Badfinger - Give It Up Lyrics

Live in hope of love and wait to die
Sadness all around us makes for crying
Feelings that once meant so much
Are left to dry and turn to dust, and ashes

We learn to wheel and deal and say goodbye
Madness all around us makes for dyin'
Young deceivers soon turn old
Are left to die amongst their gold and cashes

Give it up
Or we'll end on the rocks (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)
Give it up, give yourself time
Give it up, your saviour's in shock (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)

We drive a million miles to see the sun
Hoping we are not too late for saving
The Lord will smile on you today
Give you love that you can trade
For matches, TVs, and movie stars
And driving cars is catching

Give it up
Or we'll end on the rocks (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)
Give it up, give yourself time (give it up)
Give it up, your saviour's in shock (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)
Give it up (give it up)

[guitar solo (Joey Molland)]:
(Give it up, give it up, give it up)
(Give it up, give it up, give it up)
(Give it up, give it up, give it up)
(Give it up, give it up, give it up)
(Give it up, give it up, give it up)
(Give it up, give it up, give it up).

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Badfinger Give It Up Comments
  1. jaycharger72

    Can here the Seattle grunge in the ending ala Mudhoney Nirvana Soundgarden

  2. Count Feedback

    Who are the 4 piece's of garbage that voted this down?

  3. WAKE UP

    Wow....this the very first album i ever bought...

  4. Randy Coursey

    Gotta be the best band no one knows much about. The problems they endured were to much for Pete and Tom. Yet they still cranked out some of the best music in their time. Great musicians, great writing, great vocals! Reminds me of someone, who is that? 3+3+3. Those guys from Liverpool, sorry, I forgot their!

  5. Marcel Correa

    Joeys warning to the band! So sad that we can travel so far in search of Gods Love and then so easily traded it away for material things. Wow they did " End on th Rocks! Keep Rocking Joey!✌🎸

  6. Mark n Victoria Macham

    Dig it!

  7. Mark Gregory

    Joey had some good songs but Pete Ham was the true heart and soul of Badfinger

    Marcel Correa

    They all had thier strengths and weaknesses but were a Team!

  8. Marcel Correa

    Actually Joey wrote and sings this sure there was alot of pain and struggles that led to Petes suicide.

  9. broskiproductions49

    Discovered this song in a very difficult time in my life. Crazy how much the lyrics spoke to me

  10. Marcel Correa

    actually the the last album with both Pete and Joey was (Wish You were Here).

  11. Mike Bowden

    What I mean is, you are spot on for hearing the pain in this track . . . .

  12. Mike Bowden

    Greg, I got this years ago. If you can't hear pain in this (tremendous) song . . . . . . you are spot on.

  13. Gregory Church

    What most of you seem to miss is that this is the sound of a man about to end his life.....

    Gregory Church

    Yeah, and that's great.  I love their sound.  The main creative force was Pete Hamm and this track was on their last studio album (I think) before Hamm's suicide, triggered by very bad management and accounting, resulting in the band's bankruptcy.....Not sure which band member wrote this song, but it seemed to be a foreshadowing of what was to come.


    Joey Molland wrote the track, and it was the last album with he and Hamm, but not the last with Hamm -- that would be Wish You Were Here, which is one of their best.

    mark mcmullen

    what makes me cry to this day is i used to have both of those releases on vinyl.... i tossed them out during one of my many moves in the 80's........... self titled release and Wish you were here...... i know they are probably still availble on Amazon... but still......... thank god for music sites like Spotify..
    which can least let me play back the memories on the internet.

    Mark Sergi

    So sad arguably one of the greatest bands of all time.

    Marcel Correa

    Molland and Hamm were both in the Band when they recorded WYWH.soon after Pete left then returned then Joey left the band and later Pete hung himself. A very sad story.

  14. orley104

    WOW! It goes on and on and on, the more I discover the more I'm drawn to this GREAT BAND and these GREAT SONGS! Thank you for the post, I'm collecting as many legit albums as are available as their families should be thanked in some small way!

  15. VonHoganSchmidt

    This Band rocked..never liked the power pop corner they got put into. They played it all, and played it right. R I P to PETE, TOMMY AND MIKE

  16. lyonslaforet

    Badfinger wrote several gems in power pop and here's one of them!

  17. icallmybabystp

    yeah. they were a special band that had a perfect balance of the softies and hard rockers. i love both equally and nothing bores me more than a band who only does one or the other. pete ham had some real good simple lyrics. a man with a great sense of pop melodicism and understanding. rip, indeed.

  18. barb5150

    Oddly enough… as a fan?

    THIS is my favorite Badfinger album. Probably in large part because it has such a "heavy" sound… I'm kind of a (classic) metalhead? "Give It Up" and "Island" both floor me! And oh god, "Andy Norris", what a hoot!


    I love the range and depth that Badfinger displayed, both lyrically and in their music, most especially when they turned to THE ROCK and Did It Up Right!

    A #1. RIP.

  19. Tyler Smith

    Nice! Got mine for a 20.

    I like it very much and it has grown on me as well. Not my favorite, yet not the worst.

  20. icallmybabystp

    i, luckily, came upon this one in the 'ole neighborhood record store when i was visiting the parents. one of those special records where they kept the lp behind the counter. 15 bucks well spent, i'd say. it's mint and also a promo copy. it pretty much grew on me after the first listen and is now my favorite badfinger lp!

  21. Tyler Smith

    I have a promotional white labeled copy of this album. How lucky I was to find it. All I need is to find a copy of Wish You Were Here on vinyl and I completed my Badfinger LP/singles collection

  22. Tom Smith

    Rare album. Law Suits & etc. Out of print almost from it's earliest days. I wore this album out in my youth. Not there best work but it had some nice jems on it.