Bada$$, Joey - Rockabye Baby Lyrics

[Joey Bada$$:]
Yeah, yeah
I said niggas pop shit all the time
Me I don't trip 'cause they know I'm never lyin'
Lookin' between the lines
Feel like Ali in his prime
As-Salaam-Alaikum, alaikum salaam
Peace to my Slimes, and peace to my Crips
Neighborhood police and they always on the shift
Protect my Bloods, look out for my cause
When it's all said and done, we be the realest there was
Who else if just not us?
If you 'bout this revolution, please stand up
We ain't got no one to trust
Time is running up, feel the burn in my gut
And if you got the guts, scream, "Fuck Donald Trump"
We don't give a fuck, never had one to give
Never will forget, probably never will forgive
Uh, I guess that's just how it is
And they still won't let the Black man live

Feel the energy surge through my veins when I flow
Mentally, I can never be controlled
No sympathy for foes, my enemies exposed
Will they remember me when I'm gone?
I say rockabye, rockabye, rockabye baby
Shotta boy, shotta boy, shotta go crazy
Me nuh play games, so please don't play me
Look at what they made me

[ScHoolboy Q:]
I'm part of the reason they still Crippin' out in Brooklyn
Before I was an artist I would book 'em, mm
Push ya shit back while on them front line, nigga, ya lunch time
I'm by them stop sign, you love that wi-fi
On mamas for them dirty dollars, brains on collars
Park the car around the corner, I'll be there in a second
The murder weapon on me, fuck if this bitch start flamin'
The cops patrollin', get that punk ass American flag ceremony
Aww, damn am I going too far?
Give you some flavor to borrow
Bitch yeah it came with the car
It's off-white, leveled the hard
You ball, might come with a charge
Your kids don't know you no more
Your girl's draws stay on the floor
No phone call accepted in weeks
Your son picked up on your beef, real shit
From gettin' lynched in field into ownin' buildings
Getting millions, influencin' white children
And oddly we still ain't even
Still a small percentage of blacks that's eating
Same routines, the same dope fiends
Them nightmare dreams, forever murder season
Bad intentions to them picket fences
They gave us guns but won't hire us, nigga?
So we killin' senseless
Homies murked on the bus benches
Retaliation 'cause his mama cryin'
Kept it gangsta 'til I modify 'em
Rockabye, rockabye

[Joey Bada$$:]
Feel the energy surge through my veins when I flow
Mentally, I can never be controlled
No sympathy for foes, my enemies exposed
Will they remember me when I'm gone?
I say rockabye, rockabye, rockabye baby
Shotta boy, shotta boy, shotta go crazy
Me nuh play games, so please don't play me
Look at what they made me

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Bada$$, Joey Rockabye Baby Comments
  1. 김동성

    촌놈한테도 못 비뷔지

  2. Anas Alyafei

    خليفه سانتو ؟

  3. Bobby Lampard

    Beat is disgusting! I dropped a little freestyle to this myself; do me a favour and take a listen and drop a comment, brothers and sisters!

  4. Willys Chitumba

    ''They gave us guns but dont hire us nigga, so we killing senseless'' is the coldest double ententre in this song

  5. Van Damage

    Sad, our youth is being pushed by the very people that despise you. The people who pay these fools to brainwash our youth with their spoon fed disinformation.. I was once like you, then i woke up. You should too!

  6. Jason

    This song makes me wanna throw gang signs in a retirement home

  7. MG11

    Just discovered it today!! Holy shiiit!!!!

  8. Marek Černý

    2019 ✊☝️

  9. Kamo 4

    my most listened song in spotify 2019

  10. Hylian Hobbit

    What the fuck whas Q doing on Crash Talk when he's capable of this?

  11. John Prieto

    Peace God. Protect joey bada$$! At All Cost

  12. Francis Martineau

    Nobody here in November 2k19?


    Underrated asf

  14. Dare Bear

    Y'all might kill me but I think AABA is Joey's best album, not lyrically but all around it's damn near perfect.
    AABA 9.7/10
    1999 9.5/10
    B4.DA.$$ 8.5/10

    Dare Bear

    Summer Knights is nice too but it's a mixtape so I didn't feel like it fit

  15. filip tvrdon

    hey siri, play ruky

  16. Addison Diaz

    I blast this in a white neighbor I get

  17. Ethan Aramboles

    this song needs to be on gta 6 radio


    IT SHINES🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍™

  19. Marcel Kunc

    Samey ruky

  20. raccoon


  21. Addison Diaz

    Dislikes are people who don't have the guts to say it

  22. Макс Бибиля

    Кто от David beats?
    Пысы. Я не лайкодрочер какой-то там,просто интересно =)

  23. Zod IV


  24. Jay Wilson

    Kinda wish Danny brown had a feature on this

  25. Abdullah Do5i

    عليكم السلام🤘🏻

  26. Renato Odb


  27. Thomas Droit

    Sounds like a 50 Cent prod, love it !

