Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart Lyrics

I got mixed emotions
Did I finally find me a river that could lead me out to the ocean?
Cause I've only ever known the kind of love that leaves you battered and broken
So forgive me for my mixed emotions, yeah yeah

I'm not that kind of person who can fall in and out of love with you
That's not what love's supposed to do
I'm not that kind of person who can fall in and out of love with you
That's not what love's supposed to do

Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Cause that's the only one I got
Cause that's the only one I got

Am I being too open?
Cause I told you everything I have to say and now we're having a moment
Does it make you wanna pack up all your things and drive away like you stole it?
Just forgive me if I'm being too open, no no no no, yeah yeah yeah

I'm not that kind of person who can fall in and out of love with you
That's not what love's supposed to do (what love's supposed to do)
I'm not that kind of person who can fall in and out of love with you
That's not what love's supposed to do

Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Cause that's the only one I got
Cause that's the only one I got
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Cause that's the only one I got
Cause that's the only one I got

I've been broken, I've been bruised
But now I'm all in 'cause of you
So if you're gonna love me, love me right, yeah
But if you're gonna be someone that hurts somebody just for fun
Then do it to a heart that isn't mine

Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Cause that's the only one I got
Cause that's the only one I got
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart
Cause that's the only one I got
It's the only one, it's the only one I got
Cause that's the only one I got
Baby don't go

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Backstreet Boys Don't Go Breaking My Heart Comments
  1. Bee Jay Arquiza

    For me their are still my fav male group of all time.90's music is one of the best bec of them

  2. Admin

    Good song 👍

  3. Margaret Nahmias

    Old enough to be a band me down

  4. Татьяна Андриевская

    BSB with love from Moscow, we love you💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  5. Ashley Franchini

    I love you Nick

  6. Leela Murali

    They deserve more views
    And they don deserve 24k dislikes

  7. nawazish ali

    Amazing song

  8. pisCIIZ

    2:38 #besrpartever BSB

  9. Teresa Arteaga

    U are incre

  10. Veronica Amaral

    Toooop ❤

  11. Domenica Pinal

    See you in February in Guadalajara

  12. Jeniffer Azevedo

    Amo 😍😍

  13. Michele e Marcelo Paulo

    Quase idosos e ainda dançando pra caramba... adoooro!

  14. Anne Heloise

    Sou apaixonada fds

  15. Francois Vermaak

    Awesome song, and one of the greatest boy bands of my era

  16. Meida Downing

    My cousin loves this song so so so so so so much

  17. Isabel Fluch

    I Love the Backstreet Boys and i Wish that they come in Switzerland Well i Love in Switzerland 😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. brianbearco

    Loved them in 1997 and even more now.

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  20. Scarlett Hacker

    I’m 14 and I’m literally obsessed with them all there music is so good and they are still lookin 😍to

    Isabel Fluch

    Have you Heart and See them in their other Songs from 1990 or other years they was good too in the old years

    Isabel Fluch

    And have you Heart shape of My Heart is Song wunderful

  21. JenBeautifullyUnusual

    Been a fan since '96' and never went to a concert till this year and I finally met my boys!!!! They say never meet ur idols because u will be disappointed. NOT THE CASE!!!! They were amazing!!! Made me love them more!!! DNA concert was AMAAAAZINGGGG!!! The love they have for their fans is amazing. They are amazing!!!! Fan for LIFE!!!

  22. Ivonne Rodriguez

    OMG it took me a year to find out this is the backstreet boys....always hear it on the radio but never knew! Atleast they came back with a hit single!

    Oskars Deigelis

    Ivonne Rodriguez they actually never stopped.

    Ibrahim Ambali

    Single, they have an album where have you been?

  23. Bradley Parker

    me too Cyanide my dude

  24. Hannie Phạm

    Oh dear,
    My love to you is much Bigger than Everybody or Everyone.
    I'm The one who's gonna show you Shape of my heart.
    My life is gonna be Incomplete without you.
    So if I have any Chances, just give me The call, and I'm gonna tell you that: In the world like this, As long as you love me, I'll never break your heart and I will love you More than that.
    I still need you cuz I'm just a Fallen Angel but you always Lift me up and that makes you Larger than life.

  25. Theresa Lavalle

    Male. Good old fashioned talent.... something sorely missing from pop music today. Just give me rock and the bsb.

