Bailey, Sam - Lord Is It Mine Lyrics

I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
You show me there's a silent place that I can call my own
Is it mine, oh Lord, is it mine?

You know I get so weary from the battles in this life
And many time it seems that you're the only hope inside
Is it mine?

When everything's dark and nothing seems right,
there's nothing to win and there's no need to fight

I never cease to wonder at the cruelty of this land
but it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand
Is it mine, Lord is it mine?

When everything's dark and nothing seems right,
You don't have to win and there's no need to fight

If only I could find a way
to feel your sweetness through the day
The love that shines around me could be mine.
So give us an answer, won't you,
We know what we have to do,
There must be a thousand voices trying to get through.

When everything's dark and nothing seems right,
You don't have to win and there's no need to fight
Lord, is it mine? Oh Lord, is it mine?

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Bailey, Sam Lord Is It Mine Comments
  1. joão amante

    Uma das melhores musicas jamais escritas e orquestradas.

  2. Happy Days

    Lord Save Me Again From This Pain And Grief That I Am Going Through Since The Passing Of My Identical Twin Brother Bill. It's All Becoming More Than I Can Handle. God Bless!

  3. Harley 05

    Awesome Song Please Write More Please. God Blessing To You Always. Amen.

  4. alessandro rigobello

    To date 246 idiots disliking this masterpiece. May they rest in restless pain as they deserve

  5. alessandro rigobello

    Pure cosmic musical poetry. Divine.

  6. kollo duke

    Supertramp please sort this , its been the same for years we hear the whole lp because bits are blocked in certain country .NO! i do have this lp but its handy hearing ? it sometimes without fu'';'about with sleeves , tech etc..

  7. bano chase

    everytime I catch this song when im alone not much else matters for a few easy minutes

  8. Glenn Fletcher

    WHITFKKKK!!! Who Can dislike a piano intro so stunningly emotive ?? Metal heads ore controlled by some dumb self movement??? But cannot just accept they are Human Beings..same deal for all??? Screw our differences...Relax..all my life I have faced ridicule for my extremely open taste. To me music is great if it’s GREAT??...TO ME SUPERTRAMP TYPE BANDS WERE JUST FLUKES OF THE ARTS WORLD WHO JUST HAD TIME, AND A GREAT KILLER ALBUM THAT FITTED THEIR MUSIC. BUT THESE WERE THE AS INSAY FLUKES. MOST IF THE CHARTS WE ALL KNOW SUCK !!!!..but if something is ALTERNATIVE ENOUGH, AND well can show up like a LIFEFORM and destroy the Number 1 for up to years...gnz

  9. Corntastrophy

    3:13 is that a reed organ thats playing in the background?

  10. Cookie Canaday

    Makes you think.

  11. Cookie Canaday

    Makes you thin.

  12. David Nodiff

    Great album! Two memories - we sang this song in high school after a girl in our chorus recommended it. Also remember riding my bike home from working at a fast food restaurant with the radio attached as it played “Take the Long Way Home” (back in 1979)....great album!!


    One of those deep tracks that get almost no airplay.
    Until some major event like 9/11.

  14. rlui123

    When you are taunting your ex into more battles...

  15. train lover

    Stunning song!

  16. Arnold Zottler

    epic, marvellous, blessed :)

  17. kingtkuehn

  18. Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    happy 40th anniversary BOA
    so cool how you can take the condiments and everything and turn it into New York City.

  19. Darrell Mabile

    Love this !

  20. Ted Soriano


  21. leni lenape

    "THIS is Tyler?
    This is for objects, not people.

  22. Tim Sadinski

    The world has lost belief.. and everybody has all their friends on Facebook it's a sad world when God becomes insignificant to others who think they know what this life is about all I can do is pray for them. I'm not a strict religious person what do believe in is God always gave humans sanctuary... in the mind... I'm with Ozzy ...see you on the other side there's got to be something... and Technology they believe and think they have the answers as well as science but humans that strive for answers always come up empty... radiation barriers and artificial gravity when you get that you tell me we can go to space until then humans will be morphed into aliens that we describe now

  23. Connie Thomas

    Song always makes me tear up..... beautiful.

  24. Matt Bishop

    I'm 56 and just now discovering this song. I owned the Breakfast in America album in 1980 but somehow missed this jewel.

    David Hoy

    It's never too late Matt. I'm 52 and only really discovered this song about 12 years ago. Always loved Supertramp. And this song is just another reason why. The 80s rocked, and in my opinion, heavy metal was just a small portion of the era. There was so much of this type of music as well, that no one really listened 2. Wasn't interested then, now it's on my top picks list. Keep searching there is tons more out there. Giuffria, John Eddie, John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, The Call.

  25. luciano bergamin

    Terribilmente bella e nostalgica!!


    the best songs ....remembering good times

  27. steelyman08

    I think I would simply have to like anyone who loves this song as much as I do. It's the kind of special song that can't help but bring people together on some level.

  28. rolf bay

    Super Track.

