Backstreet Boys - What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) Lyrics

You don't run with the crowd
You go your own way
You don't play after dark
You light up my day
Got your own kind of style
That sets you apart
Baby, that's why you captured my heart

I know sometimes you feel like you don't fit in
And this world doesn't know what you have within
When I look at you, I see something rare
A rose that can grow anywhere (grow anywhere)
And there's no one I know that can compare

What makes you different, (alright) makes you beautiful (alright)
What's there inside you, (alright) shines through to me
In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need
You're all I need, oh girl
What makes you different, makes you beautiful to me

Hey, yeah yeah yeah
You got something so real
You touched me so deep (touched me so deep)
You see material things
Don't matter to me
So come as you are
You've got nothing to prove
You've won me with all that you do
And I wanna take this chance to say to you

What makes you different, (alright, yeah yeah) makes you beautiful (alright)
What's there inside you, (alright) shines through to me
In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need
You're all I need, oh girl
What makes you different, makes you beautiful

You don't know (you don't know) how you touched my life (touched my life)
Oh in so many ways (so many ways) I just can't describe
You taught me what love is supposed to be
It's all the little things that make you beautiful to me (so beautiful)
Oh yeah, yeah

What makes you,
What makes you different, (what makes) makes you beautiful (to me)
What's there inside you, (there shines) shines through to me
In your eyes I see, all the love I'll ever need
You're all I need, oh girl
What makes you different, makes you beautiful to me

Everything you do is beautiful (so beautiful)
Love you give shines right through me (shines right through to me)
Everything you do is beautiful (ooh, ooh ooh ooh oh)
Oh, you're beautiful to me (to me)

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Backstreet Boys What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) Comments
  1. Ashley Franchini

    I look Different


    that makes you beautiful

  2. Rahadianto Putra

    BSB's B side song that I love a lot 😙

  3. nicki Parsley

    Gotta say what makes me different from other people is that I don't put up with disrespect, bullshit, and liars they are all a waste of my time and if someone wants me that bad they will make moves to come get me and if your really lame enough to judge someone by their outside appearance maybe you should take a look into a mirror because beauty comes within the soul not your outside shell oh and beauty doesn't last you get older and start to wrinkle your skin sags and you lose hair

  4. Nester Beauregard

    Wow, I was 10 years old in 2001. Why didn’t I know about this song way back then?!

  5. juliana gjocaj

    I love it 🥰 thanks sweetie

  6. Ashley Franchini

    I am different than Now but and I don't have valentine because I don't have boyfriend anymore


    Neglect, there is no need to have it

  7. shante jackson

    It's so hard trying to find this song. Thank you

    Another song from them that's hard to find is called That's what she said


    I'll keep that in mind when I manage to make videos, thanks for the support ❤️

  8. Lucy de Fatima Fonseca de Araujo de Castro

    So sweet😄

  9. lunarrainbow2501

    anyone know any songs that can heal a broken heart got dumped in a text by my sweet heart of 5yrs

  10. Kayla Watson

    I was just about to buy the princess diaries album because the back street boys don’t even have it 😱 I’ve been looking for the whole song for 3 years

  11. Kayla Watson


  12. Ashley Franchini

    I look beautiful in ups and downs

  13. Angel J

    Second favorite song from this movie🥺💛

  14. Aylen Jazmín

    Since I was little I liked this song, when I turned 15 I wanted to go to my party with her but I didn't get it anywhere! And only now with almost 19 I found her again hahahahaha

  15. Osvaldo Noriega

    Espere mucho por esto jeje

  16. therealchinassister

    Finally the entire song 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  17. Kybrea Washington

    Love this song ❤

  18. Kari Aguilera

    De mis canciones favoritas de ellos <3

  19. Amanda Hemstreet

    Thanks you very much Backstreet boys very sweet

  20. Cindy Lizardo

    FINALLY! This song is literally nowhere else, I’m so thankful. I looked for it a few months ago after watching the movie again on Netflix and had such a hard time, today I thought of it again and I’m so happy it’s here now!

  21. Gustavo Enrique'

    Damn, im old😂2020 ❤ Anne Hathaway is perfect by the way 😍

    Stella Maris

  22. Joshua Tindya

    Only love and respect

  23. Lucila Cubito



    ❤❤❤ hecha para fans como tu

  24. Lujan 12

    Que infravalorada está esta canción por dios.. es hermosa!!!❤❤

  25. Black Dog


  26. Antonio Augusto

    When they recorded this?


