Backstreet Boys - Just Like You Like It Lyrics

Turn that music way down low
We'll take it nice and slow
I'll play it for you, just like you like it
Oh, we're two shadows in the dark
Nothing between us but a spark
I'll light this night up, just like you like it

Girl, it's all for you
Everything I do
You just set the groove
I'll pour it on, strong and smooth
We've got all night long
So, tell me what you want
I'm gonna love you just like you like it

Oh, just like you like it

I'll brush that hair back off your face
Girl, let my fingers trace all over you
Just like you like it
You breathe my name, I feel the heat
Now we're on fire in these sheets
'Cause I'm burning for you, just like you like it

Girl, it's all for you
Everything I do
You just set the groove
I'll pour it on, strong and smooth
We've got all night long
So, tell me what you want
I'm gonna love you just like you like it

Just like you like it
Oh, just like you like it
Just like you like it

I can feel you want to, in the air, in the air, in the air
I know where you're going, I'ma get you there
Get you there, get you there

Girl, it's all for you
Everything I do
You just set the groove
I'll pour it on, strong and smooth
We've got all night long
So, tell me what you want
I'm gonna love you just like you like it

Just like you like it
Just like you like
Just like you like it
Just like you like it
Just like you like it
Just like you like it
Just like you like it, just like you like it
Just like you like it, oh, just like you like it
Just like you like it, you like it
Just like you like it

Just like you like it, oh, just like you like it
Just like you like it, oh, just like you like it
Just like you like it, just like you like it

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Backstreet Boys Just Like You Like It Comments
  1. Barbara Rock


  2. Karo Yep

    Mi favorita del album. Dos semanas para Centro América. 😱 y contando. Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!!! Todavia no lo puedo creer!!! 🇨🇷 Please sign my Black and Blue cassette!!!

  3. Samuel Flores Carrasco

    This song makes me feel nostalgic. The melody, the rhythm, everything is so 2000's

  4. Gladys Rambla

    My favorite song of this album 😍 I’d have loved to hear it live in the tour 😭

  5. Melisa Villagra

    Para mÍ , junto con Chances, son las mejores canciones del DNA ❤

  6. Mir Zubair Ali

    Still no one comes close to bsb.!!!!

  7. luciene sousa Silva

    Linda 😍😍

  8. Barbara Rock


  9. Mir Zubair Ali

    The DNA of BSB!!!

  10. Danilo Rotella


  11. Leandro Minor

    This song is one of my favourite songs of this album. First "the way it was". DNA is other level.

  12. shivinder kaur

    Can we hv official videos of all of these please?

  13. Damian Karpiński

    Guys from the Backstreet Boys 😁. This is a very beautiful song 😍🤩😍. Let it be your third single 😊😉. Record a music video for this song 🎬📽🎞💻. I wish you good luck 💪😉.

  14. archerboy58

    The replay button was invented for songs like this.

  15. Hacks Tech

  16. clau dia

    Canción fav❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

  17. chrisa b

    BSB just like we like them!!

  18. Raimunda Delgado

    Essa musica maravilhosa merece um clipe ❤️ todas as musicas desse álbum são incríveis mas essa é sem duvidas minha preferida ❤️❤️

  19. Mabel Xiomara Saravia Saravia

    * my boyfriend turn the lights down and starts kissing me *
    my mind: I'm GoNna LOvE YoU juSt liKE yOu LikE iT xd

  20. iliana hernandez

    Me fascina su música 😍😍😍 son los mejores, espero que sigan cantando por muchos años. 😘😘🇬🇹🇬🇹🇬🇹

  21. Irene Cvietkovich

    Loved their concert they looked so cute and sounded great love you Backstreet Boys I hope I can meet u all one day

  22. Vanessa Wetterau

    💖 #perfection

  23. themovieraider

    I'm glad that this band never tried to "get with the times". They stayed true to who they are. This is living proof of that fact.

  24. Iara Hammoud

    Necesito este álbum me encanto, lastima q en mercado libre está a más de mil pesos en argentina, alguien sabe si ya lo trajeron? Esta canción es tan linda lo ame ♥️, cuando lo escuche pense q lo escribieron ellos pero no fueron tres personas hicieron un gran trabajo con esta canción 😊

  25. pb4ugo19

    I'm sad that they didn't include this song on the DNA tour playlist! It's so good & has a sexy vibe to it!

