Backstreet Boys - Don't Leave Me Lyrics

Don't leave me
Cuz you need me
I never wanna be without you

I woke up this mornin'
From a dream
That you were sayin' goodbye
We had simple argument
But not enough to keep out
Each other's lives

I wanna be happy
But I can't be happy
If I can't be with you
Cuz you're my baby
My sweet honey
And no other girl will do


I can't seem to figure out
Just what went wrong with us
You must have thought I was selfish
But everything I did
I did for us



[Bridge 2:]
I can't eat or even sleep
'Til I have you
Back inside my world
My life won't be complete
Unless you stay my girl

[Chorus (2x)]

Come on girl let me break it down

Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Don't go
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Ooooh (don't leave)
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Don't go
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me

[Chorus (2x)]

Don't leave

Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Don't go
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Ooooh (don't leave)
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Don't go
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me

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Backstreet Boys Don't Leave Me Comments
  1. Raul Medrano

    Real music still setting the mood in 2020

  2. Edilene Oliveira Silva


  3. Charise Ladawn

    Brand in this song is for you

  4. Chiefs 2020 Champs

    Still slapping in 2020‼

  5. Faw69Setif 6919

    I dont cry but i cry inside

  6. Faw69Setif 6919

    I love this song

  7. HollyJo

    Year 2020 and Im bumping this like it just came out!🤪🤪🙌🏼

  8. Lareesa Reynolds

    2020 💋💋💋💋

  9. Rashon Harston

    Who's stills listening to this in 2020? 🤘🏿‼

    akkisha charles

    I sure am 😁❤🎵

  10. Quiveon Cole

    Who’s listening in 2020? Drop a like

    Meson Natividad

    2030 too if Trump hasn't killed everybody already

    Carly Crager

    My man just sent me this 💯

    Treevis Berkhart

    thanks for listening!!!!!!!

  11. I love Ethiopia

    Omg 90’s my time... I missed it badly

  12. Ashliny Ribeiro

    Listen in 2020...

  13. lonnie 1k

    Who’s listening in 2020!!

  14. Saga Diab

    2020? Yes sir

  15. Leon j Buie

    There the black backstreet boys

  16. lora haley

    Memories .. sigh when music was at its finest. Coming deep from the heart. ❤️💕 😩😥🥰

  17. TheBrendon67

    Just left timbaland’s remix of this. Ha.

  18. Pete Martinez

    Early 2000's memories Two decades later & still bumping this jam😊✌

  19. Hazardbone

    Back here in twenty twen twen

  20. Sayra Lombert

    Who's listening january 3, 2020🤣 I'm sorry but the music from today is not as good as this tbh🤷🏽‍♀️.

  21. Jakaurie Cook

    Who's rocking this in 2020

  22. iceywhites01

    Ok getting this out the way.... yes I'm here in 2020 this still my jam!!

  23. Edna Washington

    My husband died 10 years ago and I'm still suffering I miss him so much


    Sorry for yor loss and suffering. .my condolences

  24. A'Laina Stewart

    2020 anybody??

  25. Dennes babalo witness Myburgh

    2020 whose with me?

  26. Jerome Harry

    Classic an unforgettable era

  27. True P

    2020 and still listening 😍🥰

  28. Adam Barton

    Here before the who's listening in 2020

  29. Marlyn Joseph

    Back when we use to have quality music. Still bumping in n 2020

  30. 12gaugePoly MonkeyGanG

    Ima bump dis 4EVA!!!🤜🤛💯💯💯💯💯

  31. Charlitos Nino

    Jan 2' 2020
    First comment, who's starting their year off right? I know I am lol. Starting with the classics then finishing up with the new age hits. Started from the bottom now we here

  32. amstevens23

    2020 👍

  33. Makayla Pate

    Who listening in 2020😁

  34. Gustavo Aguilar

    That's what I'm talkin bout yeah ain't nothing like tha Old school shit y'all bumping this shit Rollin down da street heading to your honey's crib 90s shit is where its at

  35. Alexandra Mottry

    2020 <3

  36. Thiago Alves

    2020 na onda desse mano !!!!


