Babyface - With Him Lyrics

So ya never meant to hurt nobody
Well I think your full of it
'Cause if ya really really didn't wanna hurt nobody
You wouldn't slept with my best friend
And I bring insult to my injury
You weren't a bit discrete
And while the world stood witness
To my embarrassment
You put a knife inside of me

How could you fall in love with him
How could you give your heart to him
Thought we'd grow old
As lovers
Together til' the end
How could you fall
Fall in love with him

Now I know we've had our, up and downs
And that I do admit
But sometimes lovers go astray
But you've made it permanent
Oh I can't be there understanding
My heart's just not that big (no it ain't, no it ain't)
And I can take the pain
Of infidelity
But I can't take you with him


Thought we'd grow old
As lovers
Together til' the end
How could you fall
Fall in love with him

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Babyface With Him Comments
  1. ns T

    My Favorite song..
    첨들은지 오래 됐네 시간이 지날수록 좋은 노래

  2. Tiara Lewis

    Deep song

  3. msN fraser

    While the world stood witness to my I go to sleep to babyface station on pandora radio. Love it.

  4. Tasha Davis

    I love all his music. He writes and sings the best love songs.

  5. Vincent Ruff

    I smell Onions 😭😭😭

  6. Rajohnson Laingo Tiana

    I love this song

  7. Berna Bugbug

    Most painful love song by babyface..

  8. Andrew Flood


  9. Larraine Wong

    Y do guys gets in trouble faster then girls y do guys never admits to things that they do y do they hurt the 1 they love why why why?

  10. Long Zhang

    What a beautiful song.

  11. khicon080889

    Please, I want the mv of this song :(

    Nu Media TV

    khicon080889 krystal harris hey listen to my version of this and tell me what you think 🤔

  12. 肉肉戰

    I feel so much
    i won't say anything
    i was crying

  13. krystal harris

    I just lovvvveeee Me Some Babyface....I can listen to him #AllDay#EveryDay

    Eartha Alford House

    Krystal, I totally agree with you.

    Nu Media TV

    krystal harris hey listen to my version of this and tell me what you think 🤔

  14. Zuo Wang

    3:30 so funny though

  15. make make

    BabyFace Top Musican

  16. Eric Li

    oh my...This is such an amazing song!! love it :)

  17. Leslie Haskins

    good song

    Leslie Haskins

    +Leslie Haskins
    someone got me listening to this song

  18. Larraine Wong

    Not a big fan of him me not in ❤️❤️❤️ either but this is my favorite song from him I wish I have answers to the ? Of the lyrics he is singing sorry to say sometimes guys are always the hard person to deal with instead of girls

  19. 宋文博

    Is good!

    Tere Richardson

    kl. loop..mmm.m. lo ml Nikola

  20. dwight galbreath

    Check out spiritual devotionals on galbreath videos, click right at no. for new to oldest, good music you sing, enjoy, Blessed!

  21. solomon8t7

    Sounds like this is about Tracy

  22. lizeee

    super emotional

    Nu Media TV

    lizeee krystal harris hey listen to my version of this and tell me what you think 🤔

  23. Heliogábalo AdBellum

    Never too far away

  24. Joshua Harding

    Def a moving song

  25. Runrun Chen

    one word:like

  26. Super Wang

    wonderful songs, so touching.

  27. Peter Cole

    Extreme good song
    Baby face is other picasso in song writting have nobody can replace him
    David Froster like his song so much a real song maker

  28. Ida bagus anuraga kartika

    so touching, what a beautiful song

  29. ologun

    sad song.... :(

  30. La'tina Cooper

    :'( tears dis the true

  31. mishmishbella cat

    Eddie is my reason for me to be here♥

  32. Skydome Itim

    Just happened to me 3 days ago.

    All I can do is.....................Being happy for them.
    Best friend is best friend forever. (My side)

  33. putachokolat

    Incredible, so sad, wonderful song

  34. ken syG

    I woudn't have get it if you didn't say anything

  35. Yifeng Gao

    I knew I am stupid, but cannot stopping loving her, even she's still with him~~~

  36. akocyrahwlngpa2lag

    micky yoochun is the reason why I'm listening to this! haha.. "all about dbsk"

  37. Jenny Fan

    Micky brings me here

  38. Charles Liu

    it took me an hour to get this joke. O.O

  39. Steven Cali Grown Barajas

    Damn this is so me right now... she is with someone else after a month... and she loves him.!?

  40. TA PUI YEE

    like this song so much...touching...with him...

  41. bobbyray bob

    The last song which my ex-girl friend recommended to me

  42. anisah tayor

    He's got a beautiful mine

  43. beauty2104

    nice ...