  26. Patricia King

    First of all this is not a “boy band” anymore. These are Seasoned World Class Singers and Musicians!!! Most of this generation will never know what “Good Music” is without these men continually doing their craft at the level that they continue to perform!!! Take the mumble rap, cheesy k-pop bands and auto tuned so called artists and shove it!!!! This is the BEST that I’ve seen them look. There is a confidence that wasn’t there when they were younger. These Are Grown A** Men!!! Who Real Grown A** Women want to hear!!!!

  27. Tally Winck

    Amoooo! Ouvindo em dezembro de 2019 e sempreeee!

  28. Im m

    Im 19, didnt grow up with these guys like many others of you, that most likely are moms today ahhah. But i LOVE them. And i cant Get enough of I want it that way, and noe this song. Cant believe they have been going strong for soooo many years, let alone decades. WOW thats all I have to say

    UnofficialBeauty Queen

    Same here. Age as well

  29. Nancie Terrio

    Backstreet Boys will always be my number one boy/man band ...some can hate they just dont know real music ...This band rocks hellya ;) keep going BSB...WOOOT

  30. faaaduma

    I was surprised to see the boys performe this at the end of the show. Considering this being their best comeback song in long time.


    im not that kind of person, i met the backstreet boys.. even talked and made a charity song with them... " if i could beat you, i could've just redeemed you"

  32. Russian occupant

    парни вы спели ОТСТОЙ,пора "ПОВЗРОСЛЕТЬ" )))ха

  33. lester sula



    Amo siempre nidos♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. vera

    Ich liebe euch 😘😘

  36. Jennifer Scalzo

    The reason that I got into listening to The Backstreet boys was to have something in common with My Baby Sister Gina she was 10 years younger than me. Her favorite Backstreet boy was Nick Carter and I think maybe AJ McLean. We had such a great time together. Unfortunately I lost her on Thanksgiving day in 2017. She was only 35 years old. She was My Sister and my best friend. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't about her and all the good times. 😥😪😢

  37. Lars Honeytoast

    At first i wasn’t sure about this song. But it has really sounded better and better over time.

  38. Roza Ekazheva

    They became even hotter💖😍

  39. Herman Cardenas

    Solid track!

  40. beckyisgorgeous

    I don't know how anyone could dislike this. Its amazing.

  41. Nancy Madrigal

    no tengo palabras me hace tanto bien su musica

  42. Lilly Medeiros

    Love it!

  43. Rogerio Augusto

    Ja foi o tempo que esse grupo era bom

  44. sally chemutai

    I loove this song so so so much❤❤

  45. Lukas DiSparrow

    Problem is, 14-16yo wont go see 40+yo in concert and listen to their music and 40+yo wont sing to 14-16 or teenage girls
    and those who grew up with BSB have their families, grew out of it, have life problems and too busy to pay attention to their childhood boy band. They will forever be legends and that's the fact.

  46. Nazia Shaikh

    The Unity divine

  47. Angelica Oakes

    So y'all just gonna act like Kevin ain't Snoop Dogg's long-lost brother? Mmk.

  48. Adley Enderson Wahyadiyatmika

    i Backstreet Boys. Nick, Brian, Aj, Kevin and Howie, my name is Adley. Thank you for coming to my country indonesia. I wish i could get my vip tiket that time so i could meet you. I like ur music since 1 first album. I have some token my appriciation. I am going send it to to wonderful union. I hope you guys recive it. I made a youtube for this msg.
    I am sorry for my broken english

  49. المشاكس Entertainment

    اكو عرب غيري يحبون هاذي الفرقه

  50. MiZzB JaN¡Ce*




  52. nick milk11

    Amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo essa música 💝🌼💝🌼

  53. its nessa

    I'm still pissed that they've been nominated for a Grammy, but never got one. Grammy is so stupid to not give the best boy band what they truly deserve. Oh well, in my heart , these hotties have over a trillion Grammys. Love them so much. They deserve the entire world ❤😢😭❤😍

  54. Juan Martinez

    Como los extrañé mangas de hijos de puta!!!!!!

  55. αthєnα мιиєяνα03

    0:40, that piano that starts playing in the background music, is it just me or does that sound just A little bit like the stranger things intro?

