Bad Company - No Smoke Without A Fire Lyrics

Ooh, you're like a book with a page torn out
You can turn from a whisper to a shout, ooh yeah
You come running just as fast as you can, into the arms of another man, yeah

But you can do what you wanna do now, tell me what you wanna say
You can take what you wanna take, babe, take it all away

Oh, there's no smoke without a fire, and there's no heat without a flame
Oh, there's no love without desire, but I won't play your games

Ooh, you've got the looks that can turn a head
You've got a turn that can leave a man dead, ooh yeah
You keep tellin' me our love is alright
You disappear, you don't come home all night

Just tell me what you wanna do now, tell me where you wanna go
It's your life, you can do what you want, baby let me know


Please don't ask me why
'Cos I can't quite explain, I'm like a moth to your flame


Yeah, just tell me what you wanna do now, tell me where you wanna go
It's your life, you can do what you want, baby let me know, yeah

[Chorus] - let's talk about it

[Chorus repeats out]

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Bad Company No Smoke Without A Fire Comments
  1. Truman Lamberson

    Love this song

  2. Joshua Beyers

    I don't know why but the intro to this song always reminds me of a 1988 detective/vice movie lol.

  3. New Waver

    Take that, Paul Rogers! This dude sings circles around you.

  4. Brian Underwood

    Very few singers really stand out. Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Steve Perry of Journey. And Brian Howe, who made 4 albums with Bad Co. Those singers will never be forgotten. They are the best of the best.

    Seth Hughes

    Not discounting the fact that Paul Rodgers is, and always has been among the most gifted and prominent front men in Rock and Roll history.

    Brian Underwood

    Seth Hughes—Paul Rodgers is an alright singer. But he doesn’t have the vocal range of Gramm, Perry, and Howe. Rodgers is not even close.

    Seth Hughes

    ok.... Gramm and Perry, done. Howe ??? I like them all... I agree with your first post, the answer to mine.... we could debate for awhile. It is worth mentioning that there are over 25 today, young, extraordinary dynamic range, etc. who will surpass one or another in the end. My opinion only was that P.R. is in that 25 today still, barely, but there. Have a nice day.

  5. joan dingledine

    Just seen Bad Company August 2nd Awesome. Paul Rogers rocked the house

  6. Nestor Machno

    Def leppard😊😊😊

  7. Ryan Cis

    That beat tho

  8. glenn k

    Wow...great to hear this....after 30 years..... Rock bands at its best then..

  9. Ricky Pisano

    Just proof how fuct the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is.

  10. Ricky Pisano

    This record was as good as anything they did with Paul. My humble opinion.

  11. David Downs

    Bad Co the best Rock / Roll Band

  12. Jon Visser

    Kicks ass

  13. Jeffrey Wallis

    this was bad co's best song without paul rodgers. good effort lads, but paul rodgers is irreplaceable

  14. Anki Hansen

    Feels like I'm walking on Holy Water!

  15. TheJooomes

    1:17 What are these magical chords!? They sound so familiar, yet so new!

  16. randall scott burress


  17. Robert Rausch

    I know this band....have seen every lineup since inception.....This is there BEST song.....TURN IT UP..!!!!!😎

  18. Dios Sea Contigo

    I liked all the Bad Company versions - for me the band was Mick, he was in each version. Paul takes too much credit, way too much.

  19. Kiril Chemetovskiy

    Лайк кто смотрит в 2018

  20. Kevyn Hansyn

    For the over 20 years I known of this song, I always thought it was called "Die Hard".

  21. 3 hundred years ago

    I won't play your games...

  22. Rodney Brown

    can anyone tell me what cd i can find this song on?

    Michael Seay

    Rodney Brown Dangerous Age

    ben brown

    The cover is what the video shows....Bad Company Dangerous Age.......Holy Water is another good song off of this album...Something about you is mine and my wife's
    song.....awesome love song.

    Michael Seay

    ben brown Holy Water is a different album entirely, not on this one.

  23. Rodney Brown

    Caution!!! Do not listen to while driving

  24. runingblackbear

    they need to be in the rock n roll hall of fame cause this is real rock n roll back in 74

  25. Heidi Braham


  26. kylebuschfan100

    Paul Rodgers is the only voice for Bad Company!

    Brian Ezell

    Agreed. Bad Company isn’t Bad Company without Paul Rodgers.

  27. johnny woodie

    Paul Rogers or not, Bad Co. was/is AWESOME!!!!!!

  28. Powerage Scott

    Great band with or without Rogers.


    i'm torn, i like this song but i think its a lil disrespectful to call this Bad Co without Paul Rodgers BUT i may have never heard it otherwise, kna' mean?

  30. Shane Purveyor

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    Shane Purveyor

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    Shane Purveyor Go Hit Your Crack Pipe Again And Shut The Fuck Up......

  31. joe Recto

    A different direction for the revamped Bad Company....I bought the CD when it was released. As a Die-Hard Bad Co. fan from the get-go.... I was not disappointed.

  32. tarasded

    This sounds pretty generic late 80s material. Decent song, nonetheless...but it's Bad Company only by name. The original bad co had a timeless sound.

  33. sleaze metal

    Now we're jamming.

  34. Jose luis Salazar

    BAD COMPANY forever 👏‼️‼️‼️

  35. kkash72

    This may be a good song but I'm sorry, Bad Company is and always will be Paul Rodgers. They should have never used the name just to sell records.

