Babys, The - Too Far Gone Lyrics

Staring down a bottle
Feeling kinda mean
Itchin' for some trouble
Tryin' to keep it clean
Wound up so tight
Poundin' like a drum
Put up a good fight
I've been never known to run

One shot too many
Two for the road
I'm ready for action
I'm ready too far gone

Weavin' down the highway
Cross the double yellow line
Never saw 'em comin'
Never saw a sign
Smell of burnin' rubber
Screamin' to the right
On the straight of center
But I got lucky all night

One shot too many
Two for the road
I'm way in the outskirts and
I'm ready too far gone

One shot too many
Two for the road
I'm way in the outskirts and
I'm ready too far gone

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Babys, The Too Far Gone Comments
  1. Peg E

    My fiftyfifth bday1 so lonely

  2. Julie Jo

    Still one of my favorites

  3. Kent Phillips

    still kicks ,,,all these yeas

  4. brian morrison

    Jonathan Cain whether The Babys or Journey!

  5. Scorpion Productions


  6. Scorpion Productions

    great..great song :)

  7. humanjukebox1958

    It's definitely Jonathan Cain singing lead.  Saw them perform this song live.

  8. siberia1409

    Check out, “ticket paid with 137 origami pigs”

  9. Blackscorpion1963

    I first heard The Babys way back in the late '70s early '80s when my brother in law introduced me via a cassette tape from them. I just can't remember which album it was so I've come to YouTube to see if I can remember any tunes. This was I think I did hear back in the day. I really like the song and the band/group a lot. Fast forward to 1990 and my early mid life crisis struck me down. I had my near-death motorcycle accident aged 26 that resulted in me becoming a left leg hind quarter amputee i.e my leg was amputated at the highest level, left hip joint and left side of my pelvis was the amputation site. I was very fortunate not to die, This song 'Too Far Gone' and Meatloaf's 'Bat Out Of Hell' depict a theme of crashing on a motorcycle well. If you are in to motorcycles and like speed and power and much as I still do, all I ask is that you adhere to the motorcycle bikers creed; "Ride To Live, Live To Ride'. And as I have always maintained; 'If you are going to ride a motorcycle, then you must be prepared to fall off one'. Otherwise don't even bother thinking about it.   

  10. Kent Phillips

    good old song from the 80s

  11. Dual500

    Smokin, just smokin!