Bad Brains - Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me Lyrics

You wanna see me hang around
Don't bother me
Well, you wanna know if I'll get down
Can't you see

Stick it in (Gene Machine)
Shove it up
Are they still humans?
With brown eyes (Dream Machine)
With brown hair
Created scientifically

You wanna see me hang around
Don't bother me
You wanna know if I get down
Oh, can't you see
Come on open up your eyes
Truth is there to see
There is to be in reality

Gene Machine (Gene Machine)
Are they issues?
Dial-a-gene, buy-a-gene (Dream Machine)
Take a second look did one just pass by way?
Gene Machine (Gene Machine)
Gene Machine (Gene Machine)

You never know one
When you see her
Quite aware
Mistaken identity
Oh, gene machine
Under H.I.M.
We pray not take the other

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Bad Brains Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me Comments
  1. HockerRocker HD

    I add you in my playlist

  2. salas g

    1 nimrod don't like this song.

  3. salas g

    This is my go-to when poo'ing in bathrooms 🚻

    Devon Powell

    Read this while semi tripping on acid and couldnt stop laughing for 5 mins

    salas g

    @Devon Powell haha. I haven't tripped since early 90's. Enjoy 🤑

    Tarek Abdel-Nabi

    I’m pooing in a bathroom rn and this is helping get that groundhog out of the hole

  4. Paul-Michael Perdon


  5. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Best song ever...