Backstreet Boys - Boys Will Be Boys Lyrics

Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (hey)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys

You've got something
So incredible in my eyes
And my heart (and my heart)
It starts pumpin' (pumpin')
Whenever you're around
The whole world's upside down baby
But I try to get closer
And you always push me away
You tell me it's much too soon
But I just can't help it
I always gotta make a play

Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (hey hey)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Baby, boys will be boys

All my senses
Go right into overdrive
Oh my defenses
I'm never gonna hope
I always gotta lose control
And I hear you say
That you think that we should wait
And I can't hold on anymore
My body's callin' for you
So please don't hesitate

Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (you oughta know by now baby)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh (oh baby)
Boys will be boys
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh (oh oh)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (you oughta know by now baby)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (I gotta do what I gotta do baby)
Go go go...

And I hear you say
That you think that we should wait
And I can't hold on anymore
My body's callin' for you
So please don't hesitate
My body's callin' for you
So please don't hesitate

Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be be boys (boys will be boys)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (you oughta know by now baby)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh (oh oh yeah)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Boys will be boys (you know I gotta do what I gotta do baby)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh oh
Oh ooh oh ooh oh
Baby, boys will be boys (boys will be boys)

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Backstreet Boys Boys Will Be Boys Comments
  1. Amanda Hemstreet

    Good message Backstreet boys

  2. Istiak Hasan

    Some 3rd class south asian singer copied this amazing song

  3. Amber Shaffer

    This sounds like NKOTB kinda beat and rhythm. Not complaing there both amazing groups.

  4. elmin82

    i wonder if they realized that they singing a song about rape

  5. Nicole Giles

    I miss the 90s...😭😭😭

  6. Margaret Nahmias

    This song would not surivive the Me Too movement.

  7. Anthony Niroshan

    The Nutty Professor brought me here!!!

  8. Jay MGTOW

    Nutty prefessor brought me here


    Cheers for the people who lsn in 2019 to this epic song

  10. The Classical FF studios & productions

    Tennu le

    Istiak Hasan

    Refreshing my ear after listening the bullshit bollywood version

  11. Jacob Lashner

    I really liked this song! One of my favorites ever! It's a great song to party to and it's apart of the soundtrack from the Nutty Professor.



  13. Adriano Nunes


  14. Dania Hein

    Los amo

  15. Fahad Zia

    2019? Anyone else.

  16. Cherish G

    I literally have been looking for this song for years since I saw Nutty Professor! They played this song during the house party scene, but it wasn't on the soundtrack!

  17. Danny Morante

    disco bar night.

  18. BWL Asaad

    As I was born 1988 I thought that nowadays you need some video footage to bring these songs to life. But this song reminds me of what it only takes..........a great voice.

  19. Alma Macedonio

    Brian ❤

  20. jusebsamaec

    En Viña del Mar 2019 retumbó esta canción 🎶 en el escenario a manera de introducción para la siguiente presentación 👏🏻👍🏻


    @Denis van damme hubiese sido genial que cantarán esta canción 🎶 🕺🏻

    Denis van damme

    @jusebsamaec si pienso lo mismo la esperaba!!! Un lastima

    nicolas hernandez

    Al igual que everyone:')

    Bernardita Amador

    Existirá ese remix? Lo estoy buscando!!

    Maricel Wagner

    y fue Espectaculaaaaaaarrŕrrrrr

  21. jmiester25

    This shit don't fly in 2019, but it's still a good song haha


    It does! I DJ this out and I don't even like BSB, but this track is fire.


    Ah you're talking about the lyrics? LOL

  22. pb4ugo19

    This song didn't age well....

    Ike N

    Well, it was recorded 25 years ago and made by a no-name producer...

  23. Fabian81

    Awful song title watching this from a 2019 perspective ...

  24. Karla Berenice Villanueva Luna


  25. StevenTravelCaptainRogers

    Backstreet Boys: Boys will be boys
    2018: Hold my beer...

  26. Cool Kid

    Boys will be boys!

  27. N-tox

    Man that good old dancefloor pop beat !

  28. Nando Deepierre

    Here I am by the Gillette commercial.

    Bonker Wonker

    Louis Sweden me too 😄


    Me three

  29. Tami Okoro Dedeh

    They wouldn't release this song today, especially with the #MeToo movement.


    yeah, great that things have sort have changed and men can't totally rely on the excuse "boys will be boys" after doing something terrible

  30. Daniela Yeager

    listen to this song remind me of a kid in high school that i got a crush 😍

  31. Alejandro Torrentera

    Crecí con los NKOTB Y BSB, buenos recuerdos¡

  32. elisa huyton

    I love bsb but the lyrics to this song are rapey.