    Lylia Meliane

    pb4ugo19 ohhh really?? 🥺😱 how was the concert?


    Most 'Singable' Song of this Album which sounds similar to early 2000s... Just The Way We Liked it Back Then...:)

  27. Kevin Yang

    Haha love the irony behind the title and how it is a resemblance of their old style.

  28. Irene Cvietkovich

    Their concert is 3 days away

  29. chicca gene

    This song is perfect 👌 Nick voice killed me, so sexy, so irresistible 4me ❤️😍🔥💯

  30. Caroline dsdsd

    i love this album

  31. hritik sharma

    you said world tour. .... but why not india then????

  32. MultiCowgirl22

    Thank you Boys 😙Love, Carmen from Chicago

  33. Leia Long

    This is a song to someone I love in my school

  34. Karencita Padilla

    Me encanta 😍los amo

  35. Boom Johnson

    This is definitely up there with No Place. Has Brok written all over it. But he shines at the end. The guys definitely need to preform this live

  36. Lyndsey Houghton

    Well done. It's been a long time (10yrs to be exact) since I've obsessively played any album on repeat for days/weeks.
    This is the first since I was a teenager! I love every song. My new fave album x x x

  37. Jennifer Alayo

    Backstreet boys ❤❤❤💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛💕💕💕

  38. Carmen Rios

    Good song love you backstreet boys 😍

  39. Iron-avenger 1985

    "Girl, it's all for you
    Everything I do
    You just set the groove
    I'll pour it on, strong and smooth
    We've got all night long
    So, tell me what you want
    I'm gonna love you just like you like it"

    Man this chorus takes me back to their first few albums. The old school BSB harmonizing is just so nostalgic. Not many other modern groups can do this so well.

  40. Michelle Michelle

    Totally old school vibes with this album. So in love. Amazing
    I just don’t care much about the last song
    But all the rest is fire !!! Amazing!!!

  41. Tsumiki 7w7

    Amo esta canción. 😍😍😍

  42. Tiff Fiddler

    Omgosh. This literally pulled @my 15yr old heart. Even tho I’m 32 now.....they’re MY ALL FAVE EVVVVEEERR!! “Just like you like it”!!

  43. Marislane Rocha

    gravem o clipe dessa música por favor!!!

  44. Mina Yuan

    i like this one!

  45. Sergei Ivanov

    Very ,very great song!

  46. TheFlareMind

    I'm getting 90's vibe from this song which is not a bad thing. This should be a played on radio stations!

  47. Wen Sáenz

    This song is a masterpice 😍

  48. Irene Cvietkovich

    They all sound beautiful

  49. Irene Cvietkovich

    I hope they sing this at their concert

  50. Ballerz24

    This song gives me 90’s old school BSB music vibes 😭❤️😍

  51. army bts

    Música Lindaaaa 😍

  52. Brenda Smith

    Is that Kevin leading this song with Howie?

  53. Iren Angely Mis Briceño

    Haganle vídeo esta es un classic of 2019

  54. Anjinha

    BSB Forever !!!

  55. Natalia Colombo

    one of my favorite songs of the album, just like the old ones <3

  56. Gabriela Gámez

    The perfect song!! My favorite from DNA Album.. It's should be a single!!! Pleaseeee

  57. Carmengrace Puentes

    Kevin, Howie, Nick, Brian, and A.J. 😎

  58. Vanessa Bedoni

    I love Kevin voice he has a beautiful voice ❤👍💗💘

  59. Vic Remington Cassells

    How not to love Howie !!!!

  60. Tequisa Page

    I don’t even listen to country music but their harmonies make it hard for me to resist this song 😩❤️

  61. Aaron Jarrell

    I just realized it's not like Never Gone, this actually sounds a little like In A World Like This

  62. Arc Stylez

    2:37 only one voice stands out .

