Bad Books - Neighborhood Lyrics

There is a place where the neighbors go to talk at night
They try to talk all that evil off their minds

The common thread is a fashionable antagonist
A steady threat with an unusual mind

They drink from 3 different cups so they can sleep at night
It's all apart of some illustrious plan

They're gonna break into his house while he's sleeping
They're gonna steal each single memory he's had

It's not about what this antagonist did to them
It's more about the man they can't let him be

They're gonna tie him to the back of my neighbor's car
They're gonna drag him out naked into the street

They're gonna tell him he chose to be different
And that's a lofty irredeemable fee

They're gonna pull out all of his teeth so he can't smile
They're gonna cut him up as neighborhood meat

That man has never once harmed me in any way
That man has always been thoughtful to me

But I just can't disagree with the neighborhood
I'm afraid they'll start talking about me

When the morning came 'round there was sunshine
And we all smiled like there was nothing to see

Cause you can't throw away all the fruit you've got over one man's untraditional seed

I don't belong here, I don't belong here

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Bad Books Neighborhood Comments
  1. Darion Matteson

    Anyone have the chords ?

  2. Username47948

    When the morning came around there was sunshine :(

  3. Simulation Omega

    That man has always been thoughtful to me...

    That shit hit hard

  4. Chauncey Luce

    Anyone know the chords he's using in this song?

  5. pimtooslim

    Yea this song is 100% about Jesse Lacey

    Quintin Sarren

    Lol what

    James Davis

    Damn, I could see it for sure. They were pretty close.


    How so?

  6. lead.crucifix

    Waiting on my CD, feels like my favorite song already.

  7. Mr. Wellick

    This song hit hard.. can’t wait for more ❤️

  8. Jeffalump

    amazing, thanks for blessing us with new music guys!

  9. vChris

    I love it...


    It's very powerful commentary.