Babyface - Not Going Nowhere Lyrics

I heard from your mom that you cried out last night
For a certain someone to turn on the lights you found
That someone was not by your side and mom had to wipe
Away your tears you asked her why dad isn't here she starts
To tell you dads working late you say how come every day
Of the week and she answers you with go back to sleep
Your heart tells you something has changed why they've
Been acting so strange...

Well i'm here to tell you you don't have to fear cause
Your daddy loves you i'm not going nowhere and i won't
Give you up and not goin' to walk away comes to you
And i nothings going to change i'm here to tell you
You don't have to be scared
I'm not going nowhere...

Its true that i live in a whole different house but that
Doesn't mean i won't come around i'm still the best friends
With your mom have no doubt we'll still make time to
Hang out i promise i won't let you down

I've got a room with your name on the door your favorite
Things you could ever ask for then best of all if you cry
Out at night i'll be the one by your side someone to help dry your eyes

Well i'm here to tell you you don't have to fear cause
Your daddy loves you i'm not goin' nowhere i wont give
You up not goin' walk away when it comes to you and i
Nothings going to change i'm here to tell you you don't
Have to be scared cause i'm not going noo... i'm not going nowhere

I know you feel a little scared i know you think its not fair
And you think its all your fault but its not i swear if it wasnt
For you then things could never be so cool so i thank you
For being the one in my life cause you showed
The both of us we did something right...

Well i'm here to tell you
You don't have to fear
Cause your daddy loves your daddy loves you
I'm not going anywhere i'm here to tell you you don't have to fear...

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Babyface Not Going Nowhere Comments
  1. Svetlana Katchour


  2. Daphney Cortez

    I used to listen to this when I was young when my parents divorced. Still makes me feel some type of way 💔.


    Same's sad and very heart breaking..but life goes on...

  3. Marcio Barbosa Pinheiro

    Esse canta muito

  4. Sifa Muzimbe

    I miss u in peace...

  5. pm26776

    Thank You Baby face. Just Perfect.

  6. zeneida 268

    now im 12 and still crying

  7. border gaming

    I. Like it😎😍😎😝

  8. Stephen Searles II

    Babyfacevevo how can I get this instrumental?

  9. Zahria Aziz

    He sings. Good

  10. Mike Spoon Sr.

    i cry eveytime...I be thinkin bout my son...


    love this guy for his honesty

  12. zeneida 268

    Every lyrics count in my life ecept my parents is enymes because my dad cheated on my grade 1 teacher

  13. zeneida 268

    Since i was seven i was looking for this song and now im 11 yrs old now this songs mean alot this lyrics is my life now im crying because my dad wasnt there for me when im was 7 my life was difficult this makes me cry and this is a basic true meaning of my life i was kicked out with my mother at 7 by my dad i see him some times but never on my birthday

    zeneida 268

    thanks guys for the likes I'm 12 now he used to sing to me with this song

    kareem ali

    Hope everything will be good for you

  14. Faith Lee

    I'm sure his boys still love this song!

    Ed M

    They probably love Justin Bieber or Rihanna

  15. Tribulation Saint

    Used to sing this song to my 3 babies all the time. Dionisio, Jessica & Lauryn. My reasons for breathing.💖💖💖

  16. MultiPRETTIE

    Well this is too emotional wish my daddy loved me for who am and not for what i can achieve and how successful i can be like my siblings...wish he loved me for who God created me to be but its cool mama loves me

  17. WALDER

    had to revisit this wonderful tune again...after all its been 2 years.

  18. Ti-Ti Cormier

    This is a wonderful song... People don't realize that when divorce occurs the children are the one caught in the middle. The children are the victims, and so many men lose contact with their children after divorce, and that really hurts children because they sometimes feel that they did something wrong. I love this song; it sends a great message out to all fathers across the world.

  19. wilwat9

    Babyface best song!!!!

  20. Bernie Cervantez

    Thanks b face this video gets me through the times in between my weekend visits with my son...thanks for all the great music you give us...keep up the great work...your honorable fan...bernie mack out here in visalia ca...

  21. Seth Van Hoose

    With everything going on this song makes me an emotional wreck. I love dad and I look up to him every day and want to be just as great as he was

  22. Mannon Dennison

    For Endre' and Cryston #notgoingnowhere

  23. Mihi-marie Dixon

    Loves Kenny you musical geneius <3

  24. quyott ryott

    beautiful song,do sad music like this gets shunned on the airwaves nowadays

  25. Anselmo Foxx

    Happy Father's Day


    hummm this is music so good j'aime beaucoup

  27. KG Blitz

    beautiful song and video

  28. Asanti Bellamy

    this man is my favorite singer of all times. he just has a way of touching your soul with his voice

  29. CrispyVapeTM

    I remember when I was a kid and I would listen to this in my dads car. He wasn't divorced or nothing but this guys voice is prime man I wish he would put some new content out there.