    Lylia Meliane

    Arc Stylez i love the combo of that beautiful voice of Brian and A.J just like in the old days 🔥🤩😍

  63. Kristine Lamonday

    This song was written just like I like it...can’t wait to hear it live in Toronto. 🥰

  64. So true

    Video PLEASE!! Love it!!

  65. Jennifer Bullett

    I'm definitely digging this song. I'm loving their new album they sound incredible. I can not wait to see and meet them soon. God willing and God bless my boys.

  66. Jeffery C

    I get Misti eyed, everytime I play this song.

  67. themovieraider

    Might sound weird but this song and album remind me of the importance of life.

  68. Maria Julia

    amazing 💛💛💛💛💛

  69. Janis the review Girl

    GORGEOUS my fave

  70. Sarah Amber

    I wasn't found of this album but there were only two songs that I liked from it and this was one of them.


    Sarah Leone
    : may I ask what the other one was?

  71. sniktaw95

    Who starts the song

    The Secret History

    Brian starts the song.

  72. Cristina Pazos

    The best song in this CD! I hope listen it in person in May! 😍

  73. Mirella Pizarro

    Ross Copperman + BSB = ♥

  74. Sheena P.

    Honestly, at first I wasn't sure how I felt about the new album after listening to it all the way thru once I received it in the mail (yes old school cd for me) cuz I miss those catchy classic BSB songs, but I've been listening to it more & more , gotta say that I'm finally starting to hear those old-school BSB vibes I've been yearning for.

  75. Claire Inosanto

    after just playing it for 1min, I already love this song~ 💕

  76. MJ MJ

    Its sooooo great that BSB is back on the top!!!!! Is it possible to make al the other 9 albums on vinyl?????( and the chapter one too) .

  77. belka17

    They are still amazing :-)

  78. Carmina Molina

    My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Marisa Berkembrock

    Brian voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍


    Wowwww beautiful sound ❤💕

  81. Audely Winkels

    I love it 😍

  82. Lise Lavoie

    Howie's part starting @1:25.....oh yeah!!! This whole song is 🔥🔥🔥

    Fabiola Escobar

    Lise Lavoie Howito🔥🔥

  83. fabio rasera

    Fantastic!! Beautiful job!

  84. MJ MJ

    This song is brilliant!!!

  85. Dan Crtr

    Best that I can 2.0???

  86. Maythé Sallo

    Los amoooooo❤

  87. BEBESITO 112

    De mis favoritas! ❤

  88. Juan Angel Molina De La Torre

    Está es mi canción favorita del disco

  89. Brandy Glace

    I used to LOVE nicks voice but as I've gotten older I really love Kevin's. His voice is so smooth

  90. taty P.S SPN


  91. Michelle Kwon

    🙈 The lyrics to this song is how I want 박지연 to feel about me... 사랑해~ ❤

  92. Rebecca Cairns

    This one has a strong country music vibe. I'm strangely fond of it.

    The Secret History

    Because this song was written by country pop songwriters including "No Place" another set of country songwriters. Both amazing! Kevin and Brian's Kentucky country roots💖

  93. Teresita Cerdeira

    This song is absolutely SEXY! romantic, sexy and classic from BSB. I can imagine the whole picture. KTBSPA!!

  94. Esperanza Ramirez

    I'm completely in love with this song! The 14yr old me comes out everytime I hear it or any of their songs. It sounds so much like their older stuff and new stuff together. Plus I just love everyone's parts. Especially Kevin's. This song should have been called just like you love it.

  95. polux

    Is it just me or? I feel like brian voice is really not the same, i mean his voice on this song is good but feels like something missing, hes on the right tone but i dont know what there is something like his voice is not 100% like he used to and on the whole album also


    Paul Tavand: well, of course his voice is not 100%... His health problems are common knowledge: he suffers from Muscle Tension Dysphonia which is a condition where the muscles in his vocal cord experience extreme tension. As a result it causes his voice to stop performing efficiently and impairs his vocal range. He was diagnosed in 2011 but the world (and the band itself) only found out about it during filming of their documentary "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)“ which was released in 2015. He has been working with voice and speech therapists to improve his condition. It's really sad that his once beautiful, fabulous voice will probably never be the same again, but I'm sure the adjustments he's having to make will pay off in time. He still sounds good, but obviously different. Occasionally, he is even able to still hit those high notes. Personally, though, I feel like he's not resting as he should and the tour will undoubtedly strain his voice even further (the only thing that prevents me from being over the moon about the upcoming concerts).

