Backstreet Boys - Divine Intervention Lyrics

Brothers fighting brothers
Lovers fighting lovers
People barely caring anymore
Nations hating nations
Love is lost in the equation
Wondering why there is still so many wars

It's like this whole world's caught in
Some crazy storm

We could use some divine intervention
God, if you're listening, won't you help us
Find a solution to all this confusion

Lives in desperation
A world of devastation
No one knowing where it's gonna go
We got too many too hungry
It's time to stop this suffering
And I do not think we can do it on our own

And right now we need something
To save our souls

We could use some divine intervention
God, if you're listening, will not you help us
Find a solution to all this confusion (we sure could use some)

Show us that our change is gonna come
Help us to replace the hate with love
Our hearts overflow with kindness
Help us lift the clouds out of our way

We could use some divine intervention
God, if you're listening, will not you help us (yes, God are you listening)
Find a solution to all this confusion

Gotta find a way [x5]

God, if you're listening, will not you help us?

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Backstreet Boys Divine Intervention Comments
  1. makubex

    Im remembering this song everytime theres a mass shooting. 2019! #elpasostrong

  2. Believer John Seventeen

    I know, I am waiting for "BSB: B SIDES" EP & "BSB & TESSA TAYLOR" Albums. Then the BSB Christian albums, I am sure Tessa Taylor may take up piano keyboard and write jazz pop and hymnals, legal or not.John 3:16-21, John 17, God is listening, why do you think I am here?

  3. jalal salhy

    good song i like it

  4. Matthew 1926

    I know. They can't blame fans, when you hire bad people to set them up, etc. BSB should forgive.

  5. Believer John Seventeen

    Love this song so true, we need to atop idolizing people and thongs and fictions. Although I love writing a novel when I am in the mood. We need to go back to God and Jesus Christ that made this country great and respecting each other and each other's rights of every group again and stopping it when it does not make sense or wrong. I am going through a lot right now, a lot of stress and distress, I love BSB, their songs calm me down. I just pray they could be better men in the biblical sense. Their fans as well. Pray for each other and them. Repent, read the Bible, don't renounce or debase God in any form.

  6. Ivan Boyd

    The funny thing is that most of the unreleased songs can make a good album.

    Who do you love, Love knows I love you, Divine intervention, etc...

  7. Davyd Wilker

    The best ever bsb

  8. Donna Andre

    The world needs this song in their hearts

  9. el hadj dahou

    2005 album never gone

  10. MJ MJ

    the best!

  11. Lidu

    sounds like some unreleased demo from 2005 or 2007, Aj's voice is not like this anymore

    Mohamad Shaxi

    Check description


    Mohamad Shaxi oh man ! I can tell the year just by hearing their voices, no description needed 😉. Thanks for reply

    explosive diarrhea

    Vaibhav K why did his voice change ? smoking?


    @explosive diarrhea A lot of guys' voices don't really fully develop until sometime in their 20s, so that could have something to do with it as well.

  12. Jazzy smithers


  13. dadi JK bbboi TAE

    owww... i was watchibg thier interviews and the notification came up. need to see. this is all about. i love u forever bsb

  14. pingi223

    Bryan is back!!!!

    el hadj dahou

    pingi223 album never gone 2005

    explosive diarrhea

    pingi223 the song is from 2005

  15. pingi223


  16. Donna Andre

    The lyrics are just amazing
    Way to go bsb love you
    AJ ur voice relaxes me