Bad Brains - Don't Blow Bubbles Lyrics

Don't blow no bubbles
Don't blow no troubles

In time before there was no cure
Now through his will it's healed for sure
(Trash pits, trash pits, trash pits) away!
It's not the weather, we've got P.M.A.

We know you can do anything
And no thought withheld from thee
So here I beseech thee
To always request and declare

Don't blow no bubbles
Don't blow no troubles
There's got to be a better way
Don't blow no spikes
Ask Jah and he'll make the change

We know you can do anything
And no thought withheld from thee
So here I beseech thee
To always request and declare

We know you can do anything
And no thought withheld from thee
So here I beseech thee
To always request and declare

Don't blow no bubbles (and we can stop the AIDS)
Don't blow no spikes
Don't blow no fudge buns
Ask Jah and he'll make the change

We know you can do anything
And no thought withheld from thee
So here I and I said to thee
To always request and declare

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Bad Brains Don't Blow Bubbles Comments
  1. Tate Miller

    Dont blow no bubbles. Dont follow no fads. Follow truth. Sin is difficult to abstain from. Ask Jah and He can make the change. Jah Bless, amen. I love all gay friends. Ween HIV song. Also classic

  2. Couch Warrior

    Bought this on cassette when it first came out. Love bad brains!!!! This album was way ahead of it's time.

  3. Riley Sauro

    Who gives a shit if its "homophobic" punk is all about anticonformity this is a perfect bash at PC culture you people cant take it when someone says anything slightly out of line its as if you're lives are so boring and uneventful all you can do to fill the void is make others miserable

  4. Riley Sauro

    Amazing song

  5. leavescars96

    I don’t hear anything homophobic, just good music.

    Joseph Hamer

    Seriously? Nothing homophobic?

    Samuel Noble

    You ain’t listening properly then pal...

  6. ChuckImania

    Praise God, big ups to HR.


    1. They arent homophobic, theyre anti-gay.
    2. If you're going to say this is anti-gay please show me exactly what part is anti gay


    In an interview the band literally said they used to be homophobic

    carlos lima

    Anti-gay is homophobic.

  8. Pauli650

    fuck sjw yuppie punks

    Mia R

    fuck right wing old wanker punks

  9. AmP31

    Interesting song, hindsight it is homophobic but if you really read the lyrics its just naive concern that came across as anger. Frustration about the spread of AIDS and people not taking it as seriously as this band thought they should.

  10. bandit957

    This song is NOT about bubble gum.

  11. theravenousbeast

    Is it that hard for people to enjoy music AND disagree with a musician's opinions and beliefs?


    yes when they are not using their music to spread them.

  12. Nishi

    Ryan Fabry from Plan B 1992


    That’s where I first heard it.

    Shark Swimma'

    Yup, ogogog

  13. Lezbianball Licker

    Their opinions changed, don't be a little bitch.

    anthony cheesman

    so do you give racist people the same pass lol

  14. FrankCastiglione

    In Dance of Days book there's other point of view: this track is about heroin (bubbles in the seringe). But the book mention others too, like Dr. Know saying that the music message is: "Don't be a gay".

  15. Sole Survivor111

    *These statements do not indicate that I agree with or advocate the views or opinions of the songwriters on this track*

    1. This is a heavily religious band.

    2. Many religions do hold homosexuality as a "sinful" trait.

    3. The track implies lyrically that they simply wish to stop the spread of the AIDS virus (Which abstaining from homosexuality can greatly reduce).

    Now this statement reflects my MY opinion. If we are free to be gay then we are free to be against gays. Any argument against this is a denial of Freedom of Speech. If that's the case and anyone here is attempting to deny someone of their Freedom of Speech then, well... In Jesus' name, go fuck yourself ( :


    No. its abstaining from promiscuous sex and drug abuse that could stop the spread. Aids is not a homosexuals disease. This was more spread of misinformation. Being religious has nothing to do with being anti gay. Religious influence helps push that belief system but religion is only being used as an excuse when it comes to homophobia.


    "Freedom of speech" as an end of discussion is a paradox

    jimbo 2346

    Jesus wouldn't like you telling people to "go fuck themselves" in his name. It doesn't fit within his views, and you're taking his name in vain, so you are as big a sinner, if not more than, the gays you are criticizing.

    Pretty sad when an atheist has to explain this to you.😂

    Acre Knight

    A2Z83 you are a brainwashed deluded moron!

  16. Savannah Vrakking

    this is so homophobic . Let people love who they want to love for gods sake!

    g w

    Cat Lover how is it homophobic?

