Baker, Anita - I Apologize Lyrics

Operator, get my baby on the line
'Cause jus the other night we had a horrible fight.
I admit that I, I was out of control,
But I still love my man with my body and soul.
When the road gets rough, we say things we should not say.
But I never meant to treat my baby that way.

I apologize (believe me I do) Oh believe me I do.
I apologize (honest and true) Oh honest and true.
Because I know I was wrong
And so I sing you this song.
And I'm tryna get through to make it up to you yeah.

Operator, it was like a bad dream.
Lord you should have heard the way he shouted
And the way that I screamed.
I regret it 'cause I was unfair.
I took it all out on him just because he was there.
When the road gets rough, we say things we should not say.
I never meant to treat my daddy that way.

I apologize (believe me I do) Oh believe me I do.
I apologize (honest and true) Oh honest and true.
Because I know I was wrong
And so I sing you this song.
And I'm tryna get through to make it up to you yeah.

I apologize, for I was unkind and I wish
That I could go back in time.
Erase the good-byes and rewrite my lines.
But, come rain or come shine,
I'm gonna do right this time.
I apologize.

I apologize, oh baby, I do.
Because I know I was wrong
So I sing you my, my, my song.
I apologize

I apologize
Because I know I was wrong
So I sing you this song
And I wanna get, gotta get,
Need to through to you, yeah.

Oh listen, oh baby
I'm talking to you right now
I'm talking to you
Oh yeah, I was wrong, baby
Now listen to me right now
Singing it to you right now...

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Baker, Anita I Apologize Comments
  1. Michael Stratton

    I would drink her bath water

  2. Alan Castro

    Thank god my mama had me growing up on real talent and the real legends not these same old artists nowadays. Back then you actually needed to have talent to make it.. Miss Anita Baker, truly a legend 👏

  3. vinicius

    Que voz!



  5. Gayland Strong

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  6. Gayland Strong

    I have statements. As those statements are approached, they are regarded at the time of approach and the Fair Witness Protection Act.

  7. Gayland Strong

    I stand repose. Even so, you are the one who has whored the hell out of my person. The 'winds' did that, and they should be no more.

  8. Gayland Strong

    To continue, that which is unusual is unusual, you might be most watchful of your adherent acclaim. I love you.

  9. Gayland Strong

    Besides that I ate all of that panty grizzle tortellini and that panty grizzle pattee. I can explain....Oh, wow!!!!

  10. Gayland Strong

    The fact of the matter is that I was not able to go straight thru, because of incidents, and such the likes of incidents. I am in well being, and I hope that you are also in well being. I love you. I hope to see you soon.

  11. Gayland Strong

    And So, since I was not able to go straight to a marriage, considering all things, I had had to put it all together in an unusual way. In fact, the paperwork you were beholding was the paperwork for our marriage, even so they were the artifacts associated with our marriage, like vows of consideration. So, we have been married for some time, if you might still have the paperwork and the notable authority and power thereof according to our marriage agreement. I hope to talk to you soon. I love you. I hope you get this note.

  12. Chantay Harrison

    Anita sung this song to the up most, I can relate to this 1

  13. Mary Hammer

    You. Arw a beautiful. Classy woman
    You are a true. Beauty!!!!

  14. Ann Marie George

    Beautiful soul music.. listening in February 2020

  15. Allan Buckingham

    I Apologize...I know I was wrong...

  16. melanie renamy


  17. G R

    Anita! Make more songs about Jesus....PLEASE!

    Blessed AndFavored

    What song was about Jesus song by her?

  18. Deyanna Baxter


  19. sherice Iverson

    Damn yall some scandalous mythafuchas

  20. Lady Gemini

    1:03 Anita Baker,Mrs.Baker I’m sorry spread eagle!

  21. Graig Mullins

    Anybody 2020

  22. Jerry J

    Wish I could get between those legs❤️

  23. MsKnowItall 3000

    Omg I love you Anita... Who else is here in 2020 appreciating this good music?? Go ahead and hit that button!

  24. Courtney Pee

    Still 🎶 in 2020

  25. Ebo Sell

    26 years old and still timeless! 2020

  26. The Real Deal

    2020 - still tops - ANITA BAKER

  27. McDonogh Rahloh

    Can anyone name another song where the theme is a woman apologizing to the men in her life? Please name.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MISS BAKER SINCE SOMETIMES!!

  28. Ron Tate

    Love this song

  29. Shawn Clayborn

    Attention to all the new artists take notes at what real talent is about

  30. Chrystyn B

    My mom loved this song Rest in Peace Mom 😢

  31. Michael Stratton

    Lookin so hot, smokin hot, what a beautiful woman

  32. Angel Angel

    What a voice so unique so soulful it touches you deep within.

  33. Ajizzle Prodeje

    Happy bday Miss Anita Baker

  34. MrBlactye

    I'm sitting here listening to this amazing woman. I don't know what's wrong with my eyes. All I know whatever it is I am good.

  35. Jason Austin

    Who still listening to this timeless music 2020??

  36. Takia Williams

    This my girl and this song is nothing but the truth...
    You shouldn't say things you don't mean to say this quote is to my boo whatever I did I apologise...
    Let's do it better for the year of 2020...

