Bad Meets Evil - Raw Lyrics

[Royce Da 5'9":]
Everything I say be raw (Good God)
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
Everything I say be raw
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
Everything I say be raw
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
Everything I say be raw
Everything I say be raw

[Royce Da 5'9":]
You can never be my nemesis
You against me is me being a fool
And you being an enemy with benefits
I don't even consider myself deep
When I'm rollin' with thirty niggas
Cause I'm so used to being in a syndicate
Boots on with my strap on me
You don’t know how Yeezy the season finna get
Bad and Evil, catch a body, catch your body that’s a membership
Put you on my hitlist then turn around and kill up all the snitches
Then turn around and go to church, repent
Then ask the reverend, “can I get a witness?”
I got an I.O.U on my Bible’s view
Even God knows what I’m liable to do
When I’m high bro, I represent the same significance
In hip hop as Pac and Biggie
Driving side car door, 'cept I'm alive though
Best believe I got no problem fucking your bitch, raw
And that mean I got no condom
Panamera Porsche, factory real white
Yeah that’s me in real life
And I’ll probably be ménaging more than the back of Meek Mill bike, I’m Hollywood

[Royce Da 5'9":]
Good God, everything about me raw
From the lyrics to the gun play
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
And I mean it
Everything I say be raw
Everything I say be raw
Good God, everything I say be raw
What I do, I do it one way
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
Everything about me raw
Everything about me raw

On top of the world
Every motherfucker wants to get a piece of your ass
Then if you take a little time off from being unstoppable
Just to regroup and relax
No one will give you the time of fucking day

I don’t get raw stuff unless they all just one of a
I’m becoming what I used to make fun of a
Smug son of a bitch, fuck it though
Going for the fucking jugular
Leave them in a puddle of blood I’mma
Kill a bunch of ‘em, cut up all the others
Bloody glove in a prison yard, dirty Arias
I’m coming for you, fuck up the world
Who doesn’t approve, here I come as a custodian
Here I come dressed, I’ll smuggle ya
Ass out wrapped up in a comforter come snuggle up with a
Another fucking nut we’ll make a triple chocolate bar
I’mma take this chubby, I’mma shove it up that nice round little bubble butt
Make it double stuffed
Pull it out one hole put it in the other one, make a peanut butter cup, bust
We can fuck on a golf cart tell me how you want it, soft, hard, or fucking rough
Like a dog park, stop at a walmart, get a couple of 50 watt bulbs with a hot tub
Fill up them buns with a hot dog and be frank these other motherfuckers ain’t even in the ball park
Then she pulled out the condom out the drawer
She must heard this is where the condoms get stored
Sign above the door to the sauna says “welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah”
Told her I got something for her, sharp and it’s pointed
And it’s head’s on swole, hold it like a samurai
She said, “Woah, look at that bulge, must have a huge ego”
I said “is it me you’re aiming that compliment toward”
She said “yes my ninja, please get to stabbing this shit”
I commenced to dropping them drawers
Threw my black belt and gauntlets all onto the floor
Zipped down my fly, whipped out my confident sword

[Royce Da 5'9":]
Good God, everything about me raw
From the lyrics to the gun play
I'm hardbody, everything I say be raw
And I mean it
Everything I do be raw
What I do, I do it one way
I'm hardbody, everything about me raw
And I mean it

So that is why I’m better than everyone in the world
So kiss my ass and suck my dick, everyone

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Bad Meets Evil Raw Comments
  1. keithruane

    This is such a banger
    Royce and Em are arguably one of the best rap duos ever

  2. James M

    Good god! 🔥🔥

  3. Adam Maidment

    Why wasnt this on the album? I listened to Bad Meets Evil a million times when it first released. Where was this track?

    Leonardo De Cillis

    This wasn't part of a Bad Meets Evil album, it's from the Official Soundtrack for the movie Southpaw (released in 2015). The movie is great btw if you haven't seen it. 😉 The soundtrack also includes Phenomenal by Eminem and Kings Never Die with Em featuring Gwen Stefani. 😎

  4. Rinor Susuri EMINƎM

    ANNOUNCEMENT: From now on you can buy Eminem merch on
    New designs coming every week. Stay tuned.

  5. Duane Rein

    How have I never heard this? This song slaps hard AF. 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Aquaman Dude

    The narration before and after Eminem is Kenny Powers. You're fucking out!

  7. Galetype 1

    Royce killed this shit period ya already know em did his shit period!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Stainfxce

    "yes my ninja" - slim shady

  9. Alex Eagle

    Instead of “I’m hardbody” I always thought he was saying “I’m all bout it” lol


    maybe a pun? I hear both

  10. Dee Grace

    Royce is so trash it hurts..I'm sorry y'all but he turns Gold into straw ..his bars are so lame, weak & boring ..

    Aquaman Dude

    Shallow and pedantic? 😄

  11. Vtmgll

    1:49 I cant be the only one who got confused here. It doesn't sound like him! He's doing an accent or something

    Cory Brown

    That’s not Eminem. I believe it’s the actor/comedian John Christopher Reilly.


