BABYMETAL - Brand New Day Lyrics

夜空を急ぐ スターダスト
まるでクラッシュした夢みたいな In the sky
眠らせてよ Oh, lonely night
風のリズムで Shaking Dance in the dark

I don't wanna lose my mind
時は過ぎて Move on
How will the weather be tomorrow?

晴れたら ノック ノックしてみよう
Just step by step
And day by day

声にならない Tiny voice
聴かせてよ Oh, good music
風のメロディーでハミング Sing for me

I don't wanna lose my way
一時停止で Deep Breath
How will the weather be tomorrow?
Don't look back, just keep moving forward

晴れたら ノック ノックしてみよう
Just step by step
And day by day
It's gonna be okay, alright

Sunny day いつもと同じ景色さえ
Rainy day なんだか違って見える
Seven days 二度と戻らない Yesterday
Every day 始めよう
Brand new day
Brand new day
Brand new day
Brand new day

晴れたら ノック ノックしてみよう
Just step by step
And day by day



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BABYMETAL Brand New Day Comments
  1. Jazimi

    I listen to polyphia but i don't know their individual name... when i heard this for the first time, i thought they inspired by polyphia.. until i google Tim and Henson :)

  2. hirochi suzuke

    This song isn't bad, but I feel like it's too J-pop and breaking this album.

  3. Killjoy26

    My favorite song on the album tbh

  4. Casual Player

    I so want to see a live version of this, I need to hear this live badly.

  5. nologo toon

    Polyphia music with lyric very crazy love it ,,,,, i need more song with lyric

  6. T.B Martin

    Is the LP the same as the Japanese 2 disc CD? That's the better version to get because of the 2nd CD

  7. Vanilla or Chocolate ?

    Gosh...this song makes my heart melting~ If they perform this live here, I would cry 😭❤

  8. Brandon2940

    Definitely reminds me of a pop-rock song to me


    Because it is. Progressive pop/rock :)

  9. Markybiz

    Nice reaction, waiting for your Night Night Burn reaction

  10. Lucas Muniz

    I really like your reactions lop

  11. Battle Brothers

    Su really sounds good in English she seems to have gotten better at it

  12. Killjoy26

    No wonder this song was my fav, I had no clue polyphia was featured in it.

  13. Ant-Honey 93

    Brother please react to something else other than fucking baby metal...

  14. Aliyah Burnette

    Can you please react to RED hemorrhage fuel cover the original is sung by post grunge band fuel.

  15. MacTaipan

    The song is pretty poppy, but Su is great, and I love the drive of the different rhythms.

  16. FastWalker

    Nice reaction! This one is my favourite off the disc 1 of _Metal Galaxy_ . Did like it a lot from the start and also got to know Polyphia thanks to it.

  17. Singulitarian

    Becoming one of my favorites off the new album; wish there was a bit more Polyphia madness in it.

  18. autohmae

    I really like how many different styles this album has. Every tme I listen to something new I'm surprised.

  19. Danhion

    Good stuff! I'm always looking forward to your babymetal reactions

  20. Grington300 300

    I don't know Polyphia at all - I've liked this track more each time I've listened to it (I wasn't so keen the very first time).


    dear God - I melt into the floor during 'Rainy day - Sunny day'.

  21. Rick Wagner

    ‍⚡ / 🌅️
    It's not surprising that Su spent more time in the studio for this album than for either of the first two.
    I'm blown away by her range. No two songs the same, and she nails every style.
    This one hasn't been performed live yet.
    I'm already kinda jealous of the folks who get to hear the debut of this one.


    I think this is Su's "Diva" song. I hope she busts out whistle tone notes and crazy runs when she does this song live.

  22. MetalBreakdown

    You want to grab a vinyl of my Metal Galaxy? It's your lucky day :

  23. skaro

    Honestly the only thing I dislike in the song is that snap, I don't think it fits with the style.


    I guess if you bring Polyphia you need the snap haha but I feel you ;)

    J T

    This is the only Babymetal track I really dislike. That damned snap!!!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever like this song. Fortunately, I love the rest of Metal Galaxy.

  24. Meta Borg

    react to this!