    The song was included in the 2000 Black and Blue album and was recorded exclusively for the film (in fact there is a video also included in that album where they sing it acapella)

    Antonio Augusto

    @pinkladyprank Thanks

  27. Rona Odiada

    This is my first time to heard this song

  28. Alvaro garcia

    Los Backstreet Boys son mi artista favorito y todas las canciones de ellos son buenísimas

  29. Ryan Hansen

    don’t mind me singing to this while im on the couch with family over ...

  30. Daniela Ventura

    Me fascina. ♡

  31. Jazy Fairy

    De mi
    Para mi ♥️

  32. Lady Earth

    Finally I can listen to this song!!!

  33. midnight0675

    This is the song I have been looking for.
    It is way better then their song they sing without music. This version of their song is very difficult to find on cd does not sell it anymore,and iTunes does not have it.I do not want to go to eBay to find it it probably will cost way way to much money to buy it. I thank for putting this on YouTube.

  34. Lina Horn


  35. Miss Ganache

    been looking for the full song thank youuu

  36. Angelica Alvarado

    Por finnnn😍😍😍

  37. Diego Navarro

    Esta piola la cancion....

  38. Black Dog

    I like Howie D's voice.

  39. Clau Nava

    Amo esta canción pero no la encuentro en ningún lado ni en spotify ☹️ alguien sabe donde la puedo descargar ? Gracias 😊


    Lastimosamente la página donde la descargué, no existe. Pero puedo enviartela por correo a través de Drive

    Samir Baquedano

    Mandamela a mi [email protected]

  40. Elaina Guzel

    How can I get this on my phone since it’s not on iTunes?


    I can send it to you by mail

  41. Lizzie

    This song introduced me to backstreet boys.

  42. Andrea Blas Luque


  43. Aisha

    Omg finally it's on youtube! Tysm!! ❤

  44. Carla Dungca

    Why is this not on spotify? 😭

  45. Chiara Poppa

    Ho amato questi due film , sono molto carini . Ho preferito per certi versi il secondo rispetto al primo

  46. Salma Perez Vazquez


  47. kyakya111

    I don't know that this song was sung by BSB???? I've been looking for it


    Haha yes!

  48. Keylan Jones-brown

    I really hope this doesn't get taken down. It's been so hard to find for so long but you tube be a hater I better keep it on replay before it disappears

  49. Chris

    I check every 6 months to see if the real version would be uploaded and it has been! Thank you!!!

  50. Idalia D

    Brian vocals 😍😍😍!!!!!!

  51. Shirley Airhia Jackson

    Mems😩🥺❤️ thanks for posting!

  52. Idalia D

    Thanks, so many memories!!!!

  53. Augiegrl12

    This song needs to be spread around again.

  54. Zeya Siyad

    YOU WON'T believe how many years I was looking for this, thankyouu <3

  55. jord

    Glad I got my cd when it came out

  56. Angel J


  57. Adriana Arbulú

    La busco desde hace tiempo y nada DEOSSSS MILL GRACIAS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  58. Charity Johnson


  59. LoLo 89

    I have no idea why this song is nowhere in youtube ,, thanks a lot for uploading it ♥️😍

  60. Samantha Tejam

    I've watched Princess Diaries like a hundred times already but i never knew it was the BSB who sang this song not up until this day when I rewatched the PD again. When i heard this song again, i was like: "Hey it sounds like BSB." Then when i looked it up on google, i was surprised that my guess was correct 😁

  61. sara Belen Contreras


  62. Mauge MR12

    Gracias, al fin la puedo oír en Internet😂, pensé que mi buen y fiel audio 🎶sería lo único que tenía para oírlo, pero que lo hayas compartido es otra cosa😊😊😊😊gracias por mil

  63. Lola Paccini

    wow 😯 thank you so much for this ! this song is everything, been loving it for 18 years 💕 too bad you can’t download this on itunes

  64. Juliana V

    Como nadie me dedica ninguna canción, me la dedico a mi misma ✨♥️♥️

    Dante QB

    Me uno a tu pensar bella

    Dante QB

    Yo también siempre quise que me la dedicaran

    Alvaro garcia

    Los Backstreet Boys son mi artista preferidos por tanto a ti te dedico la canción que se llama don't wanna lose you now

    Paloma Bellini De Borja

    ¿Sabéis parque no hay este canción en Deezer, Spotify, ITunes,...? 😅 Lo escucha muchas veces pero solamente en YouTube

    Isabella Oros

    @Paloma Bellini De Borja cierto😖

  65. pretty destiny

    I love this song ❤😭

  66. pretty destiny

    This reminds me the new me 😭😭😭

  67. hildegrade777

    The memories. The feels. I nearly forgot this lovely song. Thank you for this.

