Bad Company - Shake It Up Lyrics

I'm so blind, ooh I just can't see, what kind of love you expect from me
Let me know, you gotta sort this out
Come on babe, I've had enough of this doubt

I thought I knew what you wanted, just goes to show I was wrong
I'm twice the man that ya, you think I am, this time I'm gonna be strong, yeah

Shake it up - ooh yeah, put the world to right
Shake it up - this gotta be, babe, that's alright
Shake it up - yeah baby, you ran out of luck
Shake it up - yeah yeah yeah

Whoo, you don't know, ooh what you've done for me
You built me up, baby, can't you see
Don't seem right that after all this time
I found out you're no friend of mine

You knew that sooner or later, you knew it deep in your heart
All the troubles that ya, you gave to me, babe
Were gonna tear us, tear us apart


You had me searchin' for answers, you had me livin' from day to day
I guess you ran out of chances, whoo babe, there was no other way


I thought I knew what you wanted, just goes to show I was wrong
I'm twice the man that ya, you think I am, this time I'm gonna be strong, yeah

[Chorus repeats out]

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Bad Company Shake It Up Comments
  1. Top Of The Hour Radio Station ID's

    I always thought this was a cool album cover! Decent album as well.

  2. Gregory Wilhite

    There is only one Bad company and Paul Roger's..

    C. Thomas

    Dude as much as Rogers is the best in his blues rock way, this guy was very very good in his rockin way.

  3. randall scott burress

    denial comes to a real hard slam who i am

  4. randall scott burress

    obesity is a big problen in america knew it deep in your heart i ain't fat just a dissenter

  5. Psycho Jack Jack

    This was an excellent album!

  6. snsirrigation


  7. Francisco Maciel

    Falem o quiserem, mas esse vocalista é fantástico.

  8. Paddyd50 gamer

    this ain't bad but I don't think its as good as the Paul Rodgers era. for me this doesn't sound like bad company. it sounds like a lot of rock from the 80's. which ain't bad but it also ain't bad company.

    Michael Cristian

    Fuck off! Brian Howe IS Bad Company!

    Jenn Rat

    I love both incarnations...😁

  9. Todd Dechter

    Brian is good, but nothing compares to the richness, soul, control and grit of Paul Rodgers. Brian Howe is like a good lager beer, BUT, Paul Rodgers is like a real good Islay single malt Scotch. No comparison, but both taste good.

  10. Andey McFarlin

    Brian sounds a bit like Lou Gramm

    Michael Cristian

    Sometimes like Bryan Adams!

    C. Thomas

    Yes, great anaolgy

  11. Ricardo Casas

    is true this vocal is more better than paul

  12. Mark usry

    I have listened to Bad Company for ever but will have to say Brian best ever his voice like none other

    LP Tanker Yanker

    Mark usry no doubt, this dude has the pipes for these songs, hell I never gave 2 shits about their music til Brian joined.

    Anki Hansen

    Paul Rodgers is so much better!

  13. Livetowin65

    Love this Bad Co. line up!

    randall scott burress

    my real grand pa was really good looking no wonder he was a whore

  14. Tina Spelta

    YEAH  YOU  SHAKE  IT   UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 1airportsignguy

    Comfort food.

  16. nitwitbit

    Wow! I just learned Brian was their vocalist for a few years. He sang for White Spirit on 'Watch Out', during a later version of the band. Janick Gers from Iron Maiden also was in White Spirit.

  17. skeletoncrusader

    One of the best songs of the Howe era!

  18. stellastarr69

    People today would absolutley shit themselves if a album cover like this came out today. I bought this casette when it came out and thought it was a cool album cover.


    Ha ha, they would shit themselves, good one, fucking meddlers

  19. Jeff H.

    Song reminds me of my senior year in high school just before graduation. Got my first new vehicle and this tape.

  20. Norberto Matt

    This song rocks. Its been a long time since I heard this jam.

  21. doofy148

    Strange how some groups can work with big changes and some cant.

  22. Divergingroute1973

    I like Brian Howe better than Paul Rodgers!


    Brian Howe is still out rockin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He was a big part of Bad Company's history !!!
    a helluva nice chap !!!

    Brent Sheller

    sang on Nugents Penetrator album-kick ass from start tp finish!

  24. paul cummings

    best line up of BC in my opinion

  25. airwolf_1987

    Kick ass song, baby!!!!!!


    Good stuff!! Played this as an album track back in the day. BOTH VERSIONS OF THE GROUP ALL ADD TOGETHER!!!