  44. Little Sumandak

    I thought my loved one wont cheat but he did!!! :(

  45. Little Sumandak

    In my case, men are just jerks!!!

  46. ECZKID

    @huntingv8 Girls are TROLLS!!! -__-

  47. Jackee Vitaliano

    omg. babyface just brings tears to my eyes. his voice, it's just so soulful.

  48. loonyhairchickd6969

    @bway4u2009 so sry to hear that all in time that broken heart will mend

  49. Robert Corpuz

    @huntingv8 thats bad

  50. 12Gayla1990

    Stay single and never get married. You'll never have to worry about those crashed emotions. Nobodys serious these days and so many married people cheat.

    Nu Media TV

    12Gayla1990 krystal harris hey listen to my version of this and tell me what you think 🤔

  51. Leah274

    @thegr8critic lol too funi!!!

  52. sharise taylor

    that sucks when someone fucks you over

  53. Moses Primm

    "Thought We'd Grow Old As Lovers...." Thats where everything goes wrong. When we make plans in your mind about someone, then they leave, they screw up our plans. And we feel so unfulfilled. And thats where most of the pain comes from....In my opinion

    Chavvis Campbell

    Wow, awesome opinion

  54. OnlyLikeThis

    @huntingv8 Sorry to heart that,but same thing happened to me, just I was with her longer then you, what to say, she was someone special.But I guess not as I thought, life goes on.. some people just come and go.

  55. Haeriya8446

    so many ppl full of it in this world... love this song......

  56. Yhna Jabilona

    @huntingv8 awwww...i know what it feels like...(T_T)

  57. ellimac4

    @cheeks1004 he's coming Ja this weekend! I sooooo wanna see him, but the ticket prices r kinda expensive...but i trying nontheless! I love his songs! SO beautiful!

  58. Sarah Kelly

    ever hate that one person who you will always forgive even though he hurts you so bad? every time you forgive you just hope for it to be better this time :( x

  59. jlp05

    For the 4 individual that dislike this is it because its heartfelt or you are going through it I LOVE IT CAUSE IT THE REALEST :D

  60. jlp05

    I love babyface lyrics <3

  61. n0boddee

    I cant stand how a female do stupid stuff 2 a good man! U say its hard to find a good man but when u get him u screw him over, making it harder for women like me wondering what da hell u did to the good men!

  62. Luiza postolache

    Thanks ;) Rockystx

  63. Chenxing Mei

    @yzza22 good saying.

  64. halomo81

    @huntingv8 dude here is this story i was talking to this girl myself getting to know her as a friend but felt some good feelings for her so i decided to tell her she was overwhelmed exicted as well but she threw the fact that she was with another guy i decided to just be a good friend but wen i saw her she would be very flirty and allowed me to hug her and eventually kissed her she said she was confused and left her alone turns out she went back to her man and acted like nothing happened

  65. Nicole Law

    @huntingv8 i bet u'll find someone better =D

  66. Luiza postolache

    Sorry 4 you, huntingv8! Life it s fulll of damb women! Unfortunately...the good ones, are taken:(

  67. Leah274

    @huntingv8 dat sucks!! hope u find someone better :):):)

  68. ChaoticMindSuly19

    Love this song. "My hear is not that big, oh no it aint" how could you give ur heart to her. ?. Happy New years Might this year erase every sorrow in ur past year. :)

  69. Sherry Anne Cascayan

    waahhh!! can't find this song anywhere

  70. DumpLilGirl

    Love it waw

  71. Milan Period

    LOL wtfbbq XD

    just go to 4shared i gave up on limewire last year, it's just way too slow and hard to use

  72. Jay Lawson

    without a doubt I agree, DonBanane

  73. Jodie Wright

    great song

  74. Alyssa Guzman



    But its beautiful!

  76. L. S Fedorov

    mist178: why would he be gay ?

  77. 54spiritedwill54

    This is a beautiful song.

  78. jown peaches

    how could you fall..... fall in love.... with him....?

    just so sad =)

    beautiful song

  79. Jalatto_

    I want the karaoke of this.. anyone have?

  80. annienyc

    i love dixx song!!!

  81. Jalatto_

    can someone gimme the song?
    I really need it

  82. Jenny Park

    His songs are so prescious to me,,,, It would be a dream come true to see him sing live.

  83. Naheel Nahv Kinnoo

    really good...just love it and want him to make one else with positiv lyrics...check it out

  84. pky0507


  85. formyissue

    I love this song soooooooooooooooooooo much

  86. Kenya Carson

    This is a beautiful song. It's also sad. When I'm listening to the words, it makes me feel sad. A wonderful songwriter.

  87. Darren June

    This song is to his ex wife

  88. Darren June

    This song is to his ex wife

  89. Jalatto_

    love this song