  29. Craig Patterson

    My very first album ever , I was 14 years old .
    Thank You SuperTramp . ❤

  30. dknox905

    Breakfast in America LP was one of those recordings that represented a time and place to me in my teenage years. Still holds up after all this time and is nostalgic to listen to.

  31. Ashra Tempel

    Never gets old.

  32. Jason Minton

    Real love comes from these lyrics.. J..

  33. Jason Minton

    This song Brings tears everytime.. From a good man..


    May God bless you

    Jason Minton

    @MazBringsby May he bless you as well MazBringsby!😇🙏😊

  34. Jason Minton

    Theres no need to fight..

  35. Jason Minton

    Only people with a real heart get this one..J..

  36. Jason Minton

    There's nothing to win.. And there's no need to fight...❤❤ Only love. A thousand voices trying to get through..❤❤.. Only the faithful understand.. J..

  37. Jason Minton

    Talk about a tearjerker.. This one has all the ingredients to melt a pure heart..❤..Like mine.. Everytime..❤❤.. J.

  38. Jason Minton

    If only those needing it heard the message coming through..Life would be a better place for all..

  39. Jason Minton

    Times of sadness were given to us so we may apprecate the blessing given us.Those that don't recognize are the ones that need it most..J


    God bless you.

  40. Jason Minton

    Yes Lord it is..mine..Thanks to you

  41. Jason Minton

    Yes it is Lord.. Because I asked you for it.. And you provided..Thank you..🙏😇😊..And Amen..

  42. clinically diagnosed

    I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
    You show me there's a silent place that I can call my own
    Is it mine?
    Oh Lord is it mine?

    You know I get so weary from the battles in this life
    And there's many times it seems that you're the only hope in sight
    Is it mine?
    Oh Lord is it mine?

    When everything's dark
    And nothing seems right
    There's nothing to win
    And there's no need to fight


  43. Cynth Enraptured


  44. Jason Minton

    Love my time alone.. At the same time, I miss her still..Hope someone understands that..J..

  45. Jason Minton

    If prayed for.. Will be given..

  46. david schacht

    this song will not be forgotten. they were the good times

    Russ Lupky

    Amen brother.......

  47. Jason Minton

    Oh Lord is it??

  48. Nathan Carpenter

    Oh Lord is it mine
    Is this my inheritance
    this is a cruel joke
    right ?


  49. Corrado Campisano

    quella e' cicuta
    mi basta dragomira
    hai da vede che testi
    manco a un nemico

    Corrado Campisano

    e ovviamente poi esce questa...

    che invece e' per andrea,
    quello che si e' perso a londra,
    "I don't want to vote on something I don't understand"

    magari e' presto per questo:

    "a silent place that I can call my home"
    ...magari c'e' il doppiosenso?

    ...e mo' sto crossover (chiasmo?):

    Q: "is 'it' mine?"

    A: "ecce bombo"

    alla fine il Kofs e' il gatto matto di marisa...
    ...pure cane, se serve, ma il fiuto "naturale" e' il suo... sento meglio le puzze: benza, gasolio...

    (poi dice flusso di coscienza... e' /var/log)

    Corrado Campisano

    e mo' attaccate sti fili, vedi se esce

    "un decente impianto elettrico"

    c'aveva a che fare con l'astronave di


  50. Jason Minton

    How this song takes me back is truly priceless.J..

  51. teresita páramo

    Lover 10 ...Spain ..., My instagram ..galaxmin10

  52. John Hardesty

    The vocals in this exceptional song brings me to tears! Spiritually speaking, it’s a masterpiece nonpareil!

  53. John Hardesty

    Oh, the melancholy in this song, it wallows in it! A great tune-nonpareil!

  54. Jason Minton

    I ask God this question every morning.. Anyone else??

  55. Rick Molton

    Yes Lord this mine (music.)
    You can keep todays rubbish music and shove it where the Sun don't shine!

  56. Gary Morton

    Mourn the shallowness of the few, for they have not got a clue.

  57. DDavid Mac

    From Marilyn and David, Out Standing and thank you always for this share. Hamilton Ontario Aug 10th 2019 sunny evening at 745pm.

  58. Colombe Paloma

    I listen to this when I need peace in my head

  59. Paulo Pauli

    Linda musica que embalou meus sonhos na juventude.



  61. Allan Albert

    Yes it is yours
    Not his
    Not hers
    Not theirs
    Your life is yours
    Yours alone
    Live your life
    Life is about experience
    Experience life

  62. ANNIE H.

    Love the whole CD Breakfast in America from Take a look at my girlfriend to this wonderful beautiful song. Glad that I found it years ago by accident. Still listen to it many times especially when I am sad.

    scott franklin

    I had this in cassette and burnt it up. Had to eventually get the CD.

  63. Patrizia De Fazio Floyd


  64. Bart Gori

    <3 super don't like to 104 hahahah no comment

  65. Paris Colvin


  66. Luigi Valentini

    Simply perfect...pure emotion

  67. Ruben Jones

    Brings back a lot of old of the best songs ever written..

  68. Chloe Short

    Clinton said it best....