    The Secret History

    @guidofski - Totally agree with all that you said. However, Brian has never actually mentioned it, but I believe the swine flu he contradicted in 2009 during the time of "This Is Us" tour, it was the main cause of his vocal problem that then lead to vocal tension dysphonia he has right now. ( There was a commentator from a while ago that they had swine flu during the huge outbreak, and now, their voice was never the same as before, like Brian, their voicebox goes in and out. I have watched him for a long time when they performed and noticed that was the leading factor. It's very sad he struggle with the mid range notes, but you're right, that he is fine with the high notes. He has gotten way better than before. His voice was once so nice and silky smooth. As much as I love Brian, I do cringe on Brian's parts when it's not good when they performed. Hopefully, the boys will try to stick with high range songs where Brian's sings during their new DNA tour. I hope Brian get better before the start of the tour. 🙏🙏🙏


    The Secret History: thanks so much for the additional info. Yes, I had heard about the swine flu outbreak and it makes sense that it could have been the main trigger (of course, stress and even his own heart condition, though corrected, could all play a small factor). Yes, it also kills me me to watch him struggle and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for someone who was once one of the most swoon-worthy golden voices in pop music. He is a survivor, though (aren't they all?), and he won't go down without a fight. He needs all our support and understanding, especially now. The other day, there was this so called "fan" complaining about how bad he sounded in Japan when they were there recently and how it was always a bad day for him now. I gave up on him at that point. The last thing Brian (or the band) needs are those "fair-weather fans" who are only there when they are at their best. They think the boys owe them something and are angry at Brian for underperforming, thinking it is somehow his fault he is not what he once was. I'm with you, I'm sure the band will do everything in their power to make him comfortable during the tour, but I do hope fans stick by him when he's not at his best.

    The Secret History

    @guidofski  Yes. I totally agree. I really get mad at so call "fans" who starts hating on Brian for his voice, and not understand his condition. They aren't in his position. Of course, he beats himself up because of it. Also, some fans can't wrap their head that BSB's music had always been evolving from album to album then after listening to the new album they decides to not be fans anymore. Smh. I just really hope he gets a better vocal therapist to help him. I really wonder if vocal cord surgery will help Brian? I remember Adele having it done when she had a hard time talking and her throat will close up. I hope Brian had looked into it, but I know he hates surgery since his heart surgery days. 🙏🙏🙏 I will always be a BSB's fan. Love them since I was in primary school. Lol.


    The Secret History: yep, who needs fans like that, anyway? (eye-roll). I'm sure therapists have suggested vocal cord surgery to him, but I also think you're right about him hating surgery (understandably so). There are no guarantees in that kind of surgery (glad it worked for Adele), so I can understand his reticence, the risk factors involved are insanely high. Oh, and I never doubted for a second you were a die-hard fan, knew it right away. You are exactly what they need. I really appreciate all the work you do around here, I admire your dedication in educating people and answering their questions and doubts. :)

  96. Carmengrace Puentes

    I also need a blanket bc it's (-) in my home state of IL in addition to their looooove 😍 this album came in time. thanks Backstreet Boys

  97. Carmengrace Puentes

    I'm 999 here listening. 1999, I was 9 in my 3rd grade class Birthday Party (2 days before 9 years old)...and this album came not at 28 before I turn 29 next Month!!! and Nick is 39. Nine!!! means Yessss
    to the comment I Can't find, they could make a video of it :) a slow song like this needs its video. this song is so 90s it's like they're single and you're the only girl they're singing, too. I missed that :) when I was less carefree and more impressionable :) I like that sentence :) less carefree and more impressionable. the 90s are definitely back :)

  98. The Secret History

    PLEASE SING this song on your DNA Tour!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖 I need to hear it live ~ 😍


    They should have a contract clause stating this song is an essential requirement for the tour, lol.

    Lylia Meliane

    The Secret History I missed their tour date in my country I’m so sad , I feel like such a lousy fan 😭😭😭😭