Badly Drawn Boy - Plan B Lyrics

Not now baby I haven't got the time
Not now baby I haven't got the time
Not now baby I haven't got the time

If at first we fail
Just wait for it to mature like a diamond

So when your lover(doesn't love you anymore)
And you discover(you may have been through this before)
And there's no answer(there's certainly no cure)
To this disease(it leaves you wanting more)

The saints and sinners behind the former line
And all you winners I'm with you all the time
(all the winners are I'm you all the time)
All you winners behind the former line


So when your lover(doesn't love you anymore)
And you discover(you may have been through this before)
And there's no answer(there's certainly no cure)
To this disease(it leaves you wanting more)

Maybe we're just heading for disaster
We're better than this
It's just another chapter
If everything fails
We change the rules
Revert to plan B

Maybe we're just heading for disaster
We're better than this
It's just another chapter
If everything fails
We change the rules
Revert to plan B

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Badly Drawn Boy Plan B Comments
  1. Astro Wiz

    Lol this sounds like Grovel Grovel from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  2. Oliver Jones

    Been looking for this song since I was 9 I’m now 26

  3. Dean


  4. MsMiguel70

    Put me in the line of happy people who've heard this for the 1st or 100th time. Back in the day, I drove from Oklahoma to Montana with 10 CDs. This track was always a highlight at a 2:00 pm smoke break, or fueling up in New Mexico at dawn. And so cool to now know a video came along for me now.

  5. Niaz Petkar

    Based on a true story in South America and two young love birds lock horns and braces get locked in and caused tailback while getting to the Hospital

  6. rob davies

    thought I would end the year with a classic, love this song

  7. Jackie Searle

    Only Badly Drawn Boy song I know and remember. Wonder why!!

  8. Daniel Wilson

    Reminds me of Elliot Smith , love both

  9. Anne T

    I heard this for the first time on Sunday when I went to my local pub for a roast. It was so loud in there, I walked across the room to Shazam it and have been obsessed ever since. I can see why so many people feel that it is timeless. It really invokes a nostalgic feeling from my childhood in the UK and I’m grateful that even though I’m late to the party, I’m here none the less.

  10. Orpheus

    I forgot how good this was, fantastic track

  11. Fer PS

    An' I'm fascinated by this song ♡

  12. TheBeatCollector


  13. Rafael Pelaez 😱

  14. Matt Kelly

    That is nearly as good as when Marriott scored the 4th against Leeds

  15. Robin Spicer

    Love this song, but the wrong colour door on the Austin Princess car makes the video much funnier!

  16. MrDaveya

    The video captures the song; and the song captures the video.. entwined in more ways than one .. great work

  17. Arty

    At least there's a million people with great taste in music a love in their hearts...
    That's nice to know :)

  18. Greenebean 666

    I love this song and the music video is so perfect... Reminds me of being young and most of my friends thinking my taste in music was lame... Ha ... Oh and also when people actually watched music videos on the Tele

  19. john K

    Why does this song not get more love... ?

    fantastic bliss exists...

  20. iampaul9poetry

    This is supernatural music. As a normal person I can’t believe it was created by a person with fairly similar DNA. It just makes me feel so fucking good and inadequate at the same time. Tune.

  21. Arsendis IDM


  22. Fer PS

    An' I'm fascinated by this song ♡

  23. James Wayne

    I love you eternally and infinity Tori.

    “Take a left,
    A sharp left,
    And another left, meet me on the corner
    And we’ll start over again.”

  24. Mitchell Davis

    Accidents and emergency pretty much describes my first marriage

  25. 3tp

    I met Badly when he was touring the states around 02. Worked his show and became a fan for life. Can't imagine my 20s without his music

  26. BorginPerks studio

    2019! listening this amazing song! <3 first time in 2009.

  27. Max Meier

    damn that pattern is hard to sing to, seems so offbeat. love it.

  28. Kev Durr

    A perfectly written short song, that melody. mwahh!

  29. wildmercuryfilms

    pure, simple love. 1st love, accentuated by kiss to picture.

  30. Brian Dollerhide

    Now, is it weird if I keep thinking of this song while I listen to this?

