Bada$$, Joey - Super Predator Lyrics

[Joey Bada$$:]
Ride with a nigga
Statik Selektah
Ride with a nigga

Call me the general
Push in and over genital
For my millennials, for the youth and the fellas too
Trying to be perennial, but chance of living is minimal
She critical - exactly what made my niggas criminals
Typical AmeriKKKa, damn sure ain't no miracle
Word to Steezy, Imma keep this shit lyrical
'Til I fall out my physical
All my verses is biblical, uh
Flowing religiously, my delivery spiritual, uh
Feelin' invincible, this here is nothing new
This is just principle - take notes, if I were you
They say I'm a clumsy king, how I be dropping jewels
But see the funny thing is I got lots to lose
Never no fucks to give, only one life to live
So I exchange my negative for a positive
And it's all
Good Lord
The pen is way mighty than the sword
Who want war? I told you before

How I kick in the door
With the rugged war, back just to re-install
What you niggas thought it was?
Yes I'm a veteran, you just a come up
About to teach you a lesson
How to get your hunger up?
Homie ya
How I kick in the door
With the rugged war, back just to re-install
What you niggas thought it was?
Yes I'm a veteran, you just a come up
About to teach you a lesson
How to get your fuckin' hunger up nigga

Badmon we a run tings, yeah
Never let the tings run we, uh
All the gyaldem, uh, come pre
And I tell 'em that the tele never come free
Badmon we a run tings, yeah
Never let the tings run we, oh
All the gyaldem, uh come pre
And I tell 'em that the body never come free

[Styles P:]
Super predator, filthy AmeriKKKa
Burn the newspapers and the editors
My dead presidents ain't dead enough
Blew a zip to the head, still ain't red enough
Pray to Jesus, hope he got you
No I'm not a chicken, I never listen to FOX News
Niggas built the country but never giving they props due
Paying for my people, I'm still payin' for my pops dues
I'm royalty, my momma said it
I'm gold hearted, I'm scum headed
Lost soul in a promised land of promises
Gotta mask on, but no I'm not anonymous
Built on my lonely, no accomplices
Light a L up for my accomplishments
I'm a real nigga, it's not a lot of 'em
If they were, then the cops probably shot at 'em

[Joey Bada$$:]
Badmon we a run tings, yeah
Never let the tings run we, uh
All the gyaldem, uh, come pre
And I tell 'em that the tele never come free
Badmon we a run tings, yeah
Never let the tings run we, oh
All the gyaldem, uh come pre
And I tell 'em that the body never come free

I Stomp the grass in my Timbalands
Ain't nothing colder than New York when that December ends
The coldest shoulders
From average joes and the simple mans
I pack the heat cause I'm known around to be simmering
That mean I'm finna hit the boilin' point like real soon
Man, I've been heating up
My self esteem been on the move
The flow is hotter than volcanic craters near the equator
Any debaters is simply haters
They know that I'm greater
I be countin' my paper, forever fuck all the majors
Did it all on my own, don't owe nobody no favors
It's clear, I'm heir to the throne
I've been the best in my zone
Internationally known, forever Brooklyn's own
I mean
But here's for the Presidents, the Congressmen, the Senators
Who got us all slaving while they reaping all the benefits
Got the world thinking that it's true 'bout what they said of us
AmeriKKKa's worst nightmare, the super predator

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Bada$$, Joey Super Predator Comments
  1. kaylah biased

    taking this song into 2020!

  2. Dominic 96

    Beat hard asf

  3. alberts1985

    Built on my lonely, no accomplices

  4. Alexander Ballez

    R Kelly type beat

  5. GGB Chronicles

    Fuckin widiitttt

  6. Tha Real ITALY

    🎧🎶🎶🎶real rap Hip-Hop🎙️ VIBES🎶🎶🎶💪🏾✊🏾👊🏾💯

  7. Mpho Naheng

    Philthy Amerikkka

  8. Eve

    this is a fucking throwback..

  9. J Mil-Music

    I appreciate this album now.

  10. Konthaarvlechter

    This song gives me chills

  11. Well Hung

    I swear statik selektah doesnt get the props he deserves

  12. Jamal Parra


  13. pauliewalnutzz

    93 dislikes? Ya’ll dudes buggin. If you cant appreciate this music, you cant appreciate anything 💯

  14. El 47

    Burning newspapers and the editors,DEEP

  15. Nig Oficial

    Bk-um dia de chuva qualquer

  16. Jamal Parra

    Amor en tiempos de coleraaa

  17. euphoryuh


  18. Rasheed Gilmer

    Should've used this song in "When they See US" fits the whole theme.

