BABYMETAL - The One (English Version) Lyrics

No reason why
I can't understand it
Open your mind
We can understand it
Please let me know
If you know this is the end of the world
Let me know
If you know the truth

Looking for our hope
Looking for our dream
We're gonna find a way to change
This is our song
This is our dream
Please take us to the land of dreams

We are the one
We are the only one
You are the one
You are the only one

I feel it now
The time has come for us
Believe it now
It's time to get ready
Tell me why
You know that this is the end of the world
Tell me why
You know it's the truth

We stand in a circle pit
Side by side
We stand in a circle pit
Raise your hands

This is our song
This is our dream
Please take us to the land of dreams

We are the one
We're the only one
You are the one
You're the only one
We are the one
We are on your side
You are the one
Always on your side

We are the one
We're the only one
You are the one

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BABYMETAL The One (English Version) Comments
  1. Jason Effler

    Babymetal should open the Olympics in Tokyo this year with song!

  2. Barry Gibbens

    Love this song. Love Babymetal. YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. Tom Porgy

    The NWO Illuminati satanic luciferian deep state cabal wants to kill anyone who is not part of their group! Seattle will be attacked 11/3/2019 in order to start WW3! Put on the full armor of God (our creator) thru our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! God bless those who seek and spread the truth!

    Lothor Sleppy


  4. master shake

    This song is just epic. Babymetal is one of the best bands if not the best band in the world. They just did a concert a couple weeks ago out here in Detroit and they were amazing. Great video, I loved this💗💗

  5. Jes

    The live version of this with Su metal's solo is incredible!

  6. Pollywog

    I saw Baby Metal yesterday. Su-Metal sang this last night at the House of Blues in Boston. Some people were in tears,others were just silently spellbound,it was so beautiful. I was one of them. Metal Galaxy

    Adriana Monsoon

    That combination of the unfinished version and this one is amazing <3 I envy you because you were in that concert, also BABYMETAL wouldn't come to my country (again)


    @Adriana Monsoon I hope they come to your country soon. No one should be deprived of this. I heard once the US tour is done,they are touring Europe in 2020.. I hope so..

    Adriana Monsoon

    @Pollywog I hope after Europe tour they will do a north-american tour (the last time they did this was in 2015)

  7. John D

    Absolutely Amazing🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  8. Juan Carlos

    going backwards in time in such a heavy planet is not easy. although that's the truth you are the only thing that makes me stay alive.

  9. Erik

    This song is amaaaaaaaazing.

  10. Izuku Midoriya

    I'm sold. Where I do sign up?

  11. dadmumdarrenV2

    This could easily be a song in a Disney movie

    Jason Effler

    I could see that!

  12. Dischargedarrow Getback

    なんという素晴らしいメロディ!なんだこの完璧なフックは・・。特にWe are the one. You are the oneのサビのところなんか奇跡的だ。ドリームシアターに一番似ているがキングクリムゾンの「クリムゾン・キングの宮殿」かラッシュの「自然科学」などの組曲の感じもある。

  13. Juan Carlos

    this is the most religious song ever.

  14. Juan Carlos

    We are the One Forever We are the Only One <3 !

  15. Zonnie Hoffer


  16. Pharaoh Atem

    I still think it's funny how these girls love Metallica

  17. 24yrukdesigner

    Best song ever made during infinity.

  18. RcBoomer Garage

    This bring back the good old days, back 79 when two ladies came to America know as Mie and Kei the Pink Lady girls, kiss in the dark!

  19. key hiroshima

    I like baby mental

  20. Etherion Umap

    Excuse me.. Where do i sign up for this cult?

    Adriana Monsoon

    Now, you are part of this cult. Welcome

    Stargrazzer Physics

    Only the Fox God knows ...

    Lothor Sleppy

    You can go to the Babymetal cult reception desk center and join there.

    Jason Effler

    It's more of a cult than a band. I agree!

  21. PS - Lover

    OMG her voice is so sweet 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Eyeless Jack

    4 people thought the dislike button was the dis I like button so sad

    master shake

    Sadly it's up to 8 dislikes now, at the time that this comment is being posted. So so sad.

  23. Chapterhouse86

    What more could you want from your metal? Sick riffs, incredible singing, impossibly adorable kawaii girls...jesus christ. What have we created...


    "Adorable kawaii girls"


    we've created perfection, op

    Matthias Rooffeners

    Ha you didn't created nothing.

    Jason Effler

    Many awesome highly combustible musical elements at play here!

    Jason Effler

    A Frankstein of awesomeness!

  24. Marcondes Pereira Da Silva De Mesquita

    This is easily one of the most beautiful and inspirational track in a Heavy Metal album in decades. Baby Metal is really giving new horizons to heavy music, and it is great.

  25. Jestoni Jao


  26. Darklocksly

    pssst.... You're is not you are, if you do lyrics you should do them correct

  27. Pete Johnson

    Beautifully done! Thank you so much.

  28. Chris Winchester

    Just epic !

  29. GSpotter63

    I like them much more now that their voices have matured..........

  30. Billie TheOne

    I will join this cult

    Adriana Monsoon

    Welcome to Babymetal's world


    I couldn't help noticing that the YUI & MOA's chorus lyrics is swapped. The first one should be "One for all", and the next one is "All for one".

  32. Random Mando'ade

    I heard this song is about Inari Okami becuse she hase 5 other names but they are all "The One" same person.

    Adriana Monsoon

    I read a little about it, and it mentions "kitsune". Japanese myths

    Random Mando'ade

    and if you look into the history of Inari Okami she /he has 5 other names but they form "The One"

    Omar Alherfi

    Nope..this song is about an illuminati..the chosen one,one for all,all for one..keyword for illuminati..🤣

    Lothor Sleppy

    @Omar Alherfi No it's not.

  33. David Bartles

    japanese version sounds better overall. the riffing in this song is probably the best yet, hoping the guitar players continue to show off, they didnt enough before. im officially obsessed. my wife hates it lol!

    Adriana Monsoon

    I haven;t listened the japanese version, only the version that the official chanel upload Cx

    Maybe your wife likes them in secret ;) from hate, to love

    DrewB Studios

    Yea. Not everyone has as should I say this? *thinking* Good taste as people like ourselves hahaha!

  34. TheZerxisk78

    Su-metal sounds like a rock disney princess :D

    ralph zamora

    I'll pay for everything if Disney uses her to voice a princess

    Stefan Glaß

    That'd be so much fun. We had Blues, Jazz, Hawaiian and lots of classic singing, a metal princess would be cool. And she has to save the guy.^^

  35. Alucard

    thx for an english version that sounds clean

    Adriana Monsoon

    You're welcome, Sir Alucard :)

  36. Hey its that guy

    You know these girls can take my soul, and I would be ok with that. Lol

    DrewB Studios

    Technically that would be Inari or should I say the "Fox God" doing it through them lol. Just sayin.....

  37. matt jasek

    I just got into this band last month and I love this song so thanks for posting the lyrics for this song ^_^

  38. Dim183

    Love it! Thanks for posting the lyrics.

    Adriana Monsoon

    Thank you uwu no problem

    Annette Louis Jean

    god i love this ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤❤💙❤❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤❤❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