    Elizabeth Wioskowski

    this was when they were just starting out 😂😂

    Marcela Matamoros

    Yep, this song didn't age well

    Summer Salt

    ikr? can't believe I was singing this when I was a kid not knowing what those lyrics are about 😱

  33. Swanheart San

    cd de mi infancia ^^

  34. Dania Hein

    Nick mi idolo por siempre muack muack

  35. Amit Kumar

    I just thought these boys are east 17 .but when I accidentally purchased this album. I was just amazed that this boys are back street boys and surprisely this album huge hit for all time became blockbuster album . east 17 different band from London.


    Yeah, I can see how you'd think this was East 17😊

  36. Amit Kumar

    Oh whoa whoa ho whoa ho .o rythm of this song is a real anthem my friends.
    90s is my life. I was 16 when this album released in India Delhi 1998.and 4 hours of greatest hits program if you played at any radiostations.

  37. Amit Kumar

    Everlasting music countdown of all time .it was 90s.

  38. Amit Kumar

    BSB huge huge hits around the world.

  39. Amit Kumar

    90s is my life .

  40. מאי אליהו

    איזה שיר 100 אחוז

  41. מאי אליהו

    איזה שיר אכותי ונהדר 🗣🌞🗣

  42. מאי אליהו

    איזה שיר יפה ממש 10 אהבתי את השיר 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  43. Jennifer Rodríguez

    2018!! 😱

  44. le ngo

    Brain and Kevin is the best singer ever including one


    "Whoa, whoa, oh, oh, whoa, whoa, oh"
    have been singing this in my subconscious for the past 20 years :)

  46. VambzBat

    Why am I getting Kazaam vibes?

    Jewbacco's tobacco

    I am too but I don't remember it being in the movie. Then again, I know I heard it and Kazaam keeps popping in my mind.

    Andres Castaneda

    Jewbacco's tobacco It was in the movie, but it was the remixed version

  47. catocapu


  48. Mary Akrivopoulou

    Right so i love BSB but like the lyrics are lowkey rapey


    Actually... high-key rapey lol

  49. sara fenech

    Bsb were best part of my life grown up to love their music i still love u brian xxx

  50. David P

    Hi [email protected] haiya

  51. Sarah Sarah

    you still the number one

  52. Sarah Sarah

    love you😚😚😚😚😚

  53. noemistephanie93

    I could totally imagine the video of them dancing and also with girls in it! This song coulda totally been a major hit for them back in the 90s! What a shame that it wasn't, such a waste of a perfectly good song :(


    noemistephanie93 I'm really glad you like this song. I like how it has a hip-hop influence, it shows that they would've done well as a hip-hop group. The hip-hop element stripped away as their career went on


    @MusicLover_KB Do you think BSB should return to their R&B roots, Kobe?


    @itsjemmabond I mean yes but not completely. The song Breathe on DNA went back to that in a way but yeah I'd like to hear more of that style from them.


    @MusicLover_KB OK. There's a reason Lady Gaga won that Grammy instead of them at the Grammys this year. Don't Go Breaking My Heart was nearly 100% production, we couldn't hear their voices that well. Lady Gaga, on the other hand...

    Ike N

    @MusicLover_KB Courtesy of Mr. Pearlman's NKTOB II desires. The debut single really should've been Quit Playing Games (rec. Jan 95) or 'Break Your Heart (rec Apr' 95), in August 1995.

    That was a very R&B meets pop song and the latter, could've given All-4-One some competition. I guess the egotistic and Europop WGIGO was more iconic to go with, but America wasn't feeling that style yet.

  54. noemistephanie93

    Wow I never heard this song before! Is this an unreleased track or was it on another version of their debut album?

    Andres Castaneda

    noemistephanie93 It was on the European version of their debut album

    Tami Okoro Dedeh

    'Red' album release.

  55. Backstreet boys and BTS

    Take me back❤🎵🎶👌

  56. Joseph Gallo

    december 2017

  57. marie brinda virassamy virassamy

    Remember this song I use to dance to it all the time,

  58. Gabriel Bracamonte

    I remember very well this topic since for the time to be fought that I liked britney my brother was very admirer of this group he spent singing and putting his CDs jejeje

  59. Naia Barros

    Eu me lembro dessa música tocando na radio e eu aumentava pq adorava kkkk...bons tempos 💜

  60. Sarah Sepanski

    "I hear you say that you think that *we should wait*. And I can't hold on anymore, *my body's coming for ya* so please don't hesitate."
    So sexy when Brian says that. Lol I wish his body would come for me. ;) If ya know what I mean
    lol He's my favorite. Love his voice. <3


    Sarah Sepanski i think it's a "joke" lol i totally got it :/

    Sarah Sepanski

    I know, I'm bein annoying xD Just messing with her. Picture my comment being said in the most friendly way possible. 8D


    @Sarah Sepanski Just read this. Yes, I love Howie, but I know my limits; married men are a no-no. Besides he's too short!

