Babyface - Whip Appeal Lyrics

Somebody told me
There'd be trouble at home
'Cause we never talk a lot
When we spend time alone
So how are we supposed to know
Know when something is wrong
Well, we've got a right to communicate
It keeps a happy home

And no one does it like me
And no one but you
Has that kind of whip appeal on me

Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me
Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me

When we go to work
How the day seems so long
The only thing I think about
Can't wait 'til we get home
'Cause we got a way of talking
And it's better than words
It's the strangest kind of relationship
Oh, but with us it always works

And no one does it like me
And no one but you
Has that kind of whip appeal on me

Whatever you want
It's alright with me
'Cause you've got that whip appeal
So work it on me
It's better than love
Sweet as can be
You've got that whip appeal
So whip it on me

Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me
Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me

And no one does it like me
And no one but you
Has that kind of whip appeal on me

[Hook 4 times]

Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me
Keep on whippin' on me
Work it on me
Whip all your sweet sweet lovin' on me

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Babyface Whip Appeal Comments
  1. Tatyel Music

    Baby Face

  2. LifeWith Alaina1234

    2020 just vibin to some good oldies..

  3. Robin Corprew

    It will never get old 2020 and it's still my jam

  4. Keoni Tyler

    A great, sensual song by Kenny Edmonds and Perri 'Pebbles' Reid to begin with – Director Jim Yukich did an AMAZING job capturing the song's sensibilities and sensuality. The cinematography and editing, wardrobe, lighting – everything, is perfect here. I've seen a master tape with the 35mm film transfer from this – and I wish you all could see it on a broadcast-quality, high-end monitor – the picture complements the amazing recording!

  5. taisha hames

    2🧿2🧿 🎉

  6. MrBlactye

    This was the time when music spoke for you. When you didn't know what to say at the time.


    here in 2020!

  8. starkid20

    2020 and it's still the best baby

  9. twowayyo11

    Face it... you're here because of Peloton.

  10. mike

    That white girl looked kind of wack out of sync

  11. mike

    Artists don't make stuff like this anymore. Sad

  12. quennorris dixon


  13. Trife Ju

    2020 we still here!!!

  14. Queen CoCo

    Who's here in 2020?? 😍😍

  15. Virtuous Sisiters

    Here listening in 2020. This will forever be a classic.

  16. Kiki Green

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 the jam in 2020

  17. Sabrena Powell

    Show me?

  18. Summer Breezes

    This is the smooth Babyface that I love.

  19. Marshalee Walford

    The king of soul music without apology 👏👏👏👏👏

  20. Ty Savage

    i love babyface ❤️

  21. Adam Vanasse

    Sorry, it’s grown folk time

  22. Lue Olapade

    I wish you can do a song about the now of how you feel about Love. You put me in the Zone for wanting to be Loved

  23. Aaron AR

    30 years ago! Time flies.

  24. Donald Mills

    They don't know they don't know what there talking bout.

  25. Alden R. Davis

    The new year 2020 is right around the corner.. anyone still loving this in 2019 with a little bit of whip appeal?

  26. Jackie Laine

    December 28, 2019

  27. Steffany K

    90s music was so good, and I barely listen to anything past 2008

  28. Sharonda Warren

    Pure Classic 🎶 love Babyface!

  29. Roneisha Saylor

    Chilllin' here 3 days away from 2020!

  30. Deanna Stuckey

    Anybody still listening in 2019? I love Babyface

  31. Richard Scott

    I'm rolling this one into the 2020. Let's roll

  32. Robin MC Unknown

    Guilty of love prisoner for life

  33. QueenB 1969

    12-23-2019 listening to this on "102.1 the ville". Enjoying this real🎶 . Dedicated 2 the one Im Kcrazee about😍 Hes got that whip appeal......😌

  34. Antron Lupoe

    I love us love 666

  35. Antron Lupoe

    U like big boi playlist666

  36. Charles Lewis

    Saw you twice this year. Man, you put on the best show. We were thoroughly excited and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for helping us relive our childhood.

  37. Mark Zuckernotsoburg

    I know its in his name but it's still funny how this kid looked 17 at 31

  38. yvette dennis

    Soon babyface will post a new song

    Like to activate

  39. M.A. Jer


  40. Darnell Maxwell

    Who knows what good

  41. Don-Ke Billinsley

    Who still here and it's about to be 2020? I think this says something about today's music.

  42. DèeDèe

    I wanted to be one of his background dancers 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I was only about 9 years old then..
    Whew chile!!