    Jan 1st 2020

  38. Selma Martins Rezende

    01/01/2020 ...❤

  39. Teaira Cole

    What's. Up. 2020. Still. Living good. Luck

  40. vivid pearl

    1 jan 2020?💗

  41. Sandra Cameron

    Blackstreet please come back out

  42. Aderaldo Theodoro

    Alguém em 31.12.19?

  43. Debbie Mcclain

    Me me!!

  44. Carlos Rodrigues

    Everyone that grow up in the 90’s can say that R&B was amazing back then its sad to say we don’t have R&B music like this now a days

  45. EverythingK

    The words of this song is so real. I guy I was dating for 10 years used this song to express himself. When I left. He went crazy for real. But he cheated most of the relationship lol I now have a restraining order against him. Smh

    F2F Scientist

    Fook that's deep :) Happy New Year 🎉


    @F2F Scientist ikr , same to you!

  46. Adriel Morgan

    Is it just me or does the beginning sound like we know from fifth harmony

  47. Christina Nomee

    No worries y’all BTS bringing all this back to their generation, check em out! They bringing back Thee day

  48. Preet K

    Nothing like threatening mental illness to win u back 😂😂the first line lol


    You just ruined this song for me with that comment!! ❤️

    Preet K

    @MadeInTheUSA1975 😂😂😂still a tune though


    @Preet K agreed

  49. Preet K

    This is my favourite song ever dont make it like this no more l still love it !!!

  50. Ma Fi

    . ..The Musik - old but GOLD💪💋

  51. Darnell Edge

    This is still a banger

  52. Jossefina Simao Matias

    27 de novembro de 2019 que escuta este som...

  53. Beatrice Jones

    Dec 27 2019, Still Jamming To This..
    Yesssss I am ole school

  54. Angela Welch

    Music just doesn't have soul like this anymore...

  55. Kensal rise promotion

    90s r&b is the best Dont leave please stay with me tonight

  56. Rafael Alves Nascimento

    Liu 👌💟 tempos bom era isso 😏

  57. Amelia Fifita

    December 2019 ❤️

  58. Kerry painter

    What a tune

  59. Brawlic co.

    Whose car is on blast right now yelling with all them feelings put into it 👐💪💯🔥

  60. KitaNgamDowh

    Hittin' 2020 with this! Who's with me? Smash the like button.

  61. Nhlanhla nene

    2019 but still have that old vibe of this music. I will never go wrong on my December with this selection.

  62. Corey Isaac

    Teddy Riley is top 10 producers of all time!

  63. syncerecredentials

    Teddy Riley a legend and blackstreet was a dope ass group that brought it to life!

  64. Jared Chriss

    This song just like 2 pac I ain’t mad at you

    The Birds

    Jared Chriss yeah, the background music are the same. Many Record Label do that with many songs, they resell the music or the entire song for remake even in some Rihanna ,Beyoncé, Justin Bieber songs if you love music really you can notice that often they run the same beats behind from another song or singers or DJ. Like there are too many songs using Sean Paul beats . They resell the sound or the entire song to another singer like Time of my life (Black eyed peas) Waiting for tonight (JLo) It’s all coming back to me (Celine Dion) Before I let go (Beyoncé) etc...

  65. tibireno

    Please stay with me tonight !!!

  66. Candice West

    They should put another CD without chanucey

  67. Feng Sta

    In the 90's, you had the "teen dreams" like Blacksreet, R.Kelly, 112, Jagged Edge and Boyz II Men singing very heartfelt adult songs about love, relationships and broken hearts. these boys were just teenagers. now, in this new generation, you have these grown mens/women in their mid 20's, 30's and even 40's+ singing songs about turning up in the club, getting drunk, feeling horny, getting high, popping mollies and twerking.