  30. Clyde Mpanza

    Hey guys can someone tell me in which album can I get this SONG.PLEASE I just wannabuy it for my Son.


    +Clyde Mpanza 'Playlist'

    Sean Jackson

    Unplugged Live Album

  31. Armando Gallegos

    this is for my kids

  32. Welcome Zithulele

    I don;t have a child but this song reminds me of my baby brother and how much I love him and the sweet memories we created  along the way. I love u Olwethu my brother. Lovely song

  33. Shirley Richardson

    I LOVE this song and the CD! #aBabyfaceforeverfan

    Erykee 13

    I agree with you ,Shirley!
    It started off bit slow for me. I didn't know what to expect, however, by the time the hook set in along with the video (showing positive families engaging together) I was like you -love it!

  34. Sonia Albuquerque

    Adoro suas musicas tenho um CD especial seu que adoro ficar ouvindo nos finais de semana !!!!

  35. Janice Zeno

    I'm not going nowhere. I love this song so much...ilyb

  36. WALDER

    marriage,love and divorce..(i dont believe in divorce)probaly why im never married.

    Elizabeth Foster

    This is great stuff, kinda has a country vibe to it, thanks!


    my fav. part is when all three of the guitarist are playing together near the end.

  37. DrTroy Turner

    Cant use special characters. I said Im an Emotional wreck at 1 min 35 and 3 min 38.

  38. DrTroy Turner

    I'm an emotional wreck at 1:35 and 3:38. Whew.

  39. Wad9591

    Ease up on the music so you can hear the words. What I got I loved. Hope to hear more Kenny.

  40. Theresa Davis

    My scalp has chill bumps! O gosh how beautiful.

  41. ddkm1978

    yeah bro nice and do that keep it in your mind to give you a reason to be succesfull

  42. whatever

    Knew this song from Oprah many years back. Babyface cried while perfoming. Epic.

  43. FedeRhodes

    grown ass man crying here...

  44. Moewoe Josey

    Woe there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I didn't give birth to you and that's ok because I still loved you as If I did..Mommy misses her little man. I will see you again one day when you are able to make your own decisions. Step-parents have no rights and that is so unfair....I LOVE YOU SON..

  45. unrooolie

    Someone is always cutting onions when this song plays

  46. tee dee

    lol at Idris Alba looking Dad who blocks sons shot but later acts slow do his son can finally make a lay up. Also was feeling the bokeem woodbine pop who started things off. Conberse like he stepped out of Jasons Lyric.

  47. Gabriel Ssemakula

    i am turning 22...i have loved this song since i was 15yrs

  48. Winny SZoners

    I love them both, my mom and daddy.

  49. Ramon Arroyo

    I love this song it reminds me of my parents devorse :')

    Daphney Cortez

    Me too 💔😖

  50. Shawn Konrad

    very well put

  51. Melaine Mrari

    this song is amazing,he's such a great dad,lucky kids

  52. RaveWade03

    Just cherished all the moments that we can still have with parents. Comparing to ours, the lives of their hearts are less than 40% of ours.. Cherish and Don't take their loves for granted. :)

  53. Gayan Rajapaksha

    sorry to hear that.... :(

  54. SleekMack

    Damn you Tracy Edmonds for fucking up such an exemplary relationship!!!!

  55. sm1thie

    Man can you write songs, Babyface!

  56. Dani Gam

    Makes me tear everytime

  57. sgabbard79

    I love u Mason and daddy

  58. Jan

    i miss my three littlw girls... oldest one is turning 3 this november with my 2nd youngest... she l
    wont let me see them cause she not gonna file.for child support ... i dont know where they are.... daddy misses you guys dearly.

  59. SleekMack

    For my Boys. No amount of mediocrity will stop me from having a relationship with y'all. EVER!

  60. Becky Duque

    U know, there are 3 sides to every story.
    Your moms, .
    Your dads
    and the truth.
    Although you place blame on your mom understand that there was something that pushed her to cheat on your dad.

    I am just voicing my opinion..
    more power to all of you though.

  61. deepsea4339

    finnaly i get to see the mv of this song, really love this song.

  62. vico ndu cele

    these are words i wanna instill to my unborn child, that no matter what happens between me and his mum my love will never change

  63. jason harewood

    we must be greatful at times to both our parents.

