Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin On Lyrics

Everybody grove to the music
Everybody jam

Oh, hey

We've been waiting so long
Just can't hold it back no more
Creepin' up and down now
It's time for me to let it go
If you really wanna see
What we can do for you
Send the crazy wildin' static
Sing it

Jam on cuz Backstreet's got it
Come on now everybody
We've got it goin' on for years

We've got it goin' on for years [2x]

Well I'm creepin' up on your left
Straight up funky when I get with you
Keep it ruthless when I get wet
Keep the party packed in my corner
Tough like granite to keep the crowd hype
Get up on this just to get right
What you want it what you gonna get
Backstreet's got the special effects, uh

If you really wanna see
What we can do for you, oh
I'll send the crazy wildin' static
Sing it


We've got it goin' on for years [2x]

We've been waiting so long
Just can't hold it back no more
(just can't hold it back no more)
Creepin' up and down now
It's time for me to let it go [2x]

Jam on, jam on

Everybody groove to the music
Everybody jam


We've got it goin' on

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Backstreet Boys We've Got It Goin On Comments
  1. S E B F R E S H N c K f

    I'm just here for the epic synthesizer Loop👌

  2. 3 Shot Tim Knight

    I'm 27....
    I'm still nodding my head to this.

  3. david Trần

    love bsb❤️❤️❤️👇

  4. dominik laga

    backstreet boys forever

  5. Angie Melina Matamoros

    Fue una época tan buena ser adolecente y tener a los backstreet boys en CD ♥️


    Alecssander the best

  7. Luana Galelli

    I Love BSB😍😍😍

  8. Zoe Cintia

    ARGENTINA 2020!

  9. Olivia Daimer

    I grew to the music thank god

  10. kim yoo Hyung

    Oh for god's sake, my mom is a fan of BSB and I like her too along with BTS

    Please a BSB x BTS collaboration, I need it TT

  11. eldelasonic

    el momento de la patada le haciamos pedazos el asiento de alante a mi tio cuando la ponia en el coche.

  12. Maddie

    *wAassup wASSUP dis is K E V*

  13. Minerva 6bsb

    Por100pre mis bsb ❤😍✨

  14. ClicArt


  15. Alizz PlazVall

    Mis amores por siempre #BSB 😍 Fan

  16. Ana Cristina

    O Brasil ama esses homens. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Glamour Bella

    I remember blasting this song when I was 8 and my Mom started to love the bsb thanks to me LOL it was funny seeing her dance to this song, well trying too.

  18. KJ KJ

    It’s a bit of the Eminem old song

  19. Esme Martízz

    I love Backstreet boys forever 🥰😍🥰😍🥰🤩🤩

  20. Magdalena Mazourova

    My favorite Is Kevin too but i like aj too

  21. Sabrina Chiti

    vi adoro ancora oggi come allora

  22. Nur Syakila

    Memories 1997...still here 2020...

  23. Kholoud Bohamad

    Oldy is besty

  24. Иван Иванов


  25. Jesus Navarro

    Cocinando en el 2020 y escuchando a los BSB asi q saldra rico el arroz con pollo ... Gran domingo.. lo maximooo!!!!

  26. Ri Eun

    Nick ❤️ my very first love

  27. Ri Eun

    2020 and still love it ❤️

  28. yokai rofl

    Listening while taking care of my kids wayback late90's

  29. Katterin Quintero

    Backstreet boys lo mejor😘

  30. Lea Rios

    Mi infancia pop

  31. elixirryo rio

    2020 2030 2050 2100 ;)

  32. Mimmi Hapunkt

    1995 , i was 14... my one and only Boyband Love and i still know the songs. 🙈😂 Never forget those two Concerts ive been to in 96 and 97. Hardcore how Teenagers can turn into Monsters...🤣


    I've been one concert in 2019 - the one of the best 2 hours my life :D

    Mimmi Hapunkt

    I Loved mine too. But I guess today i would enjoy them much more. Teenagers can be like Hurricanes... 😂

  33. Rawand Shawkat

    2020 anybody?

  34. Marlon SLZ


  35. Raija Piettrzak

    BSB my band childhood :)

  36. Gwen M

    Hiii this is Nick lol

  37. Katherine Martinez

    I love Backstreet boys ❣️

    mahin dhrubo

    Yeah... 😎

    Tylar Sampson

    We vibing

    Mushi Shah

    @Tylar Sampson

    Mushi Shah


    Betzabeth Contreras Amaya

    Obvio que Si!

  38. KeepMyNameOutYoMouf

    *marijuana becoming legal*

    pot heads: 2:54

  39. Games Mautirador

    golden years

  40. Art Vandeley

    This is so 90s

  41. Huy Hoàng Trần

    0:00 Did she say "EXO on 06.7"?

  42. Tablet Bm

    I love Nick

  43. m I


  44. Vero carter

    Asi empeso todo para mi.....!!!😍7 de marzo...argentina!!!!dna🌍🌎🌏

  45. Yoko Otelli

    Best wishes to The 'pullovers' my father used to say!😂

  46. Michele De Sena


  47. gman2015

    Dang I still listen to XL106.7 here in Orlando. Johnny Magic has been here for over 20 years n it's cool the way they started the vid.

