Backstreet Boys - By My Side Lyrics

Tonight I saw an eclipse of your smile
Within my own reflection on you look
So beautiful then
A tear ran down my face
And all my memories erase
Oh, why you have to leave my side

Oh why do all the rivers flow into the ocean
And why does all the love in the world
comes strait from the heart
And why does all the pain I feel
come from deep inside
Oh all those questions
I could have answered
If you were were by my side

Something made me look at you
Something made me do what I had to do, girl
Something made me talk to you
Something made me do what I should do
I want you by my side
(I want you by my side, I want you by my side)

Now everyday the pain I feel
Slowly fades away
And all the memories of you and me
Are always here to stay
What I'm asking girl is one more chance
To let me in your life
Oh could if you give me one more chance
Than I could be right by your side

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Backstreet Boys By My Side Comments
  1. Nikolle Barros

    A voz de AJ.Nossa

  2. Naddy Lira

    Amo essa música

  3. Sara D'Alto

    Magic sounds❤

  4. CaapriceTube

    2:46 - It gets real with nick's click! haha

  5. Carmen Rios

    I like this song backstreet boys

  6. Glícia Teixeira

    sdds música boa para o público adolescente

  7. Javier Lenis

    ¿Who is still listening in 2018? ¿Quien la sigue escuchando en el 2018?

  8. KC Johnson

    So stunning!

  9. Soledad Lezano

    Morí de amor 😍

  10. itsjemmabond

    Kevin recently tweeted this. Apparently they never finished writing this song...

  11. Deb Hawkins

    yeeees, I forgot this song! I had it on Napster lolol

  12. Sergei Ivanov

    Real voice and good song, loving Bsb!

  13. Kristina Carridice

    I’ve been looking for this clip/song for years! Thanks for posting!!

  14. Ashlee Barrera

    Omg please leave this up on YouTube. Forever. <3

  15. Jesica Hubez

    AJ´s voice!! Just Amazing!! Love BSB // La voz de AJ, simplemente increíble... amo a los BSB

  16. kristen D

    I wish they would release it!

  17. cstich

    my fav acapella! <3

  18. Joyce Moreno Lopes

    I love this song!

  19. Priscila Antonopoulos

    Damn these onions getting me all misty eyed...i haven't heard this song in forever....

  20. Julissa Plata

    Estos hombres cantan como los mismisimos angeles. 

  21. Ivorry jean

    oh! beautiful song!!

  22. trn17

    hahaha you a trip. They do have amazing voices though. I wish this would have been recorded, they have some dope unreleased stuff. It probably will never really see the light of day far as performing wise though.

  23. Tammey may brooks gimme kiss

    i feel the same why

  24. Victtoria Winsor Rvik

    Por ké no pueden volver a hacer música así, con MÁS SUBSTANCIA Y ALMA!!...Y menos computadora!! :(

  25. komgneh

    Wow, this is so good.. can't believe I was born in 1996..
    Kevin is great on the piano

  26. Annekid333

    OMG I almost ALMOST forgot about this one! This use to make me cry so much

  27. Meena Eager

    Wow I don't remember ever seeing this video! But is it just me, but I don't think Kevin is singing in this song at all? I think it is just the 4 other guys? Or am I just not hearing Kevin's voice? Such a cool clip though.

  28. Veronique Rieteco

    i love this so much ... still a fan ... always will be, BSB 4 life

  29. daskyizmalimit


  30. PunkRockPrincess

    this really shouldve been released. beautiful voices. this was good then, but fantastic now with their matured voices. nicks voice then was great for such a young kid

  31. miranda van klink

    beautifull love these guys!!

  32. Eliana Rodríguez

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Beautiful. <3

  33. bridges elle

    i love this :)

  34. marcella benedetto


  35. Katarzyna Kowalewska

    2:32-2:50 Brian don't cry! I know Nick has incredibly beautiful voice but you don't have to cry. They all have amazingly beautiful voices.

  36. Maria Olsen

    oh my i had almost forgot this one.. why they never recorded is is a mysteriy.. sitting here with tears in my eyes... wow..

  37. milla4479

    love this song...<3<3<3

    Backstreet Boys are the best!


  38. Petrellibrothersfan

    When I see this I flashback too when I was 8 years old :) I these guys so much and have for soon 15 years :P KTBSPA!!!

  39. alucinantte

    que bebitos todos

  40. Chaosgirl81

    No it was in Germany. Did you see the part where they played basketball? It was recorded behind their hotel.

  41. kasey85

    Thank you, that is very helpful. Glad to know such info. Was this in Florida? Parc Studios? It looks like it.

  42. Chaosgirl81

    I know it was recorded in February 1996 because a friend of mine and myself went there when it was recorded. It was the first time we met the guys. And MTV showed that special with "By my side" in it very often after it. I know they also showed it when Everybody was out. But it was just a rerun. Beside that I remember MTV gave a crown to BSB because they thought BSB should be the new kings of boybands now TT had split (TT had split in February 1996).

  43. kasey85

    Why do you say that? Back then, they were actually still in recording sessions for their 1996 debut album. The reason I said that is because I heard Everybody in the MTV Europe presentation this video came from. How do you know?

  44. Chaosgirl81

    Wrong! It´s from February 1996.

  45. kasey85

    This is early 1997 when they were recording their second album, not 1996.

  46. renata moreira

    that's so amazing times, BSB i love u from the bottom of my heart 4EVER missing u

  47. maria scriber

    i think brian is crying because this is probably around the time that him and his gf samantha broke up :( poor brian i just wanna hug him

  48. Priscilla Ferreira Flores Flores

    I loved to see them so young lollll .I 'd die for them .Keep the backstreet boys pride alive alwayssssssss

  49. Bianca

    aww, A.J. was soo cute....they look so young and fresh. Brian's just rubbing his eye.

  50. Bianca

    ah i didn't knw there was a vid 4 this song..shulda knwn ; )

  51. nunu7

    brian is crying?Ö