  68. Smoove18

    No baby, no baby, no baby
No, no, no
    If you take your love away from me
    I'll go crazy
    I'll go insane

    [Verse 1]
    You got your problems, baby, I got mine
    Let's just spend it all by putting it together, yeah
    When you say you love me it don't mean a thing
    If you cared, you'd be there like you used to be, yeah

    I'm searchin' for the words to make you realize
    That I really, really want you to stay
    Tears of frustration I hold inside
    But if you walk away, you'll make this grown man cry

    Don't leave, don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me tonight
    Don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me to-

    Verse 2]
    Forget my pride, girl
I'm begging you
    You're my heart, you're my soul
    You've got so much control

    My love runs deeper than the ocean and sea
    But if you sail away
    You'll take the center piece of me

    Don't leave, don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me tonight
    Don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me to-


    No, no, no, don't leave
    Don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me tonight
    Don't leave me, girl
    Please stay with me to-

    Stay, stay, stay
    Stay right here with me forever
    Stay, stay, stay
    Stay right here with me forever

    If you take your love away from me
    I’ll go crazy, crazy, crazy, insane
    If you take your love away from me
    I’ll go crazy, I’ll go insane
    If you take your love away from me
    I’ll go crazy, I’ll go insane

  69. Eduardo Venegas

    2030 2030 2030 2030 2030🎲♠️♣️♦️♥️🕹🎮

  70. Lisha Davis

    DIVALEE still🎧Dec,2019..321👠🍷 ATL.....days thats Wsup👍

  71. Beverly Porter

    It's a Hit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. I still jam this Song yes indeed Ms 55KittyKiss.

  72. myboo257

    About to be 2020 & this joint still 🔥🔥

  73. Tommy Tom Tom

    Memories memories!!

    the piloT

    🙀🙀🙀🙀I'm just watching now

    nectarios lafharis

    Lets go back

  74. Youcef youcef2020

    yes to night on i loke streect

  75. Uptownboo84

    2020 is around the corner..whose listening?!

  76. Mily Rosy

    Who were the 13k that "accidentally" pressed the dislike button!?

  77. Nadine Franke

    I was 3 years old when this track was released and it's still one of my guddamn' favorites. Remember jammin' to it in my napkins. Good ol' days.

  78. Lauren Saldana

    Still going hard in December 2019!!!’

  79. sabrina romero

    my babe always dedicates this song to me love u Miguel Damien Ramirez Estrada

  80. Le Ah

    Hello to all the R n' B fanatics! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  81. Tim Smith

    I ain’t mad at ya

  82. Ana Graciele Miranda Vilaça Vilaça

    Brazil 2020?❤❤😍😍🥰

  83. palmkvist100

    Love this song ❤️

  84. Antonio Murphy

    Its obvious when the real music was made?

  85. Antonio Murphy

    Its obvious when the real music was made?

  86. Sra.Todyynho

    does anybody here on december????

  87. Emm C

    Yesssss 2019❤❤❤❤❤❤

  88. Jay Goodwin

    People dont know but teddy riley is the king of auto tune not t pain lol and i know them kats Mark Middleton sang at my cousin furenel JM production

  89. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    I'm telling you this song is a classic. This that make you wanna get married type of music. These babies today I feel so sorry for y'all. Because 80's and 90's babies had good music. I was born in 1996. I'm 23 yrs old and have a old school vibe like a 40 or 50 yrs old. I thank my parents for conceiving the year of 1996 lol.😂👏😉🗣️🙌🤸‍♂️

  90. D Wash

    This song literally made my ex get back with me after a break up it was playing in the background after I graduated high school in the limo lol imagine what would be playing now what cardi b lmao I’d be done ✅

  91. Ronaldo Quadros

    Saudades das eternas parcerias.
    Gravataí RS

  92. K&t SmackIT

    We get it you all still here in 2019🤣

  93. Gucci Mayne

    I'm gonna cry...this song makes me feel sooooo old!