Badfinger - In The Meantime / Some Other Time Lyrics

I can remember
Knowing you better some other time (low song)
I can remember
Being in love with a friend of mine

I've seen it before, now
It's always the same
Nothing can change any part
I know what you're doin'
I think it's a shame
I'm gonna have to make a new start
I can remember some other time

I could believe in, love has a reason for holdin' on (hold on)
I can remember being together and feeling strong

But somehow we lost it, drifted apart
It really took a piece of my heart
I've done it before now
It's always the same
I'm gonna have to make a new start
I can remember some other time

[guitar solo (Pete Ham)]

I've seen it before now
It's always the same
Nothing can change any part
I know what you're doin'
I think it's a shame
I'm gonna have to make a new start
I can remember some other time

I can remember some other time.

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Badfinger In The Meantime / Some Other Time Comments
  1. colemann76

    This is a classic. I have no doubt In The Meantime influenced Blur and probably some other bands too

  2. ddjdd wfgggb

    This is so great if Warner’s didn’t pull this album off the shelves it would’ve been fucking massive

  3. Math Breemen

    Fantastic! Rumours in Gold

  4. J. B

    For all the ones saying this was Pete's last album, Head First was, not Wish You Were Here.

  5. John Van Dommelen

    You know, most of the time it is unwise to pick a favorite song by any band cos you're bound to change your mind in a week or two anyways.......well..this song SHAKES me to the core !...out of the hundred excellent songs they already have ! Golden Music from the Golden Age of Rock !

  6. J. B

    This song is breathtaking. Glad Joey stayed for two more albums before he left for good.

  7. J. B

    They did not want to be the Beatles successors. They even said they were flattered by the comparison.

  8. kevin harrington

    the first stealth bomber, how this has remained off the radar is mind boggling "I can remember love has a reason for holding on, I can remember being together and feeling strong, but somehow we lost it, we drifted apart, you really took a piece of my heart", wrong thing to listen to when your high School sweetheart breaks up with you after 5 yrs,,, good times though

  9. Paulo Pinheiro

    Songs like that didn't get to the charts. I wonder what the public wanted by then. I know a lot of magic bands were around, but there was certainly a place for progressive rock like that. Luck we have that record to hear now. Sad the guys didn't get the success they deserved for such a masterpiece.

    J. B

    Paulo Pinheiro. Way too long for top 40. Some of the best songs are not charting material. They knew which ones to put out there for that purpose.

  10. Frank Mccormick

    The cover pic is similar to the inner pics from alice coopers muscle of love, dressed as sailors, they were stablemates at warner and both albums came out nearly the same time, wonder who influenced who?

  11. Kimberly J. Sullivan


  12. mikeca98

    Throws off that Electric Light Orchestra (Beatles influenced) vibe to me, as well as some other groups previously mentioned. Thank you for posting this song, it's a keeper.

  13. Keith Sporman

    I'd put in the 8 track and let it play through 3 or 4 times. So much great music back then.

  14. Ensign Stephens

    This has a really pronounced Kansas sound


    Wow Pink Floyd stole the title from this album a year later or maybe they did not know it was already used but Badfinger had it first ..

  16. Brad Anderson

    awesome, just awesome

  17. triarii11

    Mr/Mrs GMABBIT!!! A request. ..Badfinger split off 'Flying' as a separate song for a b-side, but 'Some Other Time' is forever liked with an unrelated lesser first song. Do you have the ability/tech to edit them part and post a distinct 'Some Other Time?' Because of the nature of YT rules, I do not perceive any usage issues.


    triarii11 I might be able to make that happen, yes

  18. triarii11

    If you like pop, you should adore Badfinger. I say that with conviction. The cream rises to the top in Time, and The Beatles, a few Raspberries, Badfinger....can represent the pinnacle...the best...of more pure rock-pop [not radio-pop necessarily]. Badfinger's story is certainly among the most frustrating in modern rock history...with this album being the shining example of screw-dom for them. I was there! This was still an uncommon album in record racks in 1977. Noone heard it at the time or heard of it later. Why? The company pulled it a month after release. Wtf, you say? Yea....go read [Wikipedia]. With whatever else I yammer about...I love Badfinger music, and really hope the two are in a Good place.

    J. B

    triarii11. And we wish that for Mike too.

    J. B

    triarii11. It began moving up the charts in the six weeks it was out there.

