Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time Lyrics

There is something special
About this time of year
A christmas feeling's everywhere
I just got home to join you
I've been away too long
But now I'm back
To share my love
Friends are reunited
One big family
Filled with love
To last throughout the year

Christmas time, time to share our love
Come and join the tidings to the world
Christmas time, the best time of the year
Yes, it's christmas time

You and me together
Sleigh Ride in the Park
Loving kissing
Straight from the heart
Snowflakes falling gently
A smell of chesnuts in the air
And Christmas lights
They gleam across the sky


Do you remember
Everything felt so nice
When I held you close to me
Do you remember
Those cold christmas nights
When we saw the world in harmony


Christmas time, time to share our love
Come and join the tidings to the world
Christmas time, time to share our love
Come and join the tidings to the world

[Chorus to fade]

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Backstreet Boys Christmas Time Comments
  1. besttttt87

    my boys <333333

  2. Llamuel Camba

    merry christmas to all..

  3. aldrin dellamas

    December 24, 2019
    Dammam 🇸🇦

  4. Sharmini Sinniah

    Well singing 🎤 Great 👍 The Best Back Street Boys.. Beautiful song🎄🌟😇👍💖🙏🏼✌️❤️ Merry Christmas.. World 🌎 May God Bless Each & Everyone..

  5. h0rsegurrrl

    I don't even like Christmas music, but they really make anything sound good, don't they?


    I don't ever like Christmas music but they really make anything sound good don't they?

  6. Rose Angel

    Merry Christmas 🌹❤️🌹

  7. Vale Lazzaro

    Happy Christmas from Italy

  8. Senyora Santibañez

    I'm here again for upcoming Christmas December 25, 2019. Love this song! 💖

  9. Orkhan.S

    I wish 2020 will be good year to everyone❤ HAPPY CHRISTMAS

  10. Alex Ralph

    Christmas is comin' 🎄👍2019

  11. Pryncezz Kemona

    2019 anyone?

    Tea Zidic


  12. Dude Try Again

    There is something special
    about this time of year
    the christmas feeling's everywhere
    i just got home
    to join you
    i've been away too long
    but now i'm back to share my love
    friends are reunited
    one big family
    filled with love to last
    throughout the year
    christmas time
    time to share our love
    come and joy
    the tiding's to the world
    christmas time
    the best time of the year
    yes, it's christmas time
    You and me together
    a sleigh ride in the park
    a loving kiss straight from my heart
    straight from the heart
    snowflakes are falling gently
    the smell of chestnuts in the air
    and christmas lights they gleam
    across the sky
    Do you remember?
    everything felt so right
    when i held you close to me
    do you remember?
    those cold christmas nights
    when we sewed the world in harmony
    Christmas time
    time to share our love
    come and joy
    the tiding's to the world
    christmas time
    always the best time

  13. noel carden

    Always love listening to Bsb and this is such a sweet Christmas song! They are one of my favorite groups for 25 years

  14. Maria E. Antonsen

    Namaste! Thank You for this very nice Christmas song! How nice if there were more good Christian schools to sing these songs in choirs too! ;). Hugs from maria e antonsen, Cherry on'.

  15. alan fox

    Anyone got a copy of the album Christmas plantium anywhere I need to check out the album.

  16. straw milk

    Wait, i'm just 14 y.o this year but i think i've ever heard this song.. but WHERE? geez i think i'm so young when the first time i heard this song😂😂

  17. - Buehmann

    I read that they were going to release a holiday album.

    Is that true? And if so, I wonder when it will be released.

    Senyora Santibañez


    - Buehmann

    @Senyora Santibañez–present:_Dead_7_film,_Las_Vegas_residency,_and_DNA

    Somehow I don't believe it.

  18. Tiffany Corbin

    This such a romantic Christmas love song.

  19. Caroline dsdsd

    christina aguilera and backstreet boys - my life.

  20. sounitda chanel

    25 12 2018

  21. David Topolski

    Freekin Legends to jest moja mlodosc!uwielbiam

  22. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

    New songs ft Justin bieber Chris Brown

  23. Rrynaldo Salviejo

    I love back streets boys he is my idol.i love nick carter because he is my first love ooh my god love u guys.

  24. Nathan Beaven

    waiting for new album grow old

  25. Cristiane S.dos santos silva

    Love 😍😙😍

  26. Melanie Isabel St. Clair

    LOL I remember listening to this album on cassette.

  27. Mohamad Shaxi


  28. breakmydreams

    Love this song

  29. koural lightning


  30. Mara Ishikawa


  31. Karine Melo

    Perfect vocal harmony! I'll love BsB forever.

  32. XoGamerXo Lucky

    wow perfect voices XD

  33. MRabbi Raihan


  34. Nathan Beaven


  35. Qveen Nanaaa

    2016 anyone

  36. Prince Syny

    Never regret being BSB fan


    Christmas plus backstreetboys= perfect Christmas spirit

  38. Josi Sales

    BSB perfeito. amo demais!!!!