  28. Bobby K

    Two great rappers, but holy shit, that is one of the greatest beats of all time

    Prod. Illogical

    I agree 100% :D

  29. Erick Erixk

    DIOS Bada$$ 👹

  30. Dead Classic

    Lost all my attention when he said fuck trump. Thought Joey was the intelligent one. Guess I was wrong

    Prod. Illogical

    You are brain dead


    I luv this song and Trump both.

  32. 海獣Leviatã ' 9 6

    Som pesado

  33. thug for life

    No sympathy for balls

  34. your mum boy

    This shit sounds old school

  35. Alan Andrade

    this song hard as hell. Im a trump supporter though so I disagree with a line or two in the song. Joey's better on his songs where he doesnt get political (schoolboy included) because he dont understand what's actually going on. This is coming from a Mexican, yeah.

  36. 구재호

    진짜 너무 잘한다 사랑해요

  37. GTech8088

    This songs makes me want to call the cops on myself.

  38. charles

    assalem aleykoum ,aleykoum salammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme

  39. MassiVeVibrations

    Wooooahhhhhh! You can never be controlled!!!! So powerful that track!

  40. Steven H

    Some, M.O.P. - "Rugged Neva Smoove" Samples

  41. pepamaster10

    RESTOVSKI doporucuje!!!

  42. Ned Am

    school rapper 3

  43. Yo Boi Vizy

    Joey bada $$ too underated🔥🔥

  44. ObscurumBeats


  45. ObscurumBeats

    Imagine a Dreamville x pro era collab or artists from tde and pro era collabing

  46. MARI

    schoolboy Q made this song

  47. M. 0

    عليكم السلام؟

  48. 乃乇卂ㄒ丂丨匚乇丂卄卂尺匚

    Old skool vibezzzz

  49. Maor Yevdayev


  50. 덕호리

    촌놈한테는 못비비지~

    sh l

    요 뤼얼 우곡타운 쓑 머뻐커

  51. 6untr01 GUNTROL

    I'm here cuz of SCHOOL RAPPER 3 고등래퍼3!! ㅅㅇㅎ

  52. wlf

    dat scHoolboy verse is one of the craziest i ever heard..

  53. Mathilda God

    Sa bitchs

  54. Kyle Gray


  55. Sonny Martin

    You know how long it took me to find this fucking song by googling Asalam alaikum alaikum salam rap song? 2 weeks. It took 2 weeks. I can sleep now.

    Amos Luther


  56. Charles Tumblod

    This track makes me wanna destroy my house

  57. C'O-Dabow BoomBarkBros.

    Please listen.

  58. Marta Galluccio


  59. Arda Alpay

    I am from TURKEY and we `re strong

  60. z_g_h

    Still here in 2019 too , don't worry.

  61. san francisco

    black people are so cute hahaha

  62. Dursa Osman

    Joey badass ft @joynerlucas 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  63. Matija Kovačević


  64. Hector Cordovez

    *PRO* ERA!.


  65. Matija Kovačević

    Q and Joey need to collaborate a lot more :)

  66. Lionysos

    omfg this is so good

  67. Xavier Brenneman

    Schoolboys verse in this is trash

  68. v sat

    After hearing this song for one year this beat still drops fucking hard and then they also kill it on their verse. DAMN

  69. Mantis Toboggan


  70. 5THR33S

    This makes me feel like the first time i listened to d12 raw

  71. Specimen X

    Still bumping to this, iss just awesome !!!

    v sat

    Yeah hearing the song for one straight year still lit

  72. ivan - we the best

    Al-salamuallaikom from Saud-Arabian Trends 🤚

  73. REB3L

    Guys if you like all things cannabis related follow on instagram @_cannaworld_ please leave a like if you do enjoy anything,all is appreciated

  74. I HATE YOU!!!

    so real music still exists

  75. dofla flame

    Al - salam alikum wa alikum al salam= peace upon you and peace. Upon us

  76. XSlender !

    Here from paradox poke

  77. Deniz Gunes

    2:00 SBQ went innnnnnnnnnn goddamnnnn

  78. Deniz Gunes

    Kendrick, Joey, Cole and Logic have their back hurt from carryin' the rap game ngl

  79. extreme catto

    0:59 when you are against Donald trump and at one of his speeches

  80. Inês Santos

    The beat sooo fire 🔥🔥🔥

  81. RAXINE

    This track goes so hard
    Had to do my take on this phenomenal beat 🔥🔥

  82. Led Kha

    Real rap bro

  83. suk dong

    비트 개오지네

  84. BrianDamage101

    fuck donald trump

  85. Enes


  86. Conor Doyle

    If TDE & ProEra link up, DASSIT. Over. Finito.

  87. Dragon Boner

    This would actually work perfect for a mobster movie

  88. for averie

    This reminds me of 90’s rap I like it

  89. 윤장원

    Holy.... the beat...!

  90. Maz1 1

    I’m bottom stop sign you love that WiFi 🔥🔥

  91. Parapallo Pippozzo


  92. HELL OF Favorites

    This is a underrated album