  31. ryublueblanka

    Classic! This is summer 2005 for me ...the entire album really. 🌝💜

  32. Stewi Bigbang

    Good old Bolton boy✌️

  33. Martin DL

    All the songs of his álbum " The hour of the bewilderbeast" (where this song comes from) are as beautiful as this one

  34. Shannen O'Neill

    Filmed outside where i used to live :')

  35. Shaun Atherton

    1 million views. Way ahead of its time 😀

  36. Indi Hope

    One of the best songs on this planet

  37. James Wayne

    Best love song ever written. Period.

  38. Antichrist18 1976

    Great song even better parts being filmed where I grew up Thamesmead...👍🏻 Reminds me of the good times there...

  39. The Cosmic Lounge

    Two parts Golden Brown; one part Sketch For Summer. Shake well, and serve.

    Chris P Bacon

    The Cosmic Lounge ..Well observed.

  40. Ste Fox

    Walked in hmv few years ago and damien goth was in talked while top bloke nice to say hello

  41. cormac o colmain

    It’s melancholy but makes your ❤️ soar & the video is just fantastic
    Okay my ❤️ soar

  42. the503CreepOut

    Badly Drawn Boy, Elliott Smith, Ben Lee, American Football, the Mountain Goats, Beta Band, etc. - this was a period of the 90's that truly had some special recordings by some fantastic artists.

  43. zzz Sss

    One hit golden wonder...

    Rest of album was terrible

  44. Ishika Jain

    I am watching it after 10 yrs of release

  45. Jackie Brown

    Nearly 19 years on and I still absolutely LOVE this song.

  46. Manic Panic

    I was never never into this guy at all....
    But this song is simply brilliant.. thanks for posting it

  47. Gemma Wood

    My mom showed me this song

    I'm so grateful

  48. Phil Strange

    Love the song, but why am I obsessed with the cars I saw driving round my council estate

  49. jamesdavidkmoss

    I just love this song,so much joy this bring me

  50. Trevor Keyes

    I love this song brings a lot of memories back

  51. MiddleMang

    This song puts on the best mood.

  52. Diego Medina

    I just found this song the other day ago and I’m in love with it. Great song, amazing artist.

  53. Arner Vidarsson

    My madame and me will dance to this one days

  54. Brittany Rouse

    This could be on repeat forever and it would never get old.

  55. ko sumiyoshi


  56. Craig Tilstone

    Badly Drawn Boy is, was, and always will be, superb. But I saw him live in Nottingham in 2006 and, I’ll tell you what, I’ve never seen a grumpier live performer. I like seeing people who look like they enjoy being on stage.


    He’s been through some shit though. Saw him a few years back and he was grumpy as hell. Then saw him again and he was talking about his mental health problems and apologising for his behaviour, had taken a break from music, and was just getting back to it. Even had his mum and dad with him. It was sweet as hell.

  57. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Around”.

  58. spaceboy2095

    What is there to say other than this is a perfect song!?

  59. Deep Pete

    Is this video shot in Breightmet?

  60. Frankie Susnak

    this is amazing..thanks a million for sharing

  61. Andrew Berry

    Such a beautiful, timeless song. Could literally be from any era

  62. Tim Jenkins

    Dude that ugly could never get a girl like that in real life

  63. Ashley Howell

    I could be wrong based on A true story

  64. aka_mowgli

    It took me sixteen years to find this song. I used to have it going round in my head and I'd hum it to bemused people, it was driving me mad, the lost song. Finally heard it playing in a shop and practically jumped on the counter to demand what was playing. What an absolutely amazing song :)


    SAME! Just found it again today. Been searching since for a long time.


    No shit... same here, except for the shop-part :)


    I had the same journey to find this song 😂😂👏🏻 finally found out it who it was a few years back after years of searching

    Ben Harvey

    Exactly same senario for myself. This song is amazing

    Claire Guilbert

    aka_mowgli hard times

  65. Baz

    Ah my old car. It was the summer of ‘99 - I just moved to London from Ireland and this was my first job. I had never heard of ‘Badly Drawn Boy’ (was this his break thru?) but I had a great day and love this song since. He was also a real nice guy. The car the couple in the video drove became my car after the video 👍

  66. styleyk

    This tune makes me smile everytime I hear it, happy and emotional at the same time. Weird! But so good 😊

  67. Benj Pope

    Love this! It soooooo Jazzy!

