BABYMETAL - From Dusk Till Dawn Lyrics

One only waits
Something's going to come
In one's way
I want to take
Every going-on toward
What to take
Something's going to come

In the air
Pray upward
In the air
In the air

On the border
Don't stop for love
Something's going to come
On the border
Don't stop for love
Something's going to come

A memory
Gone night
You wanna mean

Look at my face
More day after day
Then reach it's the same
So each day's so same
I wake from the dream
To keep on dreaming
The night is so sweet
But it's so late

All it's over
Never rule her
All it's over
Never rule her

In the air
In the air

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BABYMETAL From Dusk Till Dawn Comments
  1. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Just when you get involved with all of their songs and you think it's no longer something new to listen to, This fukin song is suggested to you from *Nowhere* on YouTube and you find that it's even *better* than the previous songs!..
    dammit BM! when you wanna stop?! seriously, I'm stucked in this *endless* cycle

  2. Uraz Oktay

    This is my home, your voice is my home...You're taking me where i belong darling, the one whose name is music to my ears, my sacred dove, my swan. I love you with all my heart. And here it is with my native language. :D

    Burası evim...Sesin yuvam...Ait olduğum yere beni götürüyorsun adı kulağıma müzik olan kutsal kumrum, kuğum benim. Seni tüm kalbimle seviyorum.

  3. dark darker .-

    Qlo penca :/

  4. Bergwacht

    nice drums

  5. Reaper LUKE

    The picture looks like a Dark Souls boss Trophy.

  6. Kerwin Michael Moldez

    Listen to "Can you feel my heart - Bring me the horizon". Tune is almost the same.

    Jon Silva

    yes, but Babymetal version is better

    Borja Evolution

    And BMTH sucks.

  7. Dischargedarrow Getback


  8. shrimp dynamics

    this is 100% in cyberpunks soundtrack mark my goddamn words

  9. Broken Quad


  10. sergendrix

    Fantastic! i got so many sensations!

  11. kristen 29

    This track is like an essence of Yuyoyuppe's musical style.


    i donno wat or woo iz dis ting But i like ur face style!
    It fits perfectly with this song
    .. i mean the Dawn sections

  12. kristen 29

    If you enjoyed this song try listening to over 200+discography of ゆよゆっぺ (YUYOYUPPE). He literally is man behind the scenes and a well known vocaloid-metalcore producer who made this song as well as KARATE, Akumu no rondo, and Megitsune.

    Raccoon Child

    I listen to It's over and Inexpressible... very often. Same with Miichan's cover of Blue.

  13. IR1

    Why they didnt play this song live? I just saw from youtube, only 1 show at US they play this live.

  14. raid77

    This is why she is our QUEEN, enough said. BABYMETAL 4 life....

  15. Ka3

    This song is so ethereal and dreamy, I love it. One of the best from both Yuppe and Babymetal as a whole.

  16. draygonvenus

    a total rip-off of Can You Feel My Heart by BMTH lmao

    hani nadif

    But this one is kawaii

  17. Ahriman 616

    Not a fan because the pop element of this band distracts me. Jesus Christ Su can sing. Her Japanese and English is on point. Can get into a couple songs.

  18. noneof yabusiness

    Seems that 8 people know jack-shit about music

  19. Joseph Montano

    Finally.. i find it video.. :)

  20. Matias Barrios


    Raccoon Child

    BABYyuppe 😂

  21. Gabriel Born

    In what streaming service can I listen to this song (except YouTube of course)


    in the name of *youtube to mp3 converter* crx on chrome.

  22. Roman Stametov

    Прекрасно. Хорошая группа.

  23. Jokernxs gaming

    I heard the one from these ladies and was hooked love the band LOVE IT

  24. Deavon Reye

    I love this song so much! Suzuka is so powerful in this song.

  25. lXlDarKSuoLlXl

    this song is a total killer...

  26. IR1

    The best song of the album

  27. Bjorn Rudbeck

    Thats amazing, baby metal is a big Surprise every time you listen to a New song it is totaly different

  28. Dalton Cross

    fcking amazing song .....

  29. vahsharo1980

    I love babymetal

  30. Clemens dongdong

    This song makes me feel like I am at peace with the world.

  31. robert butler

    Hi guys, I have just discovered this track & I can't stop playing it over & over,,,Queen Sue's voice just has me hypnotised,,this is such a beautiful example of her diversity,,,I love Su ❤️& baby Metal so much,,,just Awsome....Robby Aus..❤️❤️❤️

  32. NAANsoft

    1:06 Welcome, Su-Metal! Fantastic!!!

