Babyface - Roller Coaster Lyrics

Today I got so mad at you, yeah
It's like I couldn't control myself
Girl, I was done, I was so through with you
But I know I couldn't love nobody else

Well, I feel like you do
I'm so 'bout done with you
I'm sick and tired of going through changes
'Cause I love you, I hate you
I don't want, but I want to
Back and forth, and back
What should we do?

When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
When love takes over, your emotions spin you round and round
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what you're feeling
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what is real
When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
And it goes back around

Today I've said some things to you, babe
I don't like the way it felt, no
I've been giving you, giving you so much attitude
I guess I really should check myself

Well, you've started it first
You said we'd make it work
But here we are, going through changes
But I need you, can't stand you
I don't want you, but damn you
Back and forth, and back
What should we do?

When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
When love takes over, your emotions spin you round and round
And it goes back around
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what you're feeling
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what is real
When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
'Cause it goes back around

We don't ever have to worry, baby
'Cause we gonna be alright
We aren't going nowhere, darling
Just hold on for the ride

When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
When love takes over, your emotions spin you round and round
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what you're feeling
Well, I don't, well, I don't know what is real
When love is like a roller coaster
Always up and down
'Cause it goes back around

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Babyface Roller Coaster Comments
  1. Maurice Powell

    Smokey Robinson I love with last Smokey Robinson I love with last

  2. Boniface Lyama

    december 2019

  3. Sandy Naylor

    When LOVE is LIKE A rollercoaster ALWAYS up and down and around...📻🎹when love takes over your emotions

  4. Sheila Bradford

    What do you do when you do all that you can do to make it work but it seems like the disrespectful behavior is becoming a regular occurrence in the relationship. One sided and in no way open for discussion or compromise. I'm really getting tired of being treated any kind of way.... but expected to be okay with that. No I am not okay with that.

  5. Jacquel Adams

    This Album Is The Truth!!!!

  6. Aleathea Bowen

    (smee) 6 flaggs ha ha ha smile

  7. bridget casseaux

    This one of the most beautiful songs ever

  8. wilfredo catlin

    This shit is as smooth as suede leather boots

  9. Sharon Stone

    Both of them went threw a divorce i can hear and feel the pain in this song gives me a sad vibes and i never ben married

  10. kenneth moore

    Damn I missed all of this good music

  11. Drawning art Academy

    Like babyface, his voice sounds like turkish love songs

  12. Carol Taylor-long

    I love these two together!~! Welcome back Toni & BabyFace, its about time!!

  13. Sheila Palmer

    You are so smooth

  14. Diva Cookn

    This is how I feel. Strongly. Favorite Favorite song

  15. Jillian Condos

    I love this song because it's true to me this song took the words right out of my mouth Thank you Toni & Babyface for making these great songs & getting me through alot of feelings lately... Love can be a very Emotional experience 4 sure !!🙏💖😎😍🙏💃



  17. Elmahfortunete Mabogoane

    Guys this track makes me cry

  18. Shen Ibrahim

    Toni BRAXTON.. I Wish... Like you did to me.. Not me

  19. Doyle Makwavarara

    makes me miss her more...

  20. Sheila Palmer

    You are so brilliant

  21. Sheila Palmer

    You are so smooth

  22. Yasmin S

    Feel this deep in my soul.. when you’ve been through a toxic but undeniably passionate relationship and just can’t seem to walk away from eachother!

  23. Paul Lee

    Still loving this whole album in October 2019

  24. Nick Auger

    Good vibes

  25. Faith Mokwena

    what would love be without this kind of timeless music to stimulate the mind, body and soul from these beautiful souls Toni and Babyface

  26. Tinashe Pikasso

    this song makes you see the beauty of being in love

  27. Gloria Martinez Miralles

    Amazing I'm spechlees

  28. John Moore

    Thumbs down huh. This track is deadly

  29. RosaHendrick Hendricks

    Beautiful music

  30. Shabani Amiri

    is what a nice album misirable in the world

  31. Ms Blessed

    Sept 2019 .... still sounds as fresh as they day they recorded this hit ❤

  32. Annette Harrison

    They should've done a video for ever songs on this album.

  33. Nettie Houston

    Babyface  could give me ATTITUDE anytime.

  34. Michael Bell

    Would love to hear them sing Baby, the wedding song, by Michael Bell. Memphis Love!

  35. Lordcron

    LaFace Inc. puts out nothing but perfection!

  36. Faith Phiri-Mutombo

    Im here because im trying to giving up on my one true love...

  37. Chawna Thompson

    This is music magic...

  38. Shauni Claro

    Beautiful song 🇧🇷

  39. Faith Mutombo

    July 2019 whose listening to Roller Coaster , Love doesn't change its feathers. its a perfect roller-coaster.

  40. Sean Shepherd

    love is like a roller coaster that’s y i don’t ride them

  41. Dream Doll

    Toni And Babyface should have gotten married!! Wow, talk about musical soul mates...