    Dude bro shorty. After 59 I knew Em was up to somthing

  13. Ron Jones

    And a lot of fools wanna say lil wayne is the best rapper alive huh?? Fuck outta here

  14. Hachem Weirdo

    em's rhyming scheme is fucking absurd!!!!

  15. Nizmy Em

    Lyrics just can't change his flow on the beat.

  16. iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX

    On top of the world every mother fucker wants a piece of your ass then if you take a little time off from being unstoppable just to regroup and relax no one will give you the time of fucking day. This I’m 99% sure was said by Danny Mcbride it even sounds like him

  17. Semjase Sawyer


  18. Semjase Sawyer


  19. Arjun Kannan

    Dear god ... everything I heard was RAWWWW!

  20. The Rainmaker

    How come I never heard this before....This is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Do u realize

    Is that Danny McBride?

  22. vin smoke

    That YES MY NINJA is eminem holdin himself of saying the N word 😂

    David Ruberto

    It correlated with the entire last verse since it was all ninja related. But he did kill it with the double meaning.

  23. Metalcorp Mad

    it isn't eminem speaking those is like a sample, howcome theres no one talking bout it...any fan could realize its someone elses voice

    Chandra Putra

    Yea, its that guy danny mcbride....i think

  24. Controlled Force Martial Artist

    This song underrated as fuck

  25. Charles Rentschler

    Yes my ninja !! Plz get to stabbing this shit!

  26. Scuffed Marshmello

    "Whipped out my confidence sword" 😂😂😂

    nayrad m

    It's a double entendre, since he's a black belt ninja about to smash a bitch, his confidence *soared*

  27. Josh Conner

    Who else found this from the isis remix?


    @Infernus I had the same thoughts, Em just came through and It was low and to my ears it didn't sound like Em was following the flow of the ISIS beat


    @eminem0422 ye exactly

    YtSuper Dooder-_-

    Josh Conner uea


    Nitin Randhawa

  28. mcgeezer94

    I love finding an Eminem song I’ve never heard before

  29. khan fahad

    Yes my ninja

  30. Psycho Sid69

    When was this released?

    Terry Folds

    Like 10 years ago

    Terry Folds

    Okay my bad it was in 2011

    peter kagera

    When the southpaw movie came out. There's a whole soundtrack to that movie. Go check it out. It's a shame not many people know about it... Unless you're young 🧒🏾

  31. Tim James

    Talk about an underrated song

  32. Kyle Octavious

    This needs a remix with Big KRIT,Trae tha truth,Twista ,Rittz,T.I.& Crooked I

  33. Pete Og

    I didnt know Royce had a voice

  34. Harsh Verma

    Underrated song 😕

  35. strwbry11

    That’s not eminem talking in the middle and end

    Rob H

    Yea that's the guy off eastbound and down. Fucking legend

    Garrett Cook

    It's red from pineapple Express

    Aquaman Dude

    It's Kenny Powers from Eastbound and down. Great fkn show.

  36. Lawrence Gray

    Why TF am I just hearing this?

    Krystobee !

    IKR, I had a huge rush of euphoria when I listened to it for the first time

  37. R R

    Underrated song and chorus

  38. Jerry Austin Eddins

    He said "take it outta one hole put it in the other one make her peanut butter cup bust" he's sooo nasty i love it

    jeffy paul

    Jerry Austin Eddins I don’t get it how it makes a peanut butter cup explain

    Chandra Putra

    @jeffy paul shit leftover after you done doing anal, i think

  39. Pumpkin Spice

    Dude ems wordplay was mad in this

  40. Gideon Brock

    This song actually slaps

  41. Ceddryc

    lololol Confidence sword? OK!

  42. Amber Weadock

    Right so when he says "fucking rough"... Is it just me?

  43. Peter Richard-Johnson

    Best believe I got nooo problem
    Fucking your bitch
    And that means i got nooo condoms
    😂😂 Fucking Royce and em together are just the perfect team they killed this track

  44. Brandon Griffin

    Isn't it "I'm the roster"?

  45. Mvxzzz

    Hi i want to make a reversed version of this song using this video since its the only good one do you mind if i post it to my channle im asking just cause i dont want to post it before asking you

  46. Mvxzzz

    The fisrt good lyrics video for this song thanks so much man this is one of my favourite bad meets evil song

  47. kerem kuruüzümcü

    is this a new release?


    kerem kuruüzümcü nope it came out in 2015 it was a soundtrack for the movie southpaw along with phenomenal kings never die and theres another bad meets evil one


    kerem kuruüzümcü umm sorry if you were making a joke and i did not know


    Dare Devil also All I Think About


    Ranbir Singh yeah cant forget that song listen to it every day these are good songs

  48. illy

    finally, you are doing a good job bro 💯💯

  49. Rinor Susuri EMINƎM

    Decided to make this lyrics video cause I couldn’t find any other one on youtube. From now with 1080p 60fps quality. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


    Thanks man, this song is so good ... !

  50. Slim Shadyy EMINƎM

    Finally find a good one