  33. ShishiJC

    Contrain to come here, Spotify doesn't have this song, haha !

  34. Morgan Bennett

    Something's got to go
    Something's got to go

    In the air
    Pray your way
    In the air the air

    It got better
    Don't start slow, then
    (Something's got to go)
    It got better
    Don't start slow, then
    (Something's got to go)

    Dream sing
    Climate the weather
    Hot colder
    And warm memories

    Get off my face
    More day after day
    And reaching to fate
    So instincts so faint
    I'll wake from the dream
    To keep and relive
    'Cause life it is a dream
    And dream's on a break

    While it's over
    Never ever
    While it's over
    Never ever

    In the air
    In the air

  35. 000000010000000


  36. A. Mikey B.

    this plays whenever i achieve my final form.

  37. amsalpower

    amel je noob

  38. Die For Games

    SO fucking powerful voice 1:06 , 1:32 , 3:08 , 3:23 "Su-metal best vocal ever"

  39. Wisefox Metal

    Su-metal’s voice is so amazing and so powerful

  40. Kristóf Muzsik

    It's a really good song, but was it worth it to lose Syncopation over it? In my opinion, not at all. That's why I bought the Japanese album first. The English version of the One sounds really weird anyway :D


    The live performance of FDTD was amazing though.

  41. NAANsoft

    1:05 Whaoooo! Epic Su-metal!

  42. Alessandro Comolli

    I think i've just found my favourite song.

  43. Metal Princess

    its so god damn good :3 but why not on spotify?(germany)

    Juan Nascimento

    You can listen to this song with the ultrasurf program


    buy the record, you'll get it

    Coldmirror :D

    Meuterei i have bought it but i just wondered :D

  44. yarkee24

    This song shows just how good the team behind BM really are. To also pen and put something like this on the album is awesome. I would love to see if they choreograph something and play it live.

  45. Fiolettakk2

    I don't understand how they can creat this beautiful song and then go and create that stupid ninja song

    Kristóf Muzsik

    Which one?

  46. Paweł B

    Holy shit... Just that, what Im capable of to say about this track. Thank you Kamayuyu, I bet your account will be blocked. Much love. Thanks :)

  47. Schattenbart

    1:05 love it, epicest song of the album <3


    Trubinal epicest?? Its most epic not epicest :P

  48. FloppyHares

    Does anyone know why this song was removed from the album's playlist on Spotiy/Deezer/etc.?
    It's such an amazing track! Pity it's not available on there anymore...

    Marty UwUragi

    FloppyHares i looked it up on Spotify and it is there...are you sure you downloaded all of the album and not just a couple?


    @Marty Araragi
    That's weird because, when I look up the album on Spotify, the track is greyed out. I don't have a membership, perhaps that's why. But I do have a Deezer membership and it's greyed out on there as well. Perhaps it's region specific. (I'm in Europe.)

    Marty UwUragi

    @FloppyHares ahh okay.... Yeah that's weird. Cuz i did have it and was able to play it on the spot.


    Maybe because it's an exclusive track for the world wide release. The album that is being sold in Japan does not contain this song, they got another one in the place: Syncopation, exclusive for Japan. So it is probably removed because of the fact it is an exclusive song.


    Japan knows full well who Babymetal is, this song reaches to another genre to try and grab more fans to check them out, this is an awesome track and Japan release Syncopation as totally badass too.

  49. Tessriel

    Still waiting for the live play of this song. Oh! And the lyrics too. A I asking too much??


    They did play it at Tokyo Dome. Well, not live that is. Only over the speakers as background music while people were leaving. So nothing yet.

  50. Tania Martinez

    I love this song

  51. ONE TaNOs

    cant play it on spotify :'(


    Maybe the track is exclusive for the album(digital or physical copies), 'cuz I can't access the track on Spotify either, however I were able to buy it, thankfully. I really enjoy the atmosphere of this track, perfect to just chill and enjoy whatever you like .

    アルカー •エリー

    It works for me?


    I can't play it either on Spotify .. maybe it has something to do with region? I live in the Netherlands.


    As the tour goes on, her skill is tremendously getting better.
    This song is in deed epic already back then,
    I can't imagine what would it be like on their next album.

  53. FeeDBacKMKII

    i will play this song from Dusk till Dawn today

  54. Joseph Thompson

    not babymetal. isn't their style

    Symphonic Metal Citadel

    Bands shouldn't stick to just one style anyway.

    Fuyusuke Metaldes

    looool ! It's BABYMETAL Guy ^^ in "Metal Resistance" album US/EU version ^^ song number 7

    Nebraska joe nelson

    damn kids lol


    This has always been their style. Yuyoyuppe wrote several of their songs in their first album.