  56. Bean

    The 90's to me were the Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls, but the girls broke my heart when they broke up... I would've loved it if they had stayed together and made new music like BSB have done for more than 26 years. What a way to honour your life's work and to honour your fans, and we appreciate it. We love you guys! ♥

  57. Eliza Costa

    Sempre talentosos 😍

  58. Arisha Arif

    we perfomed this
    for a farewell: )

  59. Sabrina Carpenter-Walker

    Backstreet Boys and Westlife are 2 of the greatest boybands of All time

  60. The Erica Adventures


  61. Cynthia Bishop

    Really lovin this song

  62. Lia Timaeva

    Старички жгут!))😳👏👏👏

  63. Valmir Alves

    51 million of views!!

  64. Hail Cezar!

    Now this is REAL music non of that kpop shit

  65. yenisey mendoza

    People need to stop calling them old and being so disrespectful. They create beautiful music and always keeping it positive even after so many years . Stop looking at there age and see the good they are doing which is a lot compare to other groups .

  66. yo amo la musica

    LOVE, bsb , música ❤️💓

  67. oliveros 1

    Why Kind of people dislike that?


    jealousy :D

  68. Shaina Lopez

    His wife and wife are also in a relationship to their families in a new York times reported

  69. Duke Nguyen

    love BBs forever <3

  70. Cornelius sun sun

    Talent matters

  71. Billy damme

    Lol they shouldn’t change but stick to there old school songs

  72. Valir Sonofflames

    I love ur songs guys.. Luv yah 😘😘😘

  73. J. Gwong

    I'm still gonna scream like a lil girl Everytime I seem em, even if I'm 50 yrs old, they will always be my first love 💜

  74. Im m



    yes, me too:)

  75. Queen B

    Damn I feel old because my teenage boy band is still making music. 32 and still listening! BSB fan for life!

  76. Joe Cop

    This is real music. Not that autotune BS. Recognize!

  77. Michely Messias

    Muito boa

  78. Dennison Gaetz

    After every 100 watches, we should be able to re-like a video... we are after all the deciding vote are we not?

  79. jorden Wangdi

    It's the only one I got

  80. Natalie G

    I love this modern Backstreet Boys. It feels like they're staying true to themselves while still evolving musically.

  81. aluna nota 10

    Nao sei como minha mãe gostava disso

  82. stephani misel

    Los mejores apesar de sus difilcultades estoy adulta y todavia los sigo siigan asi muchachos y gracias x sus letras

  83. lana6335

    New subscriber! Present!


    cool :)

  84. Farel Friddtzi

    Look at the dance!!! Very talented since 1993!!! Backstreet Boys never get old!!

  85. Kaah Rodrigues

    Dezembro de 2019 🇧🇷

  86. Bonnie F. McPherson, McNeil

    Love This song it's sad 😪💔💜

  87. Lipika D

    Please come to India 😢😍😍😍

  88. CAT Lover27

    Fine, who wants to sleep outside Kevin's, Howard's, and Walt Disney's houses ? You could learn something from the other 3 , and stop hanging around with my father and uncles. They are " Really Bad News"!

  89. Valeria Poblete

    Los amooooooo

  90. gzngreen

    I just discovered them cus I Want It That Way appeared in my recommended lol

  91. Lipika D

    I love you Backstreet Boys 😍😍😍😘😘

  92. Krzysztof Pawlik

    This is not the same they are so electronically change shame I loved them back in time

  93. Таня Танечка

    Are you guys in the same lineup?? Old man)

  94. Briand Estelle

    c'est très impressionant, ils ont su adapter leur musique et leur style de choregraphy pour etre dans le temps et c'est vraiment reussi. Je trouve ça chouette qu'ils aient toujours cette energie, meme s'ils sont plus vieux, ils restent des artistes qui aiment ce qu'ils font et ça se voit

  95. Onyx Halt dich Bedeckt

    Wenn man das lied nicht kennt

    Halt dich Bedeckt

  96. MJ MJ

    50MILLION VIEWS!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. Kevin Kiker

    Am I only one that hears them singing over J-E-N-O-V-A

    brother ecstasy

    Jason Genova??

    Kevin Kiker

    @brother ecstasy no J-E-N-O-V-A

  98. vanessa ruiz


  99. Lebby De Kitteleare

    OMG, the dancemoves are so 1997