    Acre Knight

    Cat Lover shut up you ignorant ditz!

    your not so local goth mom

    Acre Knight Your response is one of an “ignorant ditz.”

  17. John the mame guy

    As a Rasta minded person I try my best not to judge, that is the job of the most high Jah. If your gay so be it, that's between you and Jah. In these times when homosexuality and gender confusion seems to be being pushed on the youth this song has never been more prevalent. further more the lyrics are not hateful or judgmental. Ask Jah and he'll make the change and If you don't want to change, that is your CHOICE. Love and respect Jah Rastafari.


    calling not conforming to invented ideals of gender an identity disorder and confusion is batshit electroshock, experimental lobotomy era psychology. its about time people talk it out so they can begin shutting the fuckup about it

    Hal Emmerich

    yeah, i want to see more trans kids die because people insist they're just "confused" and prevent them from getting any treatment

    exactly what i want to see on a hardcore punk band's biggest mistake: their most homophobic song on one of their best albums

    H.R. more like human oppression am i rite

  18. ToshBox

    wow fuck you

  19. Anthony Garcia

    For many people this song Is homophobic because AIDS and other contagious diseases are labeled for "gay people"(totally fake), in a few words the song it's not homophobic helps raise awareness , is for that this song haved not success , please use condom..

    g w

    Anthony Garcia have you actually bothered to look at these statistics on how many gay vs. Straight people have STDs especially AIDS?.. that shit is rampant among gay men



  21. Venturin31

    homsexuality is now being promoted to children in schools along with gender confusion. you know that's not right.

    gugl acownt

    Actually it is being promoted through various gay ass programs

    Poops McGoobie

    Go back to bed grandpa.


    wow 'gay ass programs' you clearly know what your talking about


    People like you who spread retardation parrot useless statements like this everywhere without any logical thought. A parent would have to give permission for one thing. They cant even teach kids about reproduction and their own puberty without permission. Schools have already had gender studies and biology studies in place. The information changes therefor courses need to be updated and shouldnt be taken away. What youre shown in news feeds/clickbait about kids being taught about gender and sex is not coming from the standard schooling.
    We're lucky we dont need permission to teach all science. Some parents choose to homeschool their kids because science (such as evolution and anything involving outerspace) is taught in schools.
    For these parents they may as well make a school devoid of knowledge (history, science, reading, things that make you think) and designed to teach one specific job lined up for the student to work the rest of their life and take away all free will because choice is a gateway to forming your own opinions and beliefs.


    My Youtube "totally natural" huh

  22. PosterBoy

    what part of this is homophobic? the PM's part? that's it?


    there's nothing that's "homophobic". it's just a health warning to prevent aids and other diseases.

  23. bongzynskywycz

    Great music regrettable lyrics


    regrettable to try and prevent aids?


    Venturin31 its not preventing aids to tell people not to have homosexual sex. More people were getting aids from heterosexual sex and needles. The vagina spreads aids easiest so their supposed message of abstinance can apply to straight people

  24. jenny tehlia

    isn't punk meant to be offensive? why so PC... I BET YOU queers listen to minor threat and make sure you tell everyone you're straight edge within 10 seconds of meeting them


    Punk is meant to go against the corporate,safe music, not necessarily the status quo. Depends what the status quo is.

    Sole Survivor111

    jenny tehlia Hey!...... I like Minor Threat lol.

    anthony cheesman

    offensive and being hateful are two different things

    Hal Emmerich

    i wanna see jayne county and h.r. fight irl

    Mia R

    Minor threat? PC? c'mon man

  25. TheGreaterGood80

    I'm torn. I'm a DC native who grew up on this album. I hate the lyrics. I hate HR's idiocy. I hate rastafarians preaching love and social upheaval one minute and cursing the "batty boys" the next. Yet beyond anything to do with the vocals or the lyrics, it's a great fucking hardcore song :(


    you should be aware that Rastafarianism doesnt preach peace anymore than other religions. It is only another form of Judaism/christianity and is actually more on the radical side in its beliefs.

  26. Reid Jenkins

    fuck this track


    Welcome to Hell fuck you.


    just heard it recently for the first time after avoiding it. didnt miss much.

  27. bob Wiley


  28. Josh Gallegos

    Such a homophobic track, spread love not hate, to each their own and so on and so on

    g w

    Josh Gallegos yeah it's not like gay people spread AIDS around or anything like that ever


    @g w yeah, you're right. They don't

    Caper Angle

    Lmao you scared of a song or somethin?

    The crap lord Sell

    Where exactly is the homophobia in this. It just sounds like a health warning issue and mention that gays have this problem.

    Samuel Noble

    g w It’s not only gay people that have AIDS