Backstreet Boys - I'll Never Break Your Heart Lyrics

Baby, I know you're hurting
Right now you feel like you could never
Love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

From the first day
That I saw your smiling face
Honey, I knew that we would
Be together forever
Ooh when I asked you out
You said no but I found out
Darling that you'd been hurt
You felt like you'd never love again
I deserve a try honey just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in, you were so quick to judge
But honey he' s nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey, that's no lie

As time goes by
You will get to know me
A little more better
Girl that's the way love goes baby, baby
And I (I) know you're afraid (know you're afraid)
To let your feelings show (feelings show)
And I understand
Girl, it's time to let go (girl, it's time to let go because)
I deserve a try (try) honey
Just once (once)
Give me a chance (chance) and I'll prove this all wrong (wrong you walked)
You walked in, you were so quick to judge (quick to judge)
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see

[Chorus (2x)]

No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)
I swear (Oh I, oh I, I swear)
No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)

[Chorus (3x)]

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Backstreet Boys I'll Never Break Your Heart Comments
  1. Suarez Mary jane

    listening this kind of music Keeps my stress away i mean its keeping me cool even though its hard for me 😪

  2. Christina Housholder

    I need a real man that eill never break my heart in any form

  3. Arnel Tipawan

    Thumbs up👍👍👍

  4. mandy pamela gomez de agua

    Amo las canciones de esta banda y de NSYNC me pasó un día completo escuchando estás canciones que fueron hechos con sentimientos verdadero.

  5. Gershwin Quintyne

    Listening in 2020!!!!

  6. Jorge Ariel Santos Be

    Chida la canción 🎀🎀🏆🥇 primer lugar

  7. eman ali

    Their simplicity in their looks in their videoclips made them to be number one and always will be not mention their voices , songs lyrics , and their performances .. love you backstreet boysssssss

  8. Avril Pink Amy Kelly Hayley

    Hermosa canción ❤❤❤

  9. Abdulhamed Abulais

    I Love backstreet boys

  10. Natty Bear

    Here 4 nick!!!!!!!!

  11. Didi Mocó

    Adoro as músicas desses caras.

  12. Senyora Santibañez

    I super love this song! I love Backstreet Boys! This song and Backstreet Boys will forever timeless. This is such a precious gem. Love this always forever 💖

  13. Magda Morella

    Beautiful song

  14. Medina Djipa


  15. Fany K

    Kevin is my fave ❤️

  16. Shell Merry

    Jan anyone hit the like button if u are listening

  17. Brenda Pereira

    I love this song very much 💖✨🌟

  18. Angelic Raine

    Fave 😆❤

  19. mela rhaine orbe

    Napaka angas talaga basta back street boys forever idol

  20. Eduardo Romano Perez

    22 years ago of this lovely song, and i can't stop crying. Great song that bring a lot of emotions. #LovelyBoys #LovelyDaddies❤❤❤

  21. Vivi muin


  22. Anna Zdunczyk


  23. Justina Razo

    I got this on a VHS. Before internet became part of everyone's life, things were sold on TV and the phone. My mom bought me some tapes with music videos and interviews .. I wonder if I could sell them as antiques?! lol This makes me feel old just talking about it. I'm proudly going to be 35 this year and my generation was awesome! I wouldn't wanna be a teenager now. Take me back to the 90's/early '00s

  24. merry villa

    Esperando el 4 de marzo 😊❤🎶🎶🎶

  25. Fountain of Youth i miss early 2000s when guys were hot wearing cargo pants, spikey hair and highlights.🤣🤦 miss it badly

  26. GamingByteTv

    Ultimate neckbeard/ r/niceguys song 😂😂

  27. World Premier

    Which is better BTS or Backstreetboys??

  28. Law Enforcer Punisher

    Blue pill lyrics smfh, they gonna learn the hard way that women can never love you the same way... remember it’s just your turn ... she will leave one day and all the work you put into the relationship won’t mean shit . All efforts and sacrifices will be ashes ...

  29. Ana Cristina

    Lindos demais! 🇧🇷

  30. José R. D'trinidad L.

    Y también escuchándola a inicios de 2020!

  31. Jana Nurjanah

    Nice song

  32. Laura márquez

    Leighanne was beautiful in the video

  33. David Johnston

    Romactic songs as such are great t be alive in the world .
    This is a wonderful song guys thanks y guys.
    It's great to listen to when ur down and out

  34. Katherine Martinez

    2020 alguien o soy solo yo? 😭

    Cesar Hernandez

    Aquí estamos

    Katherine Martinez

    @Cesar Hernandez ❤️👌

  35. Richard Leigh

    1)Backstreet boys.
    2)New kids on the block.
    Am I wrong hit the like if u agree or we can chat about it. The best boy bands top 3.

  36. lar da MariF

    Amo fez parte da minha juventude..Meu Deus como era bom...

  37. petra leeb

    Danke fuer mein lieblings lied von euch. Gibt es euch als gruppe noch?