  55. Yzo

    Wow, I am so amazed that I will shut up.

  56. Rena-Chan TheWolfLover111

    Anime quality. Don't know which. Something sci-fi, magic or action/drama based

    Mouse InDaHouse

    Rena-Chan TheWolfLover111 True!!!


    Magic and drama based, definitely.

  57. whatSongIsThis?

    Ending 30 seconds sequence was great


    babymetal and BMTH Should Collaborate

    RVCA Björn

    Good idea, but BMTH are not even on the same level as the Kami Band, musically. Not even close, and hey, I like BMTH, but they'd need to collaborate with better musicians, like Herman Li and Sam Totman, which they've already done on this album.


    I was in agreement until you mentioned Dragonforce. I don't think Dragonforce is on the same level as the Kami band. Dragonforce is 100% a studio band, and one of the biggest disappointments to see live. I think Babymetal doing their own thing is fine, I don't think I have any bands in mind I'd like to see collaborate with Babymetal. It'd be neat to see something a bit different from them, though. Maybe more djent-ish or acoustic.

  59. Kami Nana

    This would be perfect for some kind of vampire movie...sorta reminds me of the soundtrack for _Queen of the Damn_(only good part about that movie was the soundtrack).

    Kami Nana

    @Kumey You'd like being a putrid corpse eater? o.O


    Yea, so you wanna look like dracula XD

    Caitlin J.

    Kami Nana Honestly, true lol I loved that soundtrack


    You're probably thinking of Queen of the Damned because Jonathan Davis (Korn) produced the soundtrack, and this song very much reminds me of Korn.


    ure such a vampire dammitt!
    The one I want to give her my blood

  60. Tawnku Imi-Uru

    The picture in this "video" is just awesome. I will find it and own it eventually. So powerful.


    Did you find one ? If not, is this big enough ?: Here is something about the inspiration:

    Tawnku Imi-Uru

    OH YES!!! That is perfect! I am going to get that blown up and have a poster made of it. Thank you so very much my friend!


    To bad they didn't perfom FDTD at their Tokyo Dome concerts. But you could hear the song at Tokyo Dome, they played it over the speakers while people were leaving the first night. This song is so different from the rest of their songs. Maybe they didn't know how to perform it ? With all the singing so much prolonged. They did play that other crazy, crazy song: Tales of the Destinies ! I wish I went to Japan to had seen it.


    I just going to comment found you on everyone of ur comments and since there on every video I watch expect spam freedom🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Always remember commies are shit


    I'd love a poster of this too...

  61. 에디

    the fucking best

  62. Auriane Laïly

    This should be the ending of the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin season!! (⊙ᗜ⊙)

    Lili B

    +Kami Nana are you talking Anne Rice "Queen of the Damned"?

    Kami Nana

    @Lili Zwingli Naturally. ^^


    Lol, The Anime Industry didn't pick up on Babymetal fast enough...... Probably gonna be on One Piece...

    vide sanctuaire

    Yesss omgg


    You're French

  63. João Mauricio

    I love the genres covered on rhis album. This is how u do pop music people!


    kawaii metal :3

  64. Ayla Soares

    So good :o

  65. malkavian

    A bit too death core for me, but it's babymetal so it's dope


    I think a little more hardcore/metalcore than deathcore :)


    its folk.

  66. NeroModeGM

    Seems like a final boss theme of a jrpg game

    Trackcube OFFICIAL

    Well, I'm not the only one, who thinks the same :D this Song could be played in the credits of a game. lol

    Jaf Mighty

    Intro remind me to megaman x sort of

  67. pikaKipz

    They sure were influenced by BMTH for this. Its great, possibly one of the better songs off the album


    i was thinking in bmth too :'D

    Jugger Nuggss

    well Moa did say she was a big fan of them

    LarsUlrich26 Ulrich

    or Crossfaith

    RVCA Björn

    But Babymetal and the Kami Band are much more talented than BMTH and AA, haha. AA and BMTH are great bands though in their own right.

  68. Alejandra Alvarez


  69. Waldemar Parszyk

    Extraordinary, amazing, epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. TMGE 106

    Thx, for some reason that song is not available on Spotify. Just listened to the whole new album. It is so good. Wow.


    +TMGE 106 So you can listen to it at home right?


    Same here in The Netherlands :(


    I could search for it at soundcloud


    for some reason i can't find this song anymore from spotify here in finland too. but anyway i'm glad i can find it here on youtube

    Metal Princess

    Im from germany and I cant listen to this song on spotify too :c