Babyface - Where Did We Go Wrong Lyrics

For as long as I loved you girl
That I gave you all my love
With all my heart and soul
I thought that I was be the one
But you didn't appreciate a single I do
You just left me with a broken heart
Didn’t you, didn’t you?

I tried to tell you baby
Tried to tell you a thousand times
Ooh you wouldn’t listen baby
No matter how hard I tried
But you didn’t see the love
Was so in love with you
Then you went to break my heart
Didn’t you?

Where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?
Where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?

From the very start
I was so into you
Ooh from the beginning I was so so feeling you
But you thought I cheated, that I played around on you
But didn’t you do the same, didn’t you, didn’t you?

Ooh gotta tell you baby
I gotta let you know the deal
Ooh you drove first place baby
If we’re gonna keep it real
When you cheated, how you hurt my soul
Ooh you broke my heart, didn’t you?

Where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?
Where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?

I wish I would’ve listened
I wish I would’ve heard

Ooh I wish I would’ve touched you baby
I wish I would’ve said the words
That I love you, I love you
I love you
I love you, I love you

So where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?
Where did we go wrong?
Is it all my fault?

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Babyface Where Did We Go Wrong Comments
  1. Michael Washington

    Where did I go wrong?help me out or is this another sad love song?follow the"M".I might not pass this way again.who cried last?was it me?kindness is it's own kind 2 everyone,I beg this of you"M".

  2. Michael Washington

    She dug so deep inside my heart,I never thought that we would fall it seems is a curios thing.I think I will never fall in love again."Ma"I miss you so know who you are"Heike".

  3. Sandy Naylor


  4. Jazmine Nelson

    "Who's listening 2020"

  5. Rosalinda Cuevas

    Who’s listening 2019 going into 2020

  6. Franklin Lee

    Something to cry about & something to listen to~

  7. Nokuthula Luthuli

    I can't understand why same thumbs are turning down😑

  8. Kelebogile Kelly Sue Baleseng

    Just dont understand how can Toni and Babyface not realise they are meant to be together they would make a beautiful couple

  9. jessica naidoo

    oh how many times we went wrong,lord jesus helped us amen

  10. ulder muturi

    They should hurry up and date!

  11. Palesa Ngwenya

    This song reminds me of my last ex who destroyed my heart,but it was a forbidden love 😢

  12. Zion Negus

    This record is still amazing in 2019.

  13. jayjayrp916

    When she said where did we go wrong..felt that'.

  14. senathi makonco

    this album is legendary

  15. Money Mastery


  16. fisani nontobeko

    1st of November 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Sheila Palmer

    You are so pure

  18. Sheila Palmer

    You are so gifted

  19. Sheila Palmer

    You are so deep

  20. MarkoTiano

    Dont waste time and tell her you love her or you will lose her i did

  21. amanda noyola

    L❤️VE me some babyface & Toni Braxton ❤️

  22. Sheila Palmer

    You are so gifted

  23. Sheila Palmer

    You are unquiet

  24. Makungu Mohaule

    "Where did we go wrong?"

  25. Izabella Melquiades

    Go ahead now, for every, so stupid!!!

  26. Izabella Melquiades

    You are so stupid, I hate you. Give me my life, my peace, immediately

  27. Thwanana Thwanana

    I'd never understand what happened between me and my X.......its like a boom fell in between us.. after 15 years of our love.....I'd wish to tell her I still love her..

  28. Hadi Hamidou

    These are my favourite singers and guess what....they sing together...just amazing. Toni's album of 1996 is a must-have album and unbelievable how good is it. Babyface one of the best singer and writer ever have in the whole world :)

  29. Bradley Buttar

    I wanna marry Babyface ...I love him 💕💕💕

  30. Vagner Barbosa dos Santos?

    Between the best and the natural of music nothing better than Olvi Love marriage & Divorce

  31. Moreno Macias

    LEGENDS doing something LEGENDARY!💯

  32. malone phyllis

    Under the influence at dinnertime

    malone phyllis

    Under the influence at dinnertime

    malone phyllis

    Dancing it was me role playing you did and you didnt

    malone phyllis

    You are a fighter too

    malone phyllis

    Finger in the buttock

  33. David Oludayor1973

    I can't stop listening to this song without tear in my eyes. Pure R%b song!!!😭😭😭😭😭 Love you #Babyface and #Toni

  34. ladyT H

    Still playing this so damn sexy

  35. Anointed Ángel

    I’m still listening to this In 2019.

  36. MangOPlatinum

    He had to sing in falsetto , picture if he sung with his reg. Tone , this song would sound bad lol

  37. Berta Andrade

    Baby I don’t know Why

  38. Linus Rodriguez

    2019 July

  39. Daniella Charles

    I'm so in love with my boyfriend, but we are leaving each other behind. It hurts so much all I could do is cry😪😪😪. I sent it to him to show him how broken I am over us.

  40. Lesedi Angelah


  41. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    magnifice couple of voices

    Toni Braxton, Babyface - Where Did We Go Wrong?
    6.098.732 visualizaciones

  42. Jordan Trey

    I never been cheated on but I want to so I can listen to this song and actually cry for a reason instead of crying like I am now for no reason

  43. Brittnie Casado

    Still have this album on repeat. ❤

    FirstSon's Motif

    Brittnie Casado I love this cd too! They sound so great together.