  19. WastedTalent

    That song is so "Fucking A."

  20. cricketbat09

    The Beatles' natural successors.

  21. Glenn Hudson

    I quite remember finding out the Beatles had broken up in 1971, I was devestated. I was 14. I saw the cover of Badfinger's Straight Up Album at a Drug Store music rack in Lynchburg Va, because, my God, I thought, are these the new Beatles? Naively thought, have the Beatles given us a replacement of themselves? (never knowing The Beatles had signed them as the first Apple recording Artists, and did not even know they owned Apple Records). When I heard the record I simply couldn't believe it, how good they were, and how it felt like Beatles, act 2. I was stunned, and comforted at the same time. Badfinger is how I got over the breakup of the Beatles, it was almost like divine Providence, an act of God. You see my brother and I were abandoned by our mother in 1963 to our grandparents, ages 6 and 8, and we saw The Beatles in Ed Sullivan Feb 1964, and started singing their songs, which taught us to sing, write, and play guitars, to this day we are singers and songwriters. So losing the Beatles was like losing our big brothers who seemed to look after us, so Badfinger were like Beatles brothers who took over. We thought Badfinger were the next Beatles, and they were.


    Heartfelt comment. 🎸🎸🎸

    Daniel Hudelson

    I think Badfinger filled that Beatles hole for a lot of us. Still, although those casually familiar w/ Badfinger often call them a Beatles clone,, BF definitely had their own strengths & unique sound, different from The Beatles.

    Leonel Salazar

    Glenn Hudson that was heartbreaking :')


    I've heard some people say Badfinger was basically the poor man's Beatles. Sorry, but Badfinger was a lot darker (espaecially when you learn the stories to the songs). I'm not a Beatles fan, but Badfinger is one of my favorites. My dad's band opened for them back in the late 60's, early 70's, and this is what I was raised on.

    J. B

    Glenn Hudson. The Beatles disbanded in April of 1970. My father died that month.

  22. Jason Vanrell

    Probably their best work. Tragic about Peter Ham and this band in general.

  23. Glen Carta

    Hello Jeffery Sue,, this was the last badfinger album with Joey Molland...The last one with Pete was Head First....Cheers !!

    Michael Rescigno

    The last released album by the four Badfinger guys "Wish You Were Here".......Head First wasn't released for years. Glad it was finally released.

    Glen Carta

    these guys NEVER made a bum great

    J. B

    Michael Rescigno. Pete was actually still with them for the final 1975 album Head First. I think this last one was on the Apple label, not Warners.Wish You Were Here was rhe final Warner's. HEAD FIRST wasn't released until 2000 though.

    Mark Vander Boegh

    Glen Carta Not the last Badfinger album with Joey Molland. Joey and Tommy released two more albums as Badfinger a few years after Pete’s death, Airwaves and Say No More. Check them out if you haven’t already.

  24. Randolph Spiers

    sounds as fresh as it did 30 years ago!  Fantastic!

  25. Ian Davis

    The Salt and pepper guitar all over this reminds me of Bill Nelson and Be Bop De luxe. 4.26 "I can remember knowing you better some other time". The lines and melody could be Nelson singing. Which came first. The chicken or the egg ? Doesn't matter. Two great seventies bands.

  26. ToySoldier2007

    I like Meanwhile Back At the Ranch better than this number. I mean, that was a dual effort as well if memory serves me correctly.

  27. dhloup1

    Their 2nd greatest song after "Baby Blue"

  28. Scott Harbison

    Outstanding song(s)! There are no words sufficient to capture the feelings I have for Badfinger...just that I miss them so terribly~

  29. HightsWrite

    This is among the best post-Beatles, pre-disco songs, yet too few have heard it. They should. Badfinger are way under appreciated.

  30. Jeffrey Bue

    Badfingers greatest album in my opinion. Their last with Pete Ham I think.

    Daniel Hudelson

    There's also the HEAD FIRST album w/ Ham, which was recorded but left unreleased until recent times.

    J. B

    @Daniel Hudelson It was released in 2000. They had 2 weeks to create Head First, yet it wasn't released for 25 years!

  31. toppop100

    It's a great album! And 'Some Other Time' is the greatest Paul McCartney song Paul McCartney never wrote! One of the great, underrated tracks of the mid-70s.