  38. Brittney Davis

    2020 backstreet boys still have my heart

  39. Do Better Please

    As a 14 year old AA girl 20 years ago I sooo appreciated them having an AA girl in the video❤ and Kevin looked soooo good in this video

  40. Latrail palmtree

    Yes Brian 🙌💯

  41. lion zion

    Grew up in the Pacific where we listen to a lot of soul/black music. Never knew who sang this till we migrated overseas. Always thought they'd be black but Damn I was wrong lol. Soul is Soul and it's for everyone😎😎

  42. Dudu Herrera

    Quem em 2020?🤙🇧🇷

  43. Lynda Hohlt

    Still one of my favorits

  44. GeekMario

    27 year old rock/heavy metal lover and a Nintendo nerd jamming to them since 1998 😁

  45. Ashanti Jenkins

    Not to be rude but I say their both my favorite so watch it and don't say anything like that 😷

  46. Natalia Hidalgo


  47. Brent Hansen

    Who else on 2020

  48. Eric Campo

    AJ slays

  49. Ashley Franchini

    Brian I want to see your face

  50. Farel Friddtzi

    Ohh memoriezzzz😢❤....

  51. Lorena Olave

    Hay qué me gusta está canción

  52. Trae Messenger

    Dedicated to Princess Malibu RIP girl. Remember you were loved BIG!!

  53. amy yewyin


  54. chandler reyes

    Being old brought me here

  55. Eric Cavanaugh

    I like this song because because it reminds me about love. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Chibuzo Nwachuku

    Who's still watching or listening this new decade?

  57. Fatima Silva

    Brasil 2020♡♥

  58. Eric Cavanaugh

    I like this song because it's a good song to play.

  59. Riko Desrianto

    I like bsb this song very good

  60. Finn Wolfhard is my bae


  61. BookieMonsterr

    Who's listening to this in 2020? Leave a like please.

    lid b

    Me still enjoying it

    Chibuzo Nwachuku

    Sorry, not just "a like", more than that. Like most songs around the millennium change, this song remains a classic.

    Senyora Santibañez


    Roseann Aleson

    Me..I love you more and more Brian

    Indah waty

    Me,,this songs remind me when was in high school

  62. Zoe Gar

    2020 💔

  63. andrás illés

    2020?? :D <3

  64. Imran Wan Chik

    Memories of my teens...

  65. Nelly BeSweet

    Hands down they had some of the best love songs ever! And really could sing!!! I wish teenage me could’ve appreciated these dudes for their talent and not just because they were handsome

  66. Patricia Chanco

    I wish they could upload the original video of this song. I love watching the version of I’ll Never Break Your Heart where they’re in the snow but the only videos are not very clear and are not on official channels.

  67. Todo es posible

    Con 33 años y aun me alegra escucharlos y recordar mi adolecencia. ESPECTACULAR👏🏿👏🏿🥰👏🏿🥰🥰🥰🥰👍🏿💋💋

  68. איילת זכאי

    Very goodd

  69. Hailungkaing Pame

    2020 any one

  70. maxillrockx

    This song is much better than all of the other songs of Backstreet boys.

  71. elaine cristina

    Quem é brasileiro e vai ser fã eternamente,curte aqui.

  72. Esteban Paillalef


  73. Lo Lo

    Bruh Kevin was my least fave and now I think he is fine as hell lawd 😍😍😍

  74. Daniel Newman

    YOOOO...smash dat like buttun if you here in 2043!!!

  75. Josi Maia

    07 de janeiro, Brasil aqui! 🇧🇷
    Matando saudades ❤😍

  76. Ryan DSouza

    Jan 2020 anyone ?

  77. Anita's Vlog

    It's already 2020 but I still love this song.

  78. Than Gaenkaew

    Yse good song

  79. Viviana Luiza da Silva

    Perfect ♥️⚘👌

  80. Marlon SLZ

    Brasil 2020

  81. April jane Ote

    #2020 😍😘 love u BSB!!

  82. Silent Is Good


  83. faliza mohd noor

    January 2020 and still listening with big smile on the face and flowers in the heart. Who is with me?

  84. Glen CoCo

    2020 anyone? Happy new year.

  85. Ccrys

    Who is here with me in 2020 🤪🤪OMG they are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  86. bong suarez

    still alive and kicking,, jan.02.2020

  87. Drummond Studios

    Here in 2020

  88. Pamukii

    Happy New year everyone 🎆🎇
    Still love this song especially from BSB
    Nostalgic feelings listen to it 💛💛💛
    90s 4ever

  89. Granville Heights

    Happy New Year. Have a Blessed 2020

  90. sesil 00

    Ahh how times changes nick was my bias 20yrz ago now I'm like boy needs a hair cut😂😂😂

  91. Andrew Johnson


  92. DWB Dream Bakery

    You wrecked everything again! To protect the Marcellbeos and the Johnsons. Shame on all of you and I can't do your copyright punishment or my classes because it stereotype s any disliked twin as 1. Stupid. 2. A criminal. 3. Undeserving for their own inheritance and bank fraud. Howard your ass and Kevin owes me everything you gave Miranda and Kimberly or I destroy their businesses since you gave me inadequate housing and bad well water. I don't do fleecing and you had me falsely convicted of crimes I never did and denied me my constitutional rights.

  93. Cringy Tik Toks

    Yea honestly I wish I could “turn back time”..just to see them and give them a hug but that’s probably never gonna happen in my life😭😢🤧😭😭😭😭😭

  94. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it reminds me of my sexy male friend. His heart is Brocken so is mine

  95. Monique Martins

    Dezembro 2019 🥰🥰🥰❤😘🇧🇷

  96. Keithuchi Bergamim

    Amo vocês