  44. Willie Mae

    Love this, from the time I heard it


    Nothing realer than this Album

  46. Mervin Noreseb

    The best duet ever🙌

  47. Lionel Thomas

    It's hauntingly beautiful ❤

  48. W b.

    Always thought they shouldve gotten married

  49. Adriano Paes

    Music for passionate hearts, better sound, very good.

  50. mark brown

    Damn 2019

  51. Channel WAVY

    The song has no flaws. 10/10 vocals, melody, lyrics, emotion......capped off with that undeniable Toni Braxton tone. whew!

  52. beautifulp05


  53. Adrain Wilson

    This song is everything love it

  54. Erioth Keruma

    She has that body ...and her wardrobe choice is just perfect

  55. Milani Inalim

    This is one duo I didn’t know I needed in my life...they just fit! Their voices compliment each other so well! ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Layla Telle

    Absolutely love this song it should be bigger than it is

  57. Quasheaka Staggers

    Anytime I’m mad with my husband I listen to this....

  58. Keenan Githinji

    Who’s listening in 2019? 🙋🏾‍♂️

    Mpho Moilwa

    I'm still listening.😣🔥

    Linda Kaula


    Alexandria P


  59. Valeria Santana Bahia

    Amo essa música!

  60. Quontray Wright


  61. Carolyn McKenzie

    This is a beautiful sad song. Has me in tears.

  62. Randel Stubbs

    For those of us questioning, 'Where did we go wrong?,' the answer can be at times at times as complicated as finding out if we can change course and go right back to relating in a way that brought us together.

  63. MunCheon Choi

    l like this song..It sounds like my story...this is my story...

  64. Cedrianna Chambers

    2019 still love this album 💕💕

  65. Nobuhle Ngwenya

    This year again ❤️❤️

  66. Reuben Kiboi

    I'll find my true help me GOD, i know my woman is out here!

  67. Reuben Kiboi


  68. Erica Latane

    2019 anyone 💙

    Deanna Stuckey


  69. goeast12

    Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t make it work. Family wise, I had a lonely childhood, because I was raised by a single mom who immigrated to this country from Europe. It was just us. In my early 30’s I had a strictly sexual relationship with an ex-girlfriend who is an immigrant from the Caribbean. We were oil and vinegar, so it was just about the sex and then she became pregnant. Both of us had difficult childhoods and we decided to try to create a family for the sake of our child. We struggled for five years, and we never argued, although it just became too difficult. What was especially painful was all the hate and even harassment we received because she is black and I’m white. Those memories are painful for us to this day, although that struggle was noble and it made us care about each other so deeply. Both of us love our now adult daughter with every essence of our being and we respect each other so much as parents. When people see us together they comment on the love and respect we have for each other and we even know what the other is thinking without saying a word. While we never married, we both took all of the hate and struggle and turned it into eternal love and respect for both each other and our daughter. Thanks for being a great mom, for the noble lessons you taught me, and for the love you brought into the life of a man who desperately needed it. For that and more you have my gratitude.

  70. Sisanda Ntongana

    Toni you are loved in SA🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  71. Kim C

    I never cheated on u Never I think u know that now but It was better to have loved u then had never loved u at all JC.

  72. Jamere Bess


    David Oludayor1973

    Jamere Bess Happy for you

  73. MrBlactye

    The way Toni came in on this song just took my breath away. Babyface and Toni sound so good together.

  74. lorraine mgarty

    I'm heartbroken l can't do thi anymore😭💔💔💔

  75. Pierre Coetzer

    She is so blessed. She is a natural hope everything for the best for her. I salute you girla.

  76. Jazzman jr

    You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast.

  77. Noma Mbuli

    I still ask my self where did we go wrong?

    Christopher Peters


  78. lawanda D

    Yeah were we went wrong at

  79. Rican Marrero

    My name,no I said this name,no I told u these names are all mine.Dont miss ur lies.My gosh how sick sick I was once In a relationship that was a basket full of his lies.Then he goes on media tells all he is accused of such things.If it wasn't true y re.marts. his conciousness is killing him

  80. Emmanuel Da Poet

    It was all my fault...

  81. monkey dust

    been racking my brains about that ooh ooh at 26.00 sounds like Christina

  82. Linda Hines

    Girlfriend wearing that black outfit that's sharp!

  83. Shehound17

    Where did we go wrong??Better days in 2019

  84. Shaddae Lewis

    Babyface should have been your man

  85. Shaddae Lewis

    Yow I dnt know why she mess with birdman.

  86. Sentso Motsarapane

    tony and babyface rocks

  87. Zinhle Ncobeni

    Too lit 1million % vote

  88. Jermaine Turner

    Great album

  89. Toxic Teezy

    Is this song talking bout me......



  91. Ikhelas Saad

    Love is wicked sometimes 💘😢

  92. Ann thuo


  93. p h msomi

    God bless them.

  94. Mabinty Fullah King

    My favourite song

  95. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    great couple of voices, amazing duet