  68. Jennifer Bullett

    I absolutely love this song. If I ever get a tattoo it would be of course the title of the song. "What makes you different makes you beautiful.

  69. Mabel Xiomara Saravia Saravia

    vengo escuchando esta canción hace siglos y RECIÉN SUPE QUE ERA DE MIS DIOSES LOS BACKSTREET BOYS AHREEEEE

  70. Crixa Ocampo

    Aww... Llevaba tiempos buscando esta cancion y por fin la encontre, gracias por subirla❤😍

    PSDT: Me siento como enamorada al escuchar esta cancion❤quien me la dedica, ok nadie💔😅

  71. Fattya Silva

    Backstreet Boys los mejores😍❤😍

  72. Dbelleza Sherie

    “Hey there’s Princess puckerup” lol

    Araa Freaks


  73. All Forone

    Yeah.......right in love💖💖💖💖💖

  74. Raj Uniyal

    Just love this song... suddenly I rem it.. I searched for it and here I am listening midnight... 20-9-19. ..

  75. elizabeth lizarraga canela

    es una hermosa canción de ellos

  76. Aeno bmt

    hindi ko ito makakalimotan sa buong buhay ko kahit may asawa kana ikaw ang taong hindi ko pinag sisihan na maging bahagi ng buhay ko pangninta mapipiya ka permi rakes o pamilyangka at salamat. #KULANGOT hehehehe

    Bolkie mooo

    nao ainie sinu iyan yong ainie_nano mo tagal na noh ang mabait ko parin naino mathoon kabo mambo so bagiyan ka ameen

  77. Pamela Astivia Serrano

    Al fin la canción de mis idolos ❤

  78. All the Love

    Me la dedico jaja
    Gracias por traducir y los sub en ingles🎀❤

  79. ceciisgood

    Omg thank you so much, been looking for the whole audio for a long time ❤️

  80. Christian Delgadillo

    Que hermosa canción, me siento enamorada!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  81. Karla Resendiz

    No puedo descargarla en Spotify! Como le hiciste ? 😭


    Tuve que descargarla con todo y soundtrack original. Sí, está bloqueada. Supongo que la liberarán cuando aparezca la plataforma de Disney+

  82. Anne Brady

    Why isn’t this on Spotify?!?!?!?!????!!!!

    k p


    Shirley Airhia Jackson

    Anne Brady right!!😩😩

    Ali apartmentgirl360

    Or ITUNES. Need it on ITUNES

    Paloma Bellini De Borja

    And isn’t on Deezer too 😅😅

  83. Fede Herter

    Te amo gracias x subir esta canción la adoro ya me suscribi

  84. Esmeralda Ruiz Alvarado


  85. Savannah Rankin

    You don't how long I have been looking for this!! Thanks so much!!

  86. jay lohmi

    After a long time got this full-length song,, Thanks Buddy

  87. Mirta Jones

    Es mi cancion favorita de Backstreet Boys, es de las pocas que hablan de la belleza interior que me hace sonreir


    Una perfecta canción ❤

    Mirta Jones

    @pinkladyprank La escogieron para la pelicula indicada


    @Mirta Jones más razón no podrías tener.

  88. Joven Amigable

    Excelente amigo!! La traducción te quedó perfecta, felicitaciones

  89. Tara Sarvas

    I love this song! I didn't know that the backstreet boys sang this

  90. Athos Colon

    Don’t cha dare take down the original song again I’m an actor

  91. joumana D

    Thank u😭❤️🌹

  92. Bianca Salles Braga

    One of my favorites 😍

  93. DomKat Guitargurl

    Finally :) tnx for uploading the whole song..been looking for this.. ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Ramicoo

    It's weird this song doesn't have a full video clip


    Unfortunately, he only has one acapella sung by the BSB but very short.


    @pinkladyprank yeah I know it. But it deserves a full clip... it reminds me a bit of their other song (helpless when she smiles)

  95. HappyIsMe159

    Finally!!! Thank you!!!

  96. harmonised


  97. zahandghery


  98. Nytia Jenkins

    Thank you so much for uploading the whole song!!! It was an impossible quest trying to find it before and the quality is perfect ☺