  68. Orion Courtney-Lee

    what pedal does he use on the acoustic guitar? its not a wah and im not positive if its an envelope

  69. hector merly

    that Rover

  70. hector merly

    Thomas Klingbeil, Sean McNabb & Achilles Merly

  71. Roman Candel

    happen to walk into someneck guitars in ireland and see this guys photo on the wall. happy i did cause this is a great song

  72. seek

    fuck... Aya should've recommend me that track 16 years ago.

  73. Phil Taylors

    Love this song was searching ages for the title first heard it in a pub in 2000 the via fossa in notts couldn't remember the name of the song 😊

  74. Berb McLermon

    I almost forgot the name of both the song and the artist. I felt genuine panic that I would never hear it again.

    Frankie Susnak

    same here..

    Rinal Faiz

    Happened to me too bro

    Joe Hudson

    Berb McLermon highly forgettable. Thank god for the punk rock sound. USA


    I actually did for get the name and artist! I could always hum the “doo ba doo bah dah” part but that’s it lol. I just found it again today! Thank goodness, it was driving me nuts.

  75. Mark Camilleri

    "Take a left,
    A sharp left
    And another left, meet me on the corner
    And we'll start, again."

    Simple yet beautiful.

  76. Phil M

    A beautiful song. Cutest video ever 😊👍

  77. Tim c

    Who is the Girl?

  78. Scurvy Crow

    Beautiful - Woke up and got this stuck in my head this morning, found myself on YouTube and here I am.
    This speaks to the late 80s early 90s Generation X indie kids of love lost, won and unrequited - much of the latter in my experience!!!!!
    It's normal life, not airbrushed Kardashian and Love Island crap.
    How did we get here from great stuff like this?
    A grumpy middle aged man (almost) now but we really DID have the best music.
    It was a great era of music to live through and, well I played it a couple of times before I wrote this.
    Off to find my old tapes, couldn't afford CDs at the time, and probably get some soulless digital copies so I can still play the music I grew up to.
    Thanks for posting. Great Times.

  79. Skelton Knaggs

    He's driving a fucking cheese wedge! Lol

  80. Paul Cavigliano

    Man those cars be some Chevy citation looking hoopties. Wonder if thats his real whip?

  81. MrKkprince

    Name of the girl on video?

  82. Mike Crispin

    Awesome, love the intro

  83. hoodie

    this is a ace tune

  84. Iztok Golob

    This song is so brilliant. It is simple but has a Burt Bacharach touch to it.

  85. Al Malone

    great tune

  86. William o toole

    absolute class

  87. Roberto Bascuñán Sanhueza

    Another masterpiece discovered, but quite late, in 2017.

    Paul Cavigliano

    Roberto Bascuñán Sanhueza Ikr? But better late than never, yeah?

  88. Jozef Mak

    wicked , yet fantastic! how u conquer other comments?THEYRE ALL GENIOUS

  89. A.L. B

    This reminds me

    Mike Dupree

    A.L. B me too

  90. Gareth Clarey

    Always will love this song so much and video

  91. steve wray

    wonderful stuff

  92. Picnicl

    A beautiful song that you don't have to be a big fan of Badly Drawn Boy to appreciate. It reminds me a bit of the wit and bruised innocence of The Smiths eg Ask. I love the line 'Your beauty will last for a while'. It's got that 'I may not always love you' feel. One of my favourite songs of the last 25 years.


    Picnicl Agreed.

  93. Darko Alaburic

    koji si ih moj zakačio, mogli su se ljube

  94. Sharon Naylar



    Sharon Naylar
    Stop that and pay attention

  95. graham andrews


  96. dickweeeeeeeeeed

    Timeless as .

  97. jwhat

    how is there so few views?

  98. Phil Taylor


    Barry Davies

    Phil Taylor, Are you the dart player by any chance?