  64. Orange Blossom

    OMG , this only has 252,095 views!!!!! That's incorrect.

  65. Fiu Misa

    makes me cry..:( lovely song

  66. hottnes08


  67. Shawn Konrad

    wow what a song

  68. Dica Jr.

    Kenneth Brian Edmmonds Babyface para mim um dos melhihores artistas completos em todos os senjtidos falando.Compositor,cantor,,músico,arranjador,produtor e um talento inconfundível!!
    genial e inspirador na s sua balladas romanticas.Toca que ele toca vira ouro!
    Dica Guimarães Jr.Dono de um voz tenor e macia.

  69. Aldine McDonald

    Babyface is undoubtedly one of the best songwriters of all time

  70. PrettyinPinkAlways20

    Look at Candi Cotton at 1:56 Love you!!!

  71. Janet Greene

    Great lyrrically and a melodic soothing Babyface sound GREAT! chacka69 Bless all 4 2012!!

  72. bredixon19

    I dedicate this song to my daughter namiah mommy loves u namiah an I thank God for u everyday

  73. promotertv


  74. andre crawford

    has anyone got tabs or could make a tutorial on how to play this song on guitar, i dont get what it mean by chords ( i do i mean the struming patterns or finger picking) i would really apprieciate it if some one sends me tabs, or explains how to by a message or even a tutorial, thanks.


  75. Mssalsera4life

    Wow.... so touching. I love this one. Have to share. LOVE IT!

  76. Khunga Eusuph Yusf Qolo

    brilliant ...i saw it for th first tym

  77. Deni Li

    when i got older day by day im only 16 right now but i can see how hard my parents work to pay the rent AND take care of 4 boys , so hard in fact that they are physicaly weak , my mum has a hand problem, diabetes , high blood pressure , my dad oonly has a quarter of eye vision, heart problems, an acheing body, high blood pressure .... someday im going to make my parents proud ...someday

    kareem ali

    .I hope ur doing well my friend and God bless you and your family

  78. Moewoe Josey

    Toll my little man Shawn..I've been taking care of you since you were 18 months old..I love you..Mommy loves you..No I did not give birth to you,but my love for you is still the same as if I did..You be 12 soon, and I hope your dad let's me remain a part of your life..Love you Woes...MoM..

  79. G Papillon

    To my daughter. I need you in my life Violet Thiessen-Papillon. I want to watch you grow up, to be there for you when you need me every day, to be your dad. I dont want to loose you.

  80. treat2c

    Wow. I had never heard this song. It is so deep and touching. More fathers should say this to their children if their relationships don't work out.

  81. hyuugaevileye

    I wish I had this song fifteen years ago.

  82. norshahmir

    babyface forever and ever.....bring back the whip appeal!!

  83. Siyabonga Makhaye

    what an awesome song for a baby it like a Lullaby

  84. damain lacroix

    This song it the truth i wish all dads were like that ;(

  85. damain lacroix

    This is awsome

  86. Eve30

    Beautiful song!

  87. chicano4041

    @SOULdierX93 I don't agree. He needs to work alone. He's way better when he produces and writes alone, L.A. Reid would be the only exception. It was sad when he tried to do what you suggested. He tried to work with the neptunes and other artists around 2002 and it was all bad. The only good songs from that album were the ones he made alone.

  88. David Kabwe

    Babyface really sings from the heart, simply lovely...

  89. Darell McKinsey

    man, i luv Kenny, he should come back bigger than ever! He should collaborate some of the hottest artists of today and produce a big hit and another classic!

  90. quincyentyrone

    @just4de3a zero dislike, nice!

  91. unrooolie

    This is a love song in its truest form

    Miranda Al

    It's not a love song - it's a song for his child

  92. CeeThe Beauty

    wow.. so powerful.

  93. love10006

    @reesebby1994 omg sorry for your lost

  94. Justnoortje87

    sad song:(

  95. brendantlm

    I had never really talk to my dad, on a personal level, as often... Now I'm 30 and there are so many times I really wonder what goes through his head. This song really sends that ache and sourness to my heart but it shows how beautiful this song is... I love you dad.

  96. Cedric Heron

    touching song

  97. marcyboy

    This is such a beautiful, amazing song. Babyface is so awesome! Does anyone else agree though that this sounds pretty similar to Michael Jackson's 'You are my life' from his invincible album - which was also written by Babyface? They're both amazing songs!

  98. Val Oguttu

    This song moves me every time !!!! can help but get emotional