  19. Vinicius Louredo

    quem veio pelo sample do bk curte ai

  20. ???

    Joey is the living definition of old school 🔥 underrated af

  21. Mango Fresco

    I instantly fell in love wit the instrumentalespecially the end

  22. Xolani Nkosi

    Peace to Joey/Styles & the Young Premo...from South Africa!


    Ilove jessica beppler

  24. Luciano Gomes

    A lágrima que cai cada segundo...

  25. mairon souza

    Perfect Song

  26. Daniel Freitas


  27. harry elliott

    Holy shit! What a sweet bouncy beat, filled with heat from the lyrical fire spitting from the one the only Bada$$.

    Keep keeping it real ✌

  28. Shiba Mc

    Beat of BK'

  29. José Allison

    Bk do Brasil para o mundo! Voa que voa negraiada braba do brasil! Salve salve a música negra Br!!!!

    don diego

    era sample mano...

    don diego

    o instrumental não foi "feito" pelo Jxnvs

  30. Demetrius Barnes

    no im not a chicken i neva listen to fox news

  31. Hex Man

    Sleep, on this one

  32. Truuth Btøll

    Neva let the tings Run We
    Stylez 187'd the Beat

  33. Javier Gonzalez

    Tell em joey !!😤

  34. Kriss VG

    Most slept on album of all time

  35. James Walker

    This shit goes so hard💪💪

  36. Garth Andrews

    always listened to joey here and there put this made me a fan

  37. Tay Mosley


  38. angel martinez

    joey back to the basics , love it.

  39. Isaiah Wakeen

    This shits criminally underrated

  40. Edisson Restrepo

    Styles P.. sounds like Pusha T

    Demetrius Barnes

    How sway?

  41. Truuth Btøll

    Neva let tingz run WEEEE!!!!

  42. Liam B Jones


  43. gamalier andres

    The superpredator is real in the sense that criminals are more violent and callous they kill anything BUT Hillary was wrong tho the superpredator is not a race its poor people that resort to crime cause they cant get jobs

  44. Jose Vazquez



    Jose Vazquez 0

  45. Isaiah Wakeen

    You ever been addicted to a song? Well heres my heroin

  46. J Sthetic

    Beat alone made me cry woww in straight awe

  47. Chris McSweeney

    The production in this album is on point

  48. Russell Robinson

    They say I'm a clumsy king how I be dropping jewels


    Russell Robinson sadly he used dropping jewels before in fromdatomb$

    Russell Robinson

    @DancingLeaf yes he did

  49. Solace _

    That saxophone in the instrumental is so goddam smooth holy shit!!!

  50. Adam Leon

    Best track on the album imo

  51. Isaiah Wakeen

    Goooood damn

  52. Anthony Martinez

    I thought of cube for some reason because of predator ahaha


    instrumental kinda also reminds something of predator haha

  53. Martin Depassier

    Rip styles P daughter yo

  54. Ken Blackmore

    10/10 song

  55. Ken Blackmore

    Styles went stupid

  56. WonderWaffle

    Definitely getting some 50 cent vibes and loving every bit of it.

  57. D D

    joey n east n styles need a song together , regardless this shit 🔥


    if it’s a Sonic Adventure 3 , Joey Needs to rap on the Knuckles Levels

  59. britney

    sounds like a wiz type beat

  60. Fat Nerd Comedy

    Hillary Clinton brought me here

    courtney the legend

    how tho


    @courtney the legend she called black people super predators lol

    E. Mency

    MellowSteez47 not black people.. she labels our young black males Super Predator! Fuck that evil bitch

  61. BevelBoyJack

    "My dead presidents ain't dead enough"

  62. How Sway

    This instrumental is so smooth 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Musiq 310

    does this come from hillary clinton using the phrase super predator when talking about black kids ?

    Carlos Valencia

    Musiq 310 yes

    Ja- -Getti

    Musiq 310 what is the story behind that?

    Alex Clermont

    Ja- -Getti When Bill Clinton was president Hillary Clinton was out there campaigning for his omnibus crime bill. She was discussing the “huge“ crime wave that was impacting the urban community and the need for this bill that Bill had. In discussing the criminals that would be brought forward to justice she used the term super predator (that these young criminals we’re not regular criminals but some kind of weird more advanced vicious criminals). If you listen to the talks it was really a coded way of saying black youth. It’s part of the general way crime is discussed in America. the word criminal usually means black people in the case of Hillary Clinton she was talking about locking up black youth, which is exactly what the crime bill did—in huge numbers.

