Babyface - Hurt You Lyrics

Here we go
Here we go again
Loving you has caused me so much pain
But you don't see it, you never see it

So why apologize
I was just doing what I had to do baby
An eye for an eye

God knows I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to break your heart, your heart babe
God knows I never meant to turn you on, turn you out
Never meant to take it that far, that far babe
God knows I never meant to hurt you, hurt you, hurt you, hurt you, hurt you, hurt you

Baby, guilty as charged
I'm not gon lie babe
I did you wrong so many times yes
So I know why you crossed the line
Oh but girl I never dreamed you'd cheat on me

But I, (no, no) I apologize (don't apologize, don't apologize)
Oh baby, the pain I put you through (put you through it too
What I did to you (I did the same to you)
Oh I made you cry

God knows I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to break your heart, your heart babe
God knows I never meant to turn you on, turn you out
Never meant to take it that far, that far babe
God knows I never meant to hurt you, hurt you hurt you, hurt you, hurt you, hurt you

Can we start over again
Can we start baby as friends
Give you one more try
The tender kisses you give to me
Would be the only thing I'd ever need

God knows I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to break your heart, your heart babe
[Repeated and ad-libbed out]

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Babyface Hurt You Comments
  1. sydney august

    this is a song worth listening to it should ring from 1billion and...views pple promote

  2. mysticaldaniels

    “I apologize “😢😢😢

  3. Peter Moto

    The person you love the most, the one you best compatible with, don't always make it through with you.. and both silently know that we can make great things happen, u love each other, but choose to go otherwise... i get back to this song all the time.... coz its reference. Anywhere that wont stop us from abusing the repeat button in 2020! Thanks Toni and Mr Girl Like You

  4. Sheerow Houdini

    Toni braxton is fucking ittttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭I’m here on a toni marathon crying and shit

  5. Mrs. Powell

    Gosh this was six years ago? I feel like it just came out yesterday even though it's been on my playlist forever lol

  6. Bradford Sands

    This means so much to me until we meet again J


    Already jamming to this in 2021

  8. Noni Noraini

    Still at it..2020!love this duo

  9. Siyabonga Madiba

    2020 hit like

  10. amal ali

    amazing beat and music..

  11. Patience Gary

    Do yall noticed that's toni is the girl that he cheated with in this video when they show the flashbacks

  12. alain Gahungu

    Even in 2020 this one still in my fav songs ever

  13. Luanne Phillip

    Toni is responsible for a lot of women chopping off their hurrr!!!! She is an absolute doll with this short look😍😍😍♥️

  14. Ruby veitch

    So love tony shes such a beautiful voice.Always been a fan of hers since back at the start of her career. Keep it up tonyxxxxBABY FACE YOU ALSO TALENTED GREAT VOICE LOVE YOUR MUSICXX

  15. Kia Hamm

    OMG! It's 2020! Would they just get married already!?! ❤❤❤❤

  16. Elina Witbooi

    If you're a legend you're a legend. This is legend.

  17. David R. Davidson

    Good morning! Happy to subscribe to and support this channel/collaborative effort as much I can. Best wishes.

  18. Fitzgerald Mendez

    Lord knows he showed his ass when he made Toni Braxton

  19. Ash Aley

    Sad sad song. It’s like you love your family n ur wife is beautiful but the chemistry has gone..... flown away like a bird out of the cage. So I endlessly am in search of that thing with someone else but just can’t find it! I am lost in this tunnel and there’s just no end! 💔

  20. Lihle Nkele

    Toni is good

  21. Nelson Geieb

    Come back SA again....

  22. Jessica Westley

    love this song who with me 2020

  23. Martha Boikanyo

    Yah neh

  24. Michael Washington

    So much hurt, so much pain,I was confused she cut the chain😪.She was my best friend as if she would care.oh well I might not ever pass this way again.such a tragic lost the love a good friend.I never meant 4 this 2 we run until the next episode.M.

  25. Chelle G.

    Give u my heart by them is good too,this is my son fav song,he said mom she's fine,I said see her on Long As I Live

  26. axel kucH

    Toni Braxton and babyface- the essence of perfect produced black music! Just sheer joy to hear them singing

  27. Delis Diaz


  28. Brittny Lacroix

    2020 omg am here for it

  29. VBrou X


  30. Malik Woods

    Who still listening to those legends inn2020?

  31. Diva Cookn

    My life but he cheated and I never lied.he was backstabbing and deceitful. Hurts. No reason. None. I pray on it.

  32. Amazing Amy

    It's easier to be nasty and not give a fuck. Step on them like roaches and keep going.

  33. Tinashe Pikasso

    this song can easily mend any relationship that is about to fall apart

  34. Jonathan

    It’s sad that this album is talked about as being one of the best r & b albums of the decade

    Kholiwe Mlambo

    What do you mean it's sad? what is sad about it being one of the best?

  35. Nathalia Morais

    Maravilhassaaa essa mulher 🤤❤

  36. Katiria Nolasco

    This song never gets old!

  37. Eric Groves

    I love you ronnie

  38. Faith Mosby

    Still watching Braxton Family Values 😔

  39. Jehny W.G Braxton

    i love toni braxton❤oh jesus amado

  40. lindy mbuyane

    Who's here 2020.... Love love this song and them two =magical

  41. Jon Honesty

    They are great together

  42. Francesca Shade

    I found this song atl last

  43. Cornel Nedab

    They look good!!