  43. Mark Baker

    Met a young Babyface and saw him in concert with Morris Day, JJ Fad, Guy, and Toni Tony Tone when he was with the Deele.

  44. margie bell


  45. mike

    Baby , or Keith?? Vote here

  46. mike

    Best music ever for after the date . Man life is going by so fast.

  47. Adam Stallard

    class. and classic

  48. kelea Robertson

    This hit the spot Everytime young

  49. Avena Aurora


  50. Ed Green

    Kick it kenneth!

  51. Tamara MT

    Where's the babyface story/ movie?????!

  52. Tamara MT

    Yall know ex wife tracy was supposed to be in the video but she caught measles or chickenpox something so they had to find a quick replacement. I think that's where the caucasian girl came from. All are fair skinned skinned black women and tracy would have fit. He called and ckd on is hx!

  53. kcmo1950

    truly as good as it it on a loop

  54. kcmo1950

    having a flashback...

  55. Halimah Griffin

    Correct me if I am wrong but this has to be one of the classiest songs ever written because it has just enough sex talk and love combined that let's you know what's happening and why... If a person doesn't know what WHIP APPEAL is then that's a damn shame

  56. Yong Lightning

    Di Molto...

  57. Bill Roasts

    This song is a classic and Babyface is a legend in my book. Amazing vocal and songwriting talent.

  58. Rodrigo Bava

    Golden wind

  59. Jay S.

    The way that 4th dancer looks at Face, gives me a chill up my spine... Wish she looked at me like that...

  60. charles williams


  61. Jon DeMotto

    Damn this song was sexy!

  62. Lil Ray

    Now this is music 🎶 Damn I miss good R&B

  63. B.R.A.A.D


  64. mrtyroneb

    The into

  65. Willis Adams Jr

    Still a masterpiece!!

  66. Empress Daisy

    So HE'S the guy that made this song...

  67. Fake Flowers Real Dirt

    learning this one on acoustic...

  68. Freddie Montanez

    I love the 90s. So many beautiful songs. Nice baller. Baby Face loos nice with that white suit. I love all of his videos and his brothers ❤️. Bless you brother..

  69. chanel Guerra

    True class act


    Only 12 millions views Is a slap in the face straight up

  71. Santiago Murillo

    I now ask all of the ladies who will come across my sincere written statement after viewing this magnificent performance by everyone! What talent, what music, what dancers, & musicians & backup singers. Holly Lord. My question is this: Who would you prefer to ride deep into the night, Babyface, or any of today's so called musical artist? Kanye!??? REALLY Bitch!

    Devil Dog US Marine

    Man shut yo goofy ass up

  72. deciuswtasby

    Who the hell gives this jam a thumbs down 🤣🤣🤣

  73. courtney gates

    Those other guys can sing this brother can sang

  74. Dex C

    Nothing like old school music mom had us cleaning to this

  75. It's Bappo

    Who is here for the JoJo reference?

  76. Wes

    Di Molto!!!!
    Bucci Gang, where you at?

  77. Jay Funk

    I reckon plenty 29 yr olds were made to this! Still listening to this Baby making jam in 2019! Throw some cold water on me because I am feeling Hotttt!

  78. Your Dwelling Space

    Damn I was 10 in this video but I wish I was in it lol... when I got older I’m like damn , lol if Babyface would have sang to me ,Jesus!

  79. f Jake and the court and the crooked politician

    Anyone smell Liz Claiborne?

  80. Daniel Mizeperez

    There's the world trade center

  81. vegitausa

    RIP Twin Towers

  82. Cheryl Graham

    2019 this some bruno mars shit! Go babyface

  83. Delaney Rose

    Damn I feel pregnant after listening to this lol

    Pandora's Box

    Lol ditto

  84. Francille St. Claire

    Absolute tune 🔥❤️

  85. Constance Levering

    I'm on a old school music spree..October 2019 !

  86. It's Me

    Holly Robinson 😍😍😍

  87. Ced Bigby

    If im guiltly of love??? Let me do my time!!

  88. Hashtag Just a dad

    Still love this song.

  89. Lakesha James

    My jam 🔥

  90. Michael Bell

    Wish he could do my wedding song

  91. Allen Shynett Jr

    Still listening in 2019!!!

  92. E Grezy

    When your Master gets ahold of the whip

  93. Neal Frost

    That was the jam

  94. nicole R

    They should do this on lip sync battle. Who do yall think should do it???

  95. charles williams


  96. charles williams


  97. Brimstone Mountain

    What does whip Appeal mean asking for a friend

  98. Diontae Daughtry

    Purely awesome 👍👍