Bad Company - One Night Lyrics

I ain't got no money, but I sure got style
And if you got the time, girl, I'll show you how to smile
Come on make your mind up, ooh baby take a chance
Before this night is over, I'll show you how to dance, yeah

You like the danger, it's in your eyes, I can see it there
Throw your dance with a stranger, kiss him goodbye, yeah, bye bye baby

One night ain't no love affair, but I won't ask no more from you
One night with you anywhere, heaven knows what we can do

So sophisticated, I like the way you dress
The way you move your body, ooh, baby I'm obsessed
I don't want no lifetime, I just want tonight
Come on, take a chance, girl, I know you know it's right, yeah

I've got this feeling, it's feelin' so strong, when I first saw you
You've got me reelin', don't prove me wrong, oh come on, baby



Yeah, you like the danger, it's in your eyes, I can see it, baby
You took a chance with a stranger, kiss him goodbye, bye bye baby


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Bad Company One Night Comments
  1. Kevin .mindt

    This is a classic wow 🎤🎤🎤🎤

  2. John Cornwell

    Getcha boogie on... !

  3. Tim Ahern

    best ever rock n roll album ever man

  4. Janet Hays


  5. Johnny Johnson

    Man I can remember that song back in the day man life was a lil simpler back then

  6. Tina Spelta

    yes dangerous

  7. Perry Hvegholm


  8. Hutch214

    If the record producers would have allowed these guys to name their band something other than Bad Company like originally planned, then this group would have been just as popular as the Paul Rodgers version.

  9. Keanu Watkins

    Great song from an underappreciated album. Thanks for posting a clean version.