  44. Nomfanelo Mkhize

    My mother loves this lady

  45. Lillian Chikove

    Whose listening to this in 2020

  46. Kond1e 17

    even in 2020 I still can't believe their vocals and backings

  47. Rochelle Conner

    Thats my shit i love both of them 💞💞💞

  48. Felizardo Ribeiro

    Nao me canso de escutar linda musica...

  49. Dianna Hawn

    More Toni Braxton and Baby Face songs stat

  50. Keegan Vengetasamy

    This performance in SA live. Give me life.

  51. Leola Lawson

    Toni beautiful

  52. Shashana Canady

    Love this song and it’s 2020

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I agree with you all the way this beautiful classic just move your soul in the right direction do you agree? I will always cherished this beautiful classic as long as I live AMEN!!!Some songs are just too great for words 4SURE!!!Still listenin how about January 03 2020

  53. Margaret Kganyago

    Toni, please go get your man! Stop playing with Birdman. Babyface, hope you have that ring ready💕💍 You've denied your feelings far too long....

    A Rose Still A Rose

    Margaret Kganyago she’s not with Birdman . She stated multiple times they are just industry colleagues

  54. Siyasanga Pungulwa

    2020 love you all

  55. Necessary Conversations

    January 2020 🔥🔥

  56. Simone Kang


  57. Simone Kang

    So very nice Song and Video ♡ I love it ♡ ♡

  58. Mat Joseph

    Why are they not happily married together

  59. osscar mphaphuli

    This song is just amazing...pity the 2010ss are never about music but 3 months hit you dont remember after ...damn music got screwed up ...I mean now the bubble gums and less talented are at the top because they have people speak for your music, then music did it's own story telling

  60. Queen Mia

    This song was published on my baby girl 💙😭😭 death

    Shirley Butler

    OMG My condolences

  61. Ronnyea Agnew

    To keep playing a good music

  62. Fraink Black

    Toni know her kids is his....

  63. Super mario and freddy fazbear

    @3:41 when they come together and sing "never meant to take it that far, that farrrr babe"...I get chills!

  64. qυєєи

    Sorry but da vid cringe ash

  65. Regina Bailey

    Love It🌹

  66. Memory Kasikila


  67. Blue Moon

    Amazing Duet✨✨👍☝👏🔥💖

  68. Dennis Denz

    Too my love of my life and the perfect person that I hold dear to my heart @lucinda Rivera Waiharo...I love you mamah!!!

  69. Natalie Venter

    Yes gal God knows you never meant to hurt him ♡

  70. Emmo Umus


    Shirley Butler

    OMG hell to the yeah how about December 27 2019 I will always cherished this beautiful song as long as I live AMEN!!! When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!!

  71. Mlungisi Zulu

    As foretold. The lord of Durban is here.
    This is a Jam. #Tony is a Goddess.

  72. Charles W

    OMG! The chemistry between these 2 is just electrifying!

  73. Jasiel Rodriguez

    Very apologetic video of true love after recognizing how childish evil cruel and careless about someone you really always cared about, but let selfishness take over. I love her songs. Women are my life, they mean everything to me.

  74. Barbie Rae

    TOO GOOD, the PAIN...

  75. Ronelo Corita

    She's always...wawwwwwww

  76. Antanasia Coleman

    Okay toni

  77. Nancy bepu

    Toni and baby face beautiful song 😘😘😘

  78. Nancy bepu

    I luv this song 👌👌👌👌

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I'm with you all the way Nancy I will always cherished beautiful song as long as I live AMEN!!! When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4SURE!!! Some songs are just too great for words AMEN!!!Do you agree Nancy ? Still listenin how about December 11 2019

  79. Taryanna LaShunta

    “Ouuu I made you cry” 😭💔 start from 1:11

  80. Chicago galaxy

    This was the jam back in 2014, it still is.

  81. Deanie

    She always looked good with short hair.

  82. Monica Browne-Smith

    What a brilliant "break up song" so beautifully executed.

  83. Peggy Hicks

    Awesome song

  84. Terriana Gurley

    That gurl bad

  85. Terriana Gurley

    That's her husband secretly

  86. Pauline Mokgadi

    God knows I've never meant to hurt you or break ur heart ♥ 💔💔🤞😭

  87. kymmirox

    I’m back at again to listen to my song (November 27, 2019!!)

    Shirley Butler

    OMG I know that's right how about December 09 2019 I will always cherished this beautiful song as long as I live AMEN!!! When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4REAL!!! Do you agree?


    Shirley Butler I agree. :)

  88. Mpeg Sandrine

    C une tuerie !!🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  89. Petronabless Bless

    Love u both ❤❤❤❤

  90. ESSOH

    I love them so much

  91. tyronica bolds

    Love.. Still playing this hit... Heeeeeyyy alright with me on an cold night..

  92. character4thought

    With just these two artists the 90s rnb era is untouchable

  93. Kond1e 17

    no better duet.... no better runs than Tori

  94. Isis Isis

    Toni and Babyface are two special and gifted souls.