  39. Josi Sales

    BSB perfeito. amo demais!!!!

  40. rumi komachi


  41. Laisa Oliveira

    OMG 😻😻

  42. Timothy Li - Dark_Smilez

    Omg need Ariana grande

  43. juank RMZ

    perfec :')

  44. Fabiola Juarez


  45. markinmadmax

    BSB`S forever, br na areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  46. Irma Visnjic

    They are my favourite because they are so classy and have gourges voice ❤️💞
    Songs they do are always with me and I love singing them❤️❤️❤️

  47. Emo Diamond

    I LOVE THEM SO MACH WEN i IN SCHOOL>>>amazing wolrd

  48. RosaLina TV

    i loved them ever since i was born lol. im 13

  49. Kezia Bernadette

    wow that voice..😳

  50. Ayoub Ben

    Good job 👍🏻
    From Morocco

  51. Gamer Shafi

    wnt 2 see them

  52. Juan Luis

    I love this Song, it makes remember my childhood, when I was 3 years old, it was a very good time, I miss that time

  53. Bren Muga

    se separaron?? o siguen?

  54. Bernadette Paredes

    my brother knew it they r still togther!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jennifer Gaskin

    Forever will love and adore the backstreet boys 💕 All of their voices give me chills and they make me so happy. Listening to all their songs up to this day ❤ Best boy band in the world! Love you guys!! 😘 Merry Christmas to all 🎄

  56. Maria Angelica Soto Gaete

    para siempre voy a amar a bsb los amos

  57. Aiwa Lei


  58. Sapna Sajnani

    love this song. ☺

  59. Haley Lawson

    This song is my jam!!

  60. Rafaela Alves

    BSB está no nosso coração pra sempre I Love d+💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘

  61. DGolden

    Wow! 😍 this brings back memories! Sang this at school ❤️

  62. keisha black

    so beautiful... love this song😘😘

  63. Angela Cho

    Very good song

  64. Ms. SoulSeeker

    You men are awesome as ever !!I will never forget you my very first Love and inspiration :)) I LOVE YOU from phil girl ^_^

  65. natychan gracias por su like

    superr fome😱😨

  66. Kimi Räikkönen

    Thanks for the upload, beautiful song! My favorite boys band! I love you forever!!!!

  67. ShutterLove Video

    I'm so fucking old.
    I think the BSB are the longest relationship I've ever been in.
    Like 17 years.

  68. Marie Mack

    BSB BACK PLEASE💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😖😍😍😍 Love!

  69. Cyntia cristopher

    me encantan ♥ #ktbspa

  70. laura ortega

    Mis ídolos, desde que tengo memoria los admiro. Soy su fan.... Únicos, los mejores!!! Siempre espero con ansias una canción nueva suya

  71. emily yang

    Backstreets boys are, hands down, the best boy band ever. ❤️

  72. Abufaza3_Gam3r

    i want to cry !!!!!! i still remember when they were the shit

  73. Maddison Lister

    Beautiful beautiful can't tell when Brian sings

  74. Giovy Richardson Carter

    love you forever my Backstreetboys

  75. Samantha Stephenson

    i cant wait for your new album to come out!! (:

  76. Jatnna Hernandez

    merry christmas. I just wish peace for fue world

  77. Nuni

    Such a very beautiful song!😍 I'll love you boys since I had 1 year old. Always BSB♥

  78. Araceli Garcia


  79. Kenia Cristine

    amo eles

  80. ThemcoversMB bardo

    Nick sounds so young here :P the harmonies in this one is off the chain

  81. Ms. SoulSeeker

    Still inlove with them ^_^

  82. Ms. SoulSeeker


  83. MIST45

    BSB u are the best.I am waiting for your new album

  84. Iaong

    Love this! I cannot wait until next year's album!

  85. Joe Nielsen

    It's about time BSB's "Christmas Time" got uploaded! Such a "feel good" holiday song!

  86. Deby Santos


  87. Caroll Tobósquez Jiménez

    Backstreet boys lo mejor que puede existir sus voces son inigualables los amo desde que tengo 8 años y tengo el placer de ser la novia de un ex doble de A.J

    Xrysstian con UwU

    Jaja enserio? que cool xD

  88. Mohamed Al Shehhi

    been and still a fan for the best boy band ever since i was 10. now i am 26 years old ❤

  89. liz garcia

    Los amo mucho 😍😢


    love bsb fourover

  91. faaaduma

    I thought it was their other chrismas song. This is so much lovlier😌

  92. camila cabello

    Omg, <33

  93. joumana D


  94. Sool Flores

    los amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Lucy C.

    Amazing! I've missed this song, still remember when this single came out for the first time and I loved it. :)

  96. Estephanie

    Los adoro tanto, desde siempre, su fan de Perú, gracias por sus bellas canciones, gracias por no dejar de cantar. Siempre tendrán nuestro apoyo <3