  36. Susan Szabo

    No more songs like this any more

  37. Bill Blissett

    Weep no more bad company 1996

    Ruth Carter

    Bill Blissett That's a Great one too!!!

  38. Samuel Barrett


  39. Xander Dunnett

    Thanks to my dad i know this song this is a great song

  40. Jonathan Burton

    omg this album is responsible for me, and lots of other people to start smoking. Said no actual rational person with an understandig of artistic photography. Get real people

    Phoenix Rising - The Glen Campbell Archives

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL...great answer Johnathan! LOLOLOL

  41. Tammy Shaefer

    Awesome song!!

  42. Dave Schwartz

    I tested my car speakers to this. I was lucky because I had a nice Amplifier in the back with it. As soon as the car turned on the music got loud! Baby Boomer here

    Richard Taylor

    Millennial here listen to this song at the ship yard

  43. Hendricks

    gotta love the classics man..

    Rage Theatre2020

    Classics...?....holy shit I'm old.

  44. Andy Sebok

    Catchy as fuck, it got me hooked after the first chorus when I was 15 and still love this tune.


    Andy Sebok people won't stop saying as fuck will they

  45. Tony Cappiello

    great ture Bad company love it

  46. Connie Covert

    Just bad ass....still!

    Janie Sims

    Connie Covert Lol my birth name was Covert..small world.

    Mert Pablo Göbüt Astibia

    no tienes ni puta idea... cuando sepas lo que es música hablas jefa

  47. Steven H

    This deserves way more views. This is a quintessential rock
    song in every conceivable aspect.

  48. bobbyzee Zappola

    now that's rocking it....

  49. M???????? A???????

    I was like 7-10 years old when this album came and no folks the little one on the album cover isn't a little one she's a grown woman I know she looks like a kid but so did Kid Rock's side kick J.C (RIP)

    M???????? A???????

    So if you're assumin Bad Company was promoting tobacoo distribution to minors because of this photo you're wrong Bad Company was and is still against promoting tabacoo distribution to minors

  50. EllysStuff

    You disappear, you don't come home all this song!

  51. frank

    top Band - thanks

  52. Rupert rozells

    Rock on bad company. I grew up with this fantastic band

  53. bob ward

    I'm old and i am ok with it because the bet band came out of the 70s and 80s

  54. Michelle Suiter

    It's ridiculous that Bad Company's not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. They were the pioneers of Arena Rock for crying out loud! Then again, the RRHoF is notoriously biased. No matter, us fans know how AWESOME Bad Company is!

    Mark Isaac

    Ed Keene they are bought

    Bradley Bacon


    Jason Goodman

    Michelle Suiter your so right..

    dosent exist

    this album is the best work that BAD CO has done !! Love YOU Guys 😙

  55. David Harper

    Great track.

  56. David Harper

    Very terrific song.

  57. Ricardo Casas

    thanks rob great song

  58. Fairnorth


  59. moare1860

    really MIND-BLOWING...!!!

  60. Jose luis Salazar

    Golden age of music‼️

  61. Kevin Stead

    great rythm

  62. Bilben Benhac

    c'est ma chanson depuis 20 ans environ

  63. Christopher Mckinzie

    flodgers coffee hill

  64. xSayPleasex

    So very similar to their later song Holy Water lol. It's like they just filled out the bass riff and ran with it haha, both great songs too ;)

  65. Jessika Cantrell

    me want to go dancing

    Jameson u r r Bick

    dancin yes

  66. Jay McPeak

    Bad company still good

  67. Deborah Cooper

    Wow Bad Company kicked ass even without Paul Rogers but Paul Rogers will always be Bad Co. to me.  I think hes fronting for Queen right now.   A great tribute to Freddy Mercury.

  68. King Meucci

    Rob=This is Paul Rodgers on Vocals ??

    King Meucci

    Read Down a Bit =Brian Howe -Great Voice :)

  69. Mike S

    Great song :)

  70. stephen patterson

    bad co will "ALWAYS" rock !!!

    joan dingledine

    Yep 100% best music of my teenage years and still rocking to it.

  71. calvin3464

    I love this song! :D

  72. Rick Varner

    Fantastic Album R. A.Varner

  73. John M.

    One of the best hair/glam metal tracks ever, even though this band predated the genre's popularity


    Bad company Glam rock? lmao get outta here silly

  74. Madito Productions!

    One of the best hard rock music

  75. All_the_good_stuff

    albums here comes trouble and this are my fav woo rock on bad co

  76. JoleneBear1

    my all time fav :)

  77. L.A Bailey

    Luv iT (:

  78. detonator2112

    Rodgers is great but actually Brian Howe is one of the best rock singers in history.

  79. Sheryl Vincent

    i luv this song

  80. احمد صالح

    how are you

  81. Rasta Witch

    reminds me of an auto body shop theme

  82. Joe Schoonover

    I think one of their best songs!

  83. Kat Tilton

    My dad love this song before he died and I always listen to it i LOVE BAD COMPANY THERE REALLY SPECIAL TO ME <3

  84. César HF

    I love this song ...

  85. John Harris

    100% agree.

  86. wyatt rogers

    In my mind probly the best song by bad company

  87. cowboymarchingband1

    a company always on the run...

  88. Lynn Farrington

    And hopefully no music idiot will either as this is GOOD MUSIC

  89. luigibres

    There's promise music idiots have disliked this song