    Sarah Sepanski

    @itsjemmabond Welp. Lol Sorry not sorry. XD Plus I know I'll never have a chance with any of them.
    1) they're married
    2) I'm 18 sooo
    Also I was a Brian girl for like a hot second. But I've been obsessed with Nick for like the past yr and a half. He's amazing.. *sighs* 😍💙

  61. Ka RS

    Nick's voice is life

    Sarah Sepanski

    Oh my God, right? So angelic and passionate

    Izaan ur rehman

    Big fan of Nick but Brian's voice is best in this song and he's singing the most and this song is almost Brian.


    Izaan ur rehman lol what does that even mean

    Ike N

    He's 14 actually

  62. Zdziczały Obszar

    Najlepszy kawałek z tej płyty

  63. Havva Macit

    Ich liebe dich a.j

  64. Cutey games /Gacha life and more

    My jam 😎

  65. Englandrules83

    Yay BSB. I really like their older production. This is one of my songs from this album and I have this album myself at home


    Yeah their older songs definitely had a lot of hip-hop influences, that seemed to disappear in their later work

  66. Rossoneri

    BSB <33333333333333

  67. Toni Neto

    1997.. Sdd's dessa época..

  68. Chanitpreeya Kulahathai


  69. Juan Antonio Escobedo Estrada

    Eye´ nui efyjop ex diskoo doyo

  70. Juan Antonio Escobedo Estrada

    Ep germinoll

  71. Juan Antonio Escobedo Estrada

    Boyt mil ni mopt mr enkantaa bakstrit logh

  72. Jéssica Monteiro

    Melhor boyband do mundo!

  73. Tatiane Pires

    caraca kkk dancei MT essa.

  74. Fabia Cristina

    Demais essa banda


    and i miss you princesa leo ayuda nunca te haria dano shape of my heart molds ond gold te amo no ordinary love te necesito mi reina crush on you eduardo. paraiso ganado y total.

  76. Sue Axl Rose

    i luv this song

  77. yang liu

    Boys Will Be Boys! I bought BSB's second album when I was 12, and first album few days later. Now, I'm back!

  78. xamunas

    Buddy love

    Jacob Ward

    Markiplier needs to watch this

  79. Alma Laura Delgado Ramos

    dan ganas de bailar con esta canción  y el disco ni se diga es muy bueno.

  80. duboliver2000

    The Nutty Professor

    Chad Guindon

    The Nutty Professor has the remixed version of the song.


    "The roof...the roof...the roof is on fire!"

  81. Dhani Lomuscio

    I just wanna go back to the 90s and never ever get to the 2000s live 1990-1999 over and over and over......

    J Crash

    You're opinion is totally irrelevant for this lol. You was born in 93 meaning that you missed out on the glory days of music which was from the 50s-80s. How in the hell can you include the 90s and 00s as the "peak" of music lol? You missed out on great shit. You missed out on Michael Jacksons era which was the 80s. By the time you was growing MJ was way past his prime and his career went downhill big time

    J Crash

    90s sucked


    No it didn't, but hey, to each their own

    oscar zenteno

    I have a Delorean!!! Come on!

    Mark Fisher

    Hell yeah 🤘

  82. KLAU K

    boys will be boys <3

  83. Ariel Delgado

    Q los bsb son lo mejor aun yano sean como antes pero ellos tienen buenas rolas q aun escuchamos nocomo las canciones de hoy qson puras [email protected]#%&#*[email protected] animo soy un chico bsb

    Paola Carter

    Que bueno que te gusten, la verdad ni siquiera es música para gays ni nada, sus canciones tienen mucho sentimiento y significado, :) además ellos pasaron por muchas cosas para estar en donde están saludos

    Brian Kurosaki

    Ariel [email protected]@ n f p

    Brian Kurosaki

    Ariel Delgado -1

  84. Ariel Delgado

    Q los bsb son lo mejor aun yano sean como antes pero ellos tienen buenas rolas q aun escuchamos nocomo las canciones de hoy qson puras [email protected]#%&#*[email protected] animo soy un chico bsb

  85. Yusuke inuyasha

    no m acordaba q la canción est era d ellos

  86. AnnaBiondina97


  87. Carol Natasia

    cool song!! reallh fall in love with ur song guys!!!

  88. Rob Pop

    bring me back into the 90's!!!!!!!!!! 'don't wanna stay here anymore....

    Chicken Salad

    Rob Pop lol

  89. LyNiz July

    This song when i was in standard 6... 20 years ago :(

  90. prinz180927

    waaaah i still know the the song i bought this album when i was 12 oohh man those were the days

  91. Jonathan Szwed

    bsb for life i am a rapper

  92. VenomousX

    Too Bad this song wasn't on the US release...this is a great song!

  93. Lore Ibarra

    this song is very cool

  94. Barbara Musto

    I like this song


    your welcome ;)

  96. Bard Ah

    love this song!