    Peek A Boo

    @Alex Clermont damn she as problematic as trump. I almost prefer trump at this point after hearing more about the shit hillary has done.

  64. matthew smith

    Love listening to Styles on ANY track!

  65. The 8th Gate

    "Lost soul in the promised land of promises vendetta mask on but no I'm not anonymous. Built on my lonely no accomplices light an L up for my accomplishments. I'm a real nigga it's not a lot of em, if there were then the cops probably shot at em" 🔫🔥

    Dubby Goodell

    The 8th Gate styles P the truth

  66. Lucky Supreme

    I fw this song heavy

  67. Kyle Fraser

    This and track 8 are the best on this album. I cant even listen to the rest of the album with these being so fire and i have had it for almost 2 weeks now.

    Jarvase dundy

    Kyle Fraser You ain't listening hard then. Every song on this album bangs. And this whole album bangs.

  68. Aaron Dugger

    I Heard Biggie at :38

    Ja- -Getti

    Aaron Dugger never noticed that haha

    Russell Robinson

    Aaron Dugger I heard it too

    christopher portillo

    Aaron Dugger it game me chills🔥

  69. Boss Life

    my shit right here.

  70. Marc NY

    NY sh*t

  71. Moses Lawson

    Straight Classic!!!

  72. GUAVcis06

    Beast coast keeping that old school hip hop sound alive

  73. WestSideBwoiii

    Badmon we ah run tings never let the tings runnn we 🔥🔥🔥

    College Sir

    WestSideBwoiii that part mad smooth

  74. jordan chism

    D block

  75. Tupac Shakur

    classic east coast hip hop!

    Aaron Dugger

    Beast hip hop

  76. Tim Kruse

    Joey a young nigga with a old soul

  77. cappuccino steve

  78. Charley Grossman

    You can tell he's conflicted between making radio and this type which is his best music


    Charley Grossman He is working with london on the track and ronny j on his next project and will probably have a whole new beat selection. I think he just wants a new element at this point.

    Nathaniel Bearbow

    DeanzLIFE bet 👌🏽


    Why is he conflicted? Are you inside his head? Why can't people make music in different lanes without these kinds of assumptions and accusations?

  79. Prolific Pops

    Lovin the jazzy, boom-bap vibes. Sounds like something that would've been on 1999.

    Andrew Hawk Flame

    Yoooo same bro i was thinking that too

    Peek A Boo

    Except he sounds way more focused nowadays compared to when he was younger

  80. Swarrdy fish

    Man he changed the future right before our eyes many years ago. I swear I have a mental image of the future we're suppose to live in. The title should write Super Predators (ft Capital STEEZ, Jadakiss, Styles P)

  81. Thebreakdancingartist

    Sounds like a knuckles track from Sonic Adventure 2. Dope.


    Yeah, somewhere near the aquatic mine instrumental.

  82. Nestor

    Don't know this song has a bit of a steezy and biggie vibe the beats and the word play

  83. friedst33z


  84. Cell Jr.

    This sounds like The East Coast.

  85. damarcuz crawley

    this shit brings back his old album, that 1999 feel.

    Shimmy Turner

    damarcuz crawley fr

  86. kane62074

    Classic hip hop I am so glad to hear it again

  87. Caro Cardona


    Lomeli C

    Caro Cardona I feel ya💯

  88. oceanwavesandcocaine

    best song on the album

    Aaron Dugger

    Jarvase O'Brian dundy then what is his best song on the album

    Adam Leon

    oceanwavesandcocaine AGREED
    been saying this !!!

    Isaiah Wakeen

    This shit is too good

    Well Hung

    Aint no best song the whole album is 🔥🔥🔥

    elmercadito 03

    Aaron Dugger ring the alarm

  89. Daniel Henry

    That East Coast sound is unmistakable. It may not be flashy but it sure sets the mood. Thank you for a classic Joey.

    matthew smith

    Daniel Henry Amen 👊👊👊

    Adam Leon

    Daniel Henry
    Melodic and lyrical
    Im from cali yet ive always preferred East Coast rap

    Tha Real ITALY

    Facts 💯💯 💯


    god damn right


    boom bap rap

    Caro Cardona

    MELANDRANN Topic word

    Willian Wallace

    Is the best mode in rap... I love boom bap!!?