  48. Marian d'Lanouse

    Motorbike with no helmets, that was in the 1990s


    We've got it going on gor years really 1993 -2020 wow they might keep going

    brian will always stay handsome ,

    nick will always be a big kid
    aj will always be sexy

    , kevin will always be a model,

    howie will always be a latino

    but I , I will always be a BACKSTREET boys fan💜💜💜💜💖💖™

  50. Lore G.Leiva

    2020 💞😍💜

  51. Luke Chen


  52. mayara lopes


  53. Glen CoCo

    Im a Kevin's girl but aj makes me feel things lol, i guess im gonna have to share lol🤣

  54. Caroline dsdsd

    2020 boys!!!

  55. Phillip Alvarado

    What when I was in elementary school I used to have to listen to this and drive it when I used to bring my CD player so the other kids would make fun of me thinking I was gay at the time back in the early 2000s because they're all like R&B lovers and I used to listen to this LOL if those kids don't tease me this goes hard

  56. Margaret Miller

    Alvin's got nice hair in this video...👌


    5 nevrotic 's. 😂😂

  58. mayara lopes


  59. Tocineta Tocino KPop

    Me fascina éste grupo escucho una y otra y otra y otra vez escuchando hoy enero 1 del 2020 I love this group I hear it over and over and over and over again i hear today january 1 2020

  60. AGL 3000

    Happy New Year everyone who's here watching in 2020 anybody? 1/1/20

    Ashlynn R,triplestar

    To celebrate! 🥳🤩

  61. Suhani Fernando

    2020 ???? ❤❤

  62. What a Marshmellow

    Hi this is nick 🥴 i Will melt

  63. G Force


  64. Bruninha

    Como amooooooooo

  65. Caezar

    I have a feeling this song made the clubs jump back then, gotta love the bit of Hip Hop in this song! #OGBSB

  66. That one black chick who knows about that. yep

    Don't my five boyfriends look stunning?

  67. NO 1 GAMING

    the real act for a boyband

  68. Vanditta Diwakar

    Damn nostalgia 😭😭

  69. angela nguyen

    BACKSTREET BOYS are like Simular to the SPICE GIRLS.
    Kevin is like Geri (Ginger Spice) Because their the Oldest Member
    Howie D is like Melanie C (Sporty Spice) Because their Voice are much Higher
    Brian is like Victoria (Posh Spice) They both get married first to their spouse
    AJ is like Mel B (Scary Spice) they both sound Dj
    Nick is like Emma (Baby Spice) they''re both the Youngest member

  70. babsnadoy

    Was that Lou Pearlman in the studio recording scene? Man, as a BSB fan I’m always thankful he brought the boys together but he did them dirty, and I hate him for that. They did not deserve it.

    Amal HA

    Yup that was him

    Brand Eco

    That was the authentic Big Poppa. He already has a Villain movies look.

  71. mayara lopes


  72. P Mo

    Freakin’ Lou Pearlman with the cameo. As a kid I had no idea what kinda crazy stuff these guys/*NSYNC were going through. Unbelievable story. The YouTube special was really good.

  73. Esleyter Burgos

    Ecuador 🇪🇨

  74. iiNsync

    3:Nick would’ve put him 4th cause his voice in the earlier years was bad but he improved

  75. Ira Safitri

    Ya drpd gw denger kpop mending ini lah..

  76. the thirteenth doctor

    3:08 is that lou pearlman?????


    Yep, that's him.

    the thirteenth doctor

    @Hardy30680 wonder if lou's related to phillip Seymour Hoffman

  77. Tiffany Wilson

    Oh to be back in middle/high school and not have a care in the world!

  78. Sherri Clarke

    I saw the prick that scammed you for all your money

  79. crystal clear ComCom

    This song is fun and the beat is so funky. I love it. They can dance very well.

  80. Pablo Fernando Vargas Díaz

    Someone once thought, A.J Mclean had the voice in male version of the spicegirl mel c (Melanie Chisholm), is identical in style, hoarseness and strength. It is identical but in masculine.

  81. TheyCallMe Dave

    Kevin at 17 looks 40. Now, at 40 he looks 41. Lol!

    Hehehehe old wine OG! 🤪

  82. mayara lopes


  83. janette hernandez

    f de feo

  84. Tocineta Tocino KPop

    Me fascina éste grupo escucho una y otra y otra y otra vez escuchando hoy diciembre 20 del 2019 I love this group I hear it over and over and over and over again i hear today december 20 of 2019

    andrea pascual

    Los conocí cuando tenía 10 años por primera vez ...😍ahora tengo 33 y me sigo emocionando igual y los escucho a diario tngo 2 niñas y la mayor de 7 está loca con ellos y la pequeña es con lo q se calma 😂😂 Backstreet Boys por siempre🥰🥰

    Tocineta Tocino KPop

    @andrea pascual 😀SIP Genial🙂

  85. Maria Raynara

    Alguém do Brasil por aqui 2019?


    Brian <3

  87. Jorge Rodriguez

    Le faltaron más motos bkns en sus vídeos y serían super leyendas ✌️😁

  88. Rob Picco

    We,ve got it gonin,on song1

  89. Dario Costa

    Seeing Lou Pearlman in the video just after watching "The Boy Band Con".. not that i didn't know about him before, but it's kinda weird.

  90. J Simon

    I will forever melt.

  91. HEYitsSherri

    I want EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT. from this video that bsb are wearing

  92. NiGHTSaturn

    Max Martin and Denniz PoP’s magic. Iconic track, party starter in every basement across the world.

  93. Emma Pardoe

    These was my world in high school my first love my first break up!! Love em!! Still 2019

  94. Sarah Streu


  95. Patricia Gomez

    Backstreet boys lo mejor de los 90' hermosos recuerdos...yo tenia la pieza llena de posters de ellos 😍