D Yes! When this came out it they Duke and Baker were on "The Late Show with Joan Rivers"////had that on tape...gone now....

    Bernard Lipowcziecs

    Quelle année?

  40. AQuilla Fearon

    I love this as I just heard an interview that George Duke (R:I:P) composed this for Anita Baker.. So beautiful - Thank you !!

  41. StrwbryMuffin

    I'm sorry but she sang this wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Chaka Khan. IJS

    David Mulcahy

    StrwbryMuffin i like both versions, they are each unique to their projected styles. I think,. see if we dont answer, we never can know for sure. isnt communication great. its even better through song.

  42. JazzysCookie

    My pleasure! ♫♫ ʝαʑ ♫♫

  43. Omarr Daylaq

    Love this cover the most. Thank you for the upload Jazzyscookie


    Omarr Dailak so sorry for the late reply. Thank You. my pleasure

  44. Pascal Douglas

    I just love all albums.

  45. Delois Small

    She has such a soothing voice. I love her verson

  46. luci f reyes

    aside from chaka's verson, i guess this is 2nd on my list! the passion stays..

  47. Jazmin Arrington

    awesomely beautiful

  48. Querida Cyrus Brown

    good he I have post it on Facebook on the profile of Anita Bakker. Good song

  49. rtothemutha

    Smooth & mellow.... lovely