Bad Books - You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid Lyrics

I caught you caterwauling, giving grief
Thought you were cannonballing after me
I let your actions speak for themselves
And wished you well

But you're a mirror I cannot avoid
Strung out and jittery and paranoid
A leaky battery that can't keep charged
Get in the car

And say what you mean
Explain yourself to me
And I'll try not to judge you more than you would
Let me help, I promise not to tell
Like anyone's asking or anyone should

First time I met you, I was full of fear
Knew that eventually, you'd disappear
Just when I needed you, you'd burned to smoke
And off you'd go

Just come back and peel away the mess
Lay here beside me and open your eyes
Take it back
Your dignity, your tact
Turn back to the person you tried to let die

I caught you nesting with your analog
Glassy eyed from kissing poison frogs
Becoming infinite against his couch
Open your mouth

And say the words
You used to wish you heard
Back when you focused enough to be good

And if you're gone
An endless false alarm
Just remember, I loved you
As long as I could

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Bad Books You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid Comments
  1. Bob Ann

    Why do I feel like they meant to say "bitch " get in the car . And "bitch open your mouth xD or is that just my mind xD

  2. Ava

    I don’t understand how little recognition this has.

  3. J Lansdale

    The lyrics are fucking good coke.

  4. Jordan Norris


  5. Mr. Absurd

    ok but how does this only have 4,000 views