  42. Edizaida Pace

    Who's ready for this albums SEQUEL!!??

  43. Kendall Brooks

    Dam toni again ❤❤

  44. Ashazein Henry

    Toni my girl when I feel like u do am so sick done with u I love hate u 😍😍😍

  45. Marcos Costa Lima

    Linda essa canção...Linda...Brasil

  46. Alex S

    The guy is 60 years old but with a voice like he's 25.

  47. Marcus fatboy

    The last dying FABULOUS DUET .... WHO'S NEXT.... AFTER THEM

  48. Patrick Jackson

    Oh my this is my date life. Up and down. I wish people would learn to listen and they will have a perfect mate in me.

  49. Paulette Smith

    These two, my my my. Love it

  50. Jasie

    Pure 🔥.

  51. tebogo senosi

    i love those 2 people i think they should dati and get marriage and have kids we love them much love from south Africa toni

  52. J. T. Patt

    My favorite!!!

  53. Mini Babalwa

    im still listening in may 2019

  54. J. T. Patt

    Super come back forever.

  55. J. T. Patt

    #1...This song hurts. Right in the heart.

  56. cloverleaf tv

    Drop a like if you love baby face and toni braxton and still listening In may 2019

    Brian Livingston

    This is what I NEED to keep the faith that REAL MUSIC still exists and folks still WANT it. I don't care the age or demographic - PLEASE continue to support soul music before it disappears!

    nataka mitchell it!!! 1 of my favorite albums!!!

    bridget casseaux

    Brian Livingston you took da words right out of my mouth lol

  57. Mr Ford F 150

    I’m feeling this 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  58. Jack Souza


  59. Always Aim Higher

    Babyface and Toni always make good music together🌷

  60. A J

    Man this song hits home!!!

  61. Daniel J

    both voice so damn good

  62. Niesha C

    Here in 2019 😍😔🎶💯 love this song and so relatable in many ways ❤️ if anything happens I'll always come for this album those three words to this album happens daily 🙌

    Shirley Butler

    OMG Tell it like it is AMEN!When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4SURE!!!This beautiful song is in its own class of its own do you agree Niesha? LOVE IS A ROLLER COASTER ALWAYS UP AND DOWN 4REAL!!Still listenin how about May 15 2019

    Jillian Condos


  63. Allen Turner

    hackers denied my loan sonya stevens had remote access to my computer black not that good looking

  64. William Estrada


  65. Olivia Halke

    Love it...

  66. Colston Jen

    nice music love you toni Braxton and babyface

  67. Collin Mouton

    Many things were crafted by God. My absolute favorite is the voice that belongs to the Living Legend Toni Braxton. One of the most magnificent, undeniable and absolutely soulful and inspiring voices that we will ever be fortunate enough to hear. As her mother would say “Look at God!” #livinglegend

  68. Breshyia Farley

    Good jobbb

  69. Angelo Bellucci

    1000 Dislikes..I can't process that, who are these sheeps? Motherfuzzers

  70. Sihle Msiza

    I love you guys

  71. Niesha C

    Here in 2019 😍🎶🔥💯

  72. leila5308

    Who is still listening in 2019!!

  73. Olivia B


  74. Obadiah The Pinnacle

    Don't play this album...UNLESS you trying to fix yo shit with the one you love y'all..ADULTS ONLY...ALBUM IS THE TRUTH

  75. Nikki Pierce

    This song never gets old, my jam❤️

  76. Chris Walker

    2019 still my shyt ...Shout out from (( EGYPT ))

  77. Husnaa Sherriff

    Who's still listening in 2k19?
    I am♡♡

  78. Shemeka Reed

    Alghaib 99 names of allah shadahs taweens alif lam mim ra nuun b.c.a.d bible denomination allah allah yaallah yaallah subhanallah subhanallah allahuarkbar allahuarkbar alhamduliah alhamduliah alghaib

  79. Shemeka Reed

    Alghaib alghaib

  80. Boyd Daniels

    Babyface and Toni Braxton!!😢😪🎼🥁🎹🎧🎤🍸🤟🏻✌️🎩✌️

  81. Boyd Daniels

    My first wife,only babyface and Toni can describe the situation!!🎼🎹🥁🎧🎤😀🎧👔👍🍸✌️🤟🏻

  82. Myshon Beauty

    How this one is cute.

  83. Monalisa Das

    Wow Amazing Voice

  84. Samuel Michael

    I use this song for when I'm in depression
    Lol I wish it had a video

  85. Zaira Hillda

    Such a good song you guys rock

  86. Reuben Kiboi


  87. Reuben Kiboi


  88. Tony D The Original inda mix

    Life is like a Roller Coaster wit Toni Braxton & Babyface u know that! 😎😉☻🆒️💯🧚‍♂️💃🕺🕴🗣LOVELY!!

  89. Son Goku


  90. Lafaye Amison

    I love it

  91. Ebony Cake

    They should have been married