  37. pae242002

    I'm in a different zone when I listen to Anita Baker. I am making NO apologies!!!

  38. True Love Radio DJ Lyrics

    Operator get my baby on the line

  39. Charli Chose

    You are the most beautiful soul I have ever seen in my life. 💕💕

  40. Ashley Paige

    Hair was always laid

  41. Brainey wright


  42. Headphones Un-plugged

    My ex and I split up gotta kid ona way that's not for her...this for you stankieeee

  43. Garion Bush

    Still jamming in 2020🔥

  44. Nadia Kelly


  45. Mike Bynes

    Rare and truly honest to find a female that will admit she was wrong..........then sing it in a song WOW

  46. Zantavious Braswell

    Toni Braxton reminds me of Queen Anita On some of the runs and riffs

  47. China Black

    Who listens 2020

  48. Shanta' World

    GOAT still in 2020

  49. Divinely Feminine Sagittarius

    Thank you Grandma for introducing me to this LEGEND 🥰 Her voice is like a slice of heaven for me 💘

  50. Umeko Rushing

    Supa and lou brung me here today🖤

    Faiths Fun House

    Umeko Rushing they bought me here too 😂🥰😂

  51. ColeWorld Cole

    Supa brought me here😘😘😘

    Congratulations to supa and lou😘😘😘

  52. Rejae' Jackson

    This song is so angelic

  53. Edwin Baker

    She beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. LadyScha Da Realest

    2020??? Danm, I missed that😭 I'm 24😘I apologize

  55. Jasneth Richards

    Who’s here from SupaC video 👀

    Shana Lofton

    Jasneth Richards lol me

  56. Tynice Wade

    Who Here In 2020 💋✍🏾

  57. Chrystyn B

    Love her voice ❤️

  58. Kayyxo

    2020 anybody?

  59. Tonita Smith

    2020 -Anita Baker

  60. _vertueux_ femme_

    I’m here in 2020 💯💯💯

  61. nymillionaire

    Who is still listening to Anita in 2020?

  62. Cheryl Robertson

    Who's still.listening in 2020?

  63. The Cat.

    I was hooked on Anita since day 1!!!!!! WHAT A VOICE!!

  64. Trust Me

    "For Fake... If he was Anita Bakers man, He'd get her for her masters hit it once and shake her hand" - MF DOOM


    Back when they kept it "Classiclysexy." I know it's not a word. 😊

  66. Resident Evil

    I jealous but also proud to see at least one man on Earth got an apology from his woman lls

  67. 791 Knky Lvnssat


  68. Shun Bingham

    No woman of this time didn’t feel this song ! Women now hate admitting they are wrong 💀😂

  69. Soul Musiqlover

    Closing out December 2019 with this beautiful icon's voice😍😘

  70. Renae Tribble

    I used to drive from Chicago to bensonville to work on this album everyday and work it gave me motivation I love anita baker

  71. Sonya Edmond

    GM my eyes full of water fr

  72. Chris Leonard

    “ haircut 💇🏾, like Anita Baker “ EPMD

  73. Willie Combs

    One beautiful lady! Frfr!

  74. Mike Smith

    I wish I was that chair!!!

  75. Phil Daniels

    Anita Baker: first woman in history to apologize.

  76. Audriana Jenkins

    My favorite Anita song! Of many

  77. Fiona Clacken

    December 11th 2019 in Miss Baker Is Still rocking y'all ❤❤❤

  78. Maria Arroyo


  79. Maria Arroyo


  80. Rosha Palmer

    Never seen someone not move while sitting in a chair and be astonishing sexy!!!! She rocked that cut too!

  81. John Holman

    MESSAGE TO THE LADIES: Out of all the years that I've been listening to music, I have heard PLENTY and PLENTY of songs of men apologizing to women, but the sad thing is this is the only song in the intire history of r&b where a woman FINALLY admits she was wrong and she apologized. LADIES! If you all can find another song where a woman's admitting her wrongs and apologizing to a man, I will GLADLY except that challenge. So with all that said. . . . . . . I SALUTE MS. ANITA BAKER. THANKS FOR DOING WHAT VERY SO MANY WOMEN REFUSE TO DO. WHICH IS SWALLOW THEIR PRIDE, GET RID OF THEIR EGO'S AND ARROGANCE&SIMPLY SAY "I WAS WRONG AND I APOLOGIZE".

  82. renee campbell

    Seeing her today in Philly!!! So excited been a fan since I was a little girl

  83. Loucas Por K-Pop

    legal eu gostei

  84. Gladstone Virgo

    Anita one of the greatest, without doubt.

  85. oliver mclean

    Gaza free world boss Kingston 2up. Love her she's like magic

  86. Kim Reid


  87. Dale Weekes

    Goddess supreme

  88. Brandon S.

    she is glowing!

  89. Salau Olumide

    Wooow Anita at her best, love ya mama

  90. frankie speght


  91. Jay White

    2020 any1

  92. AC3

    Them legs tho. Yum

  93. Julian Deans

    💖 her

  94. Dana Littles

    Gonna see her in a few weeks yasssssssssssssss

  95. Jojo Saylor

    I apologize I wish I could go back in time erase all the goodbyes and all the pain that I gave him.

  96. Wenda Lamar

    This song means so much to me. If you are able to apologize. Please do, life is too short!