  69. steelyman08

    When it launches into the chorus..... gets me every time.

    Jason Minton

    Me too friend..

  70. Victor Izquierdo

    Sé que hay una razón por la que necesito estar solo
    Tú me muestras que hay un lugar silencioso al que puedo llamar mío
    Esto es mío
    Oh señor esto es mío

    Tú sabes que me canso tanto en las batallas de esta vida
    Y hay muchas veces que parece que eres la única esperanza a la vista
    Esto es mío

    Oh señor esto es mío

    Cuando todo está oscuro
    Y nada parece correcto
    No hay nada que ganar
    Y no hay necesidad de luchar

    Nunca dejo de preguntarme por la crueldad de esta tierra
    Pero parece que un tiempo de tristeza es un tiempo para entender
    Esto es mío
    Oh señor esto es mío
    Cuando todo está oscuro
    Y nada parece correcto

    No tienes que ganar

    Y no hay necesidad de luchar
    Si sólo pudiera encontrar una manera de sentir tu dulzura durante el día
    El amor que brilla a mi alrededor podría ser el mío
    Así que danos una respuesta, ¿querrías?
    Nosotros sabemos que nosotros tenemos que hacer
    Debe de haber miles de voces que intentan conectarse.

  71. Susan Hopkins

    A beautiful prayer. Oh, Lord .... is it mine?

  72. Don't Blink!

    Saw them in Cleveland...thinking it was 1979. Anyway, a phenomenal concert... lights, video effects and of course the music!

  73. DrFruedienslipJr

    What do you have in this life if you do not have yourself before all things ..

  74. mike crater


  75. Rob Goddard

    If you dont like this song... do you have a soul? You know what you have to do.

  76. Phoenix VETERAN of SOUND


  77. Lucas Duarte

    O melhor de tudo é que a letra remete completamente ao filme "Into the Wild", além claro do nome adotado pelo protagonista da história ser Alexander Supertramp...

    Era pra essa música estar no filme definitivamente

  78. eugenio pannozzo

    I love supertramp.

  79. Jack López linares

    Super tramp con esta hermosa canción señor es mio la primera vez q lo escuche me gustó la canción lo escuche en una película rollerboogie

  80. Maxiwilian SP

    Que música genial!!!! Essa banda é excelente!!!

  81. luciano bergamin


  82. ton amaral

    78 ridículos...

  83. Allan Albert

    Yes it is mine
    Yes it is yours
    Not his, not hers, not there's
    God gave you this life
    Not to he, not to she, not to them
    He gave life to me
    I make it I braek it
    Yes it is mine, yes it is yours

  84. KADER M

    one of my best songs ever thanks guys

  85. Ron Ward

    Intensely emotional intensely conditional thoroughly real with that spark of integrity that should pull you through leave backup..

  86. Thomas Poslusny

    Not for the hard of heart, love to you all for hearing this.

  87. Scott Ladewig

    Spent a lonely part of my life listening to this song. Brings back some hard times trying to figure life out. Great song.

    Jason Minton

    Anyhoo have a blessed evening my friends! And P.S How bout' dem Cowboys!!

    Jason Minton

    @Judy Wilson I get that brother! With you..J

    Jason Minton

    @alberto Solari Yes it does my friend.. As hard as it seems.. There are better things in your future! Hopefully my prayer for you helps if only a little.. Sometimes a little means alot.. And from me it does..😇😉🙏

    Glen M.

    Well said.

    Gary Eagleson

    @Susan Stocks If you ever need some unconditional love, give your life to Jesus Christ. He will fill your heart, soul & mind with His Holy Sprit. God bless🙏❤✌💚🌞

  88. Eugene Danker

    What happened to music since then? Nothing like this exists today.

    David Hoy

    Isn't it nice to hear a sad song that comes from someone's heart and Soul, teamed up with four or five other band members playing instruments, to put together an amazing song like this.

  89. poisson mars

    Un chef d'oeuvre. A écouter sans limite. Heureusement que ce groupe a exister. C'est ma jeunesse, mon ado . Un passé toujours présent .

  90. Luis Arrivillaga

    Me transporta a mi señor esta hermosa canción!!!

  91. Daniel Higgins

    One of my very first records. Still listen to Breakfast in America often. But this song.....tears and wonderful memories.

  92. Nathalie Picquet

    J'écoute Supertramp, depuis mes 14 ans , j ai 54 ans et je suis toujours une fan . Je les adore toujours autant ❤

    Thomas Poslusny

    OUI........... !

  93. Ian Shields

    As great as this song is, it's even better as it arrives on the album, right after the joyous "Take the Long Way Home" and its lonesome train-whistle fade-out.

    This album is sheer musical ecstasy from start to finish -- a triumph of songwriting, performance, programming, and engineering throughout. It sounds just as good now as it did in '78. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


    Perfect description.

  94. Sergio Navarro

    Simplemente, grandiosa, llega al corazón.

  95. Dawn Sorenson

    Love this song

  96. Jeannine M

    I've always loved this.