  32. jeffthrow6892

    Eh.....the top three albums are obvious, it's hard to pick one over any other. I'd put "Magic Christian Music" over the self-titled WB "Badfinger" album. And don't forget the Ivey's - "Maybe Tomorrow" cool was it to see that get a CD re-issue, I'd have sure as hell never found an original vinyl issue of that album!

    Richard Centner

    jeffthrow6892 Badfinger was almost always outstanding, with catchy lyrics and attention-getting hooks and inspired instrumentation. Mike, with his energizing drum fills, added much excitement to the songs and gave them a compelling drive. Although Pete and Tom were seen as the core of the group, I think Joey and Pete actually reinforced each other's work more effectively, especially in creating a Beatlesque sound. My son, who works with Tim Reynolds, saw Joey play live and told me he was exceptional. Pete may very well have been the creative genius in the group, but Joey's skills complemented those of their Welsh leader beautifully. There were cuts on every album that were far superior to most of the other music being released at the time. I miss them greatly. Rick Centner Arlington, TX.

  33. Anything4adollar

    there are 3 tracks that didn't make the Ass album which Mike put on tape after he had quit Badfinger for a few months which are rather good;

    1. Get up off your knees (spaghetti western style song)
    2. For so Long (has a bit of an ELO Do Ya sound to it towards the end of it)
    3. This Time (has a Dark Horse/George Harrison feel to it)
    4. Cowboy (the only track to make the official release)

    Not sure why #'s 1-3 never made it onto record, but they are worth a listen.


    thanks 'G'-thats what i thought....Pete is my songwriting hero...


    maybe thats why the drums are so furious-
    he was a very different kind of guy-Mike Gibbins-
    these guys personalities are all very differentnow that i am finding out more and more-

  36. Anything4adollar

    I'd rank BF records this way for me anyway;

    1. WYWH
    2. Straight Up
    3. No Dice
    4. Ass
    5. Badfinger
    6. Magic Christian

    7-beyond...Airwaves/Head First/Say No More

    Michael Rescigno

    1. No Dice. 2. WYWH. 3. Straight Up. 4. Ass. 5. Badfinger. 6. Say No More. 7. Airwaves. 8. Magic Christian

    Daniel Hudelson

    Lots of great music on every single one of these.
    I go:
    SU, ND, WYWH, MC, A, BF, AW, SNM, HF

  37. Anything4adollar

    co-written Gibbins-Molland. Gibbins has been on record stating he could not stand making this song. Producer Chris Thomas pressed him to get the vocals right with Take after Take...sounds like it came out pretty darn good to me.


    oh yeah i know about heart is still broken over that,so i just characterized it as 'gone'-
    and i knew it was Joey singing,but i think towards the end heard Pete-
    and then i listened to some other stuff on this record,and it was clear he was fully engaged
    i have been a big fan since the 80's,when i was finally able to go buy their records at a used record store-
    'Straight Up' is my favorite...a real standout-

  39. Gmabbit

    pete ham worked on this album. he hanged himself in 1975.

    Joey Molland is credited for this song.

  40. Gmabbit

    it reminds me of Alan Parson's Project, what with the instrumentation, soundscape intro and goony singing and everything. i can hear a bit of both for sure, and a bit of the beatles obviously.


    the drums are so different here-very heavy and deliberate-Mike definitely opened it up.
    Pete is on this record still right?i think Pete was gone after this....
    these guys got just as many bad breaks as good....from the highest highs to the lowest's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll-

  42. Dean Herron

    "Baby Blue" is my all-time favorite Badfinger song. This is a very close second.

  43. comicbookinker

    My favorite Badfinger album. The sh-t truly started hitting the fan soon after this was released thanks to their crooked manager Stan Polley. WB shot Badfinger and themselves in the foot by pulling it. What a monumental waste!!!!!!

  44. Stephen Silva

    great medley....actually, both medlies are great..

  45. Thirdcoastgroove

    Strange that Pink Floyd had an album of the same name the following year. Either way, both good recordings.

  46. Gmabbit

    i agree

  47. maynardmoleman


  48. jeffthrow6892

    This album is an excellent, very underappreciated Badfinger release......probably just as good as "No Dice" or "Straight Up".......

  49. 185pochylqrg

    This sounds a little Like the vocal in Styx Renegade or possibly Geou=rge Harrison from his Cloud Nine album.