Backstreet Boys - Betcha By Golly Wow! Lyrics

There's a spark of magic in your eyes
and Candyland appears each time you smile
Never thought that fairytales came true
But they come true, when I'm near you
Your a genie in disguise
Full of wonder and surprise

And, Betcha by golly Wow!
Your the one that I've been waiting for forever
Forever will my love for you keep growing strong
Keep growing strong

Ladies, sometimes a man can't find the words
To express all he feels inside
But ever just so often
the words of another, who's truly in love
Seem to work our just fine

To say I love you
To say.....
I love you

Keep growing strong
Keep growing strong

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Backstreet Boys Betcha By Golly Wow! Comments
  1. Brandie Fountaine

    i love this version howie sound really good singing this song

  2. Paul Timmerman

    Most worse version on YT I think. Stylistics did it 1000 times better.

  3. Doug Doug


  4. Jax Hanest

    The Stylistic and Prince were so much better than these crapy band . Obviously they don't know how to sing a song. Pathetic bunch of shitty singers!

  5. Pamela Jane Borbon

    No hate but I would rather pick a Stylistics or a Prince Version.

    Good Vibes

    Pamela Jane Borbon Leah Labelle's version is the best in my opinion.

  6. Andréia Oliveira

    everybody, this is Howie D!!!

  7. Nounous G

    Wish AJ would individually sing the entire song...would suit him so well I perceive :)

  8. Nounous G

    what an amazing remake!! Wow! Love Prince and the remake by my favorite group ever wow wow wow! :) Amazing combination. love it!

  9. King Kami

    Good cover, but it's no Prince.

  10. Alesia Escobar

    I like this version also 😉

  11. Karina Carter

    Sweet D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Estalyn Loyola

    Good-- Muy buena canciòn de los BACKSTREET BOYS.

  13. Kaoren717

    each time you smi----hyle >_<, get this song away from him, fast.

  14. dawn parsons

    not aaron for sure

  15. cyndeewi

    Needs some work! Be yourself and stop trying to be black please!

  16. Ginni Styx

    // best-vma-pop-performance/

    Go vote for BSB. Remind the world about the beauty of their music and the 90's. VOTE VOTE VOTE BSB!!!

  17. cynrod100

    Why would they even try to sing this song. The Stylistics should sue them. They don't have enough soul to put this song over its pretty sad to me. He sounds like a cat whining at the end of this song. It sounds like s---.

  18. cynrod100

    Why would they even try to sing this song. The Stylistics should sue them. They don't have enough soul to put this song over its pretty sad to me.

  19. gravano2

    @HunterMann I am as white as a cloud , these 5 couldn't shine the Stylistics shoes .

  20. Hunter Mann

    @labmanjrb69 I agree, it really lacks the soul of the original Stylistics version.
    Sorry to sound racist, but most white men can't jump.

  21. mirsta15

    aww love Howie!

  22. Mosktraumen

    prince better

  23. Pepé Le Pew

    @racheal314 agreed

  24. LD088

    such harsh serious words, it's not like they covered it and put it on a cd, it was just for a concert. it's not Howie's best but I love it. (I do love the Sytlistics by the way and know this song well.)

  25. racheal314

    Oh HELL NAW!!!!

  26. Rambod Sarehkhani

    love prince version

  27. Sabrina Evans

    stop hating!!! i love the origional and this one is awesome too!!!!

  28. lincolnmarkv


  29. Wolfang254

    where did you get this song

  30. yahyamoro

    they messed this classic song up ...

  31. Peter Isaia

    check out my version, it's better than this one by far.

  32. Peter Isaia

    check out my version when you can, it's way better than this one lol.

  33. Peter Isaia

    check out my version when you can, it's not as good as the stylistics but it'll kill this version lol.

  34. Peter Isaia

    Check out my version of this song when you can, it's not good as the Stylistics but it's way better than this one lol. I can't stop laughin at this song and your comment 2 it, this rendition is the worse I've heard.

  35. Vinnybrain

    This SO sucks. They wrecked a perfectly beautiful song. No one wil ever be able to touch this song like The Stylistics. There are some things white people ( like me ) are better off leaving alone, and Stylistics songs is one of them. Not hating, just being real. BSB should stick to what ever it is they do THEMSELVES well. Some songs, like this one, are indelibly written in our memories, and ANY fake-ass lame-ass try at it aint NEVER gonna cut it. Even Hall & Oates would have a tough time w this.

  36. Loló Catalan

    Beautiful song, I LOVE BSB =)

  37. PhillieD XO

    This is horrible

    Leave it to the Stylistics

  38. PhillieD XO


  39. gwynylee

    the germans may not know the song. if this is such a great song, why dont we share it with the rest of the world?

  40. Carlos Nava

    somebody shot them,please....
    you people are right they killed the classic
    of the magic of the stylistics...

  41. Yeleysa Cadenas

    The voice is from Howie mostly

  42. PhillieD XO

    you mean the stylistics right

  43. melody craftd

    lol u so funny

  44. Karina Valerie

    oh man, i love this original song by the Sylistics, but hey, howie did this really well, i imagined their remake with Howie and Brian trading off with the solos, because they both have soft and sweet voices

  45. American Martial Arts Association

    i agree, that sucked. i still like backstreet. it's funny how having 20,000,000 fans make you think you can pull any song off. lol.

  46. exdoode

    its quite bad really, but they are cute!

  47. dayo37

    the perfect true singers

  48. AniIsa O

    beatiful voice

  49. Yeleysa Cadenas

    Yes, it´s just Howie in a Concert =)

  50. katf9

    man he does ... wow...

  51. katf9

    this is just howie:?