Baby Kaely - It's A Shame Lyrics

You can pretend and act like your perfect,
My mom told me no one in the world is perfect,
We all have problems don't want them to surface,
Try to keep them closed like the living room curtains,

But they gotta open someday the house need sun ray,
If not it stays dark in your house,
That's what I say,
You gotta open up the blinds then maybe you'll find,
A whole world of happiness just waiting inside.

You are beautiful inside,
You don't need a disguise,
If the people don't see it then they have no eyes,
Please no more cries those people are wise,
They don't know that you're a blessing that came down from the skies,

They don't know what you are capable of doing in your life,
They don't know what they've been doing if they're ruining your life,
They don't know that being mean is way harder than being nice,
They don't know what goes around comes back around, twice.

Man I don't understand, I'm confused,
Do they think if they're nice that makes them lose?
Do they think they have to pick and choose a side?
Do they think they're allergic to giving people high fives?

Gosh, I've been trying my hardest,
But I keep on reading how my music is garbage,
How my face is ugly and my voice annoying,
But I'm still standing here and cool kids are joining,

We are all enjoying, so you are annoying,
And we're building something strong that you'll never destroy,
When you look in the mirror please judge yourself,
'Cause nobody's perfect not even yourself.

I'm happy the way I got made,
Who are you to question what God made,
Calling me ugly don't make you pretty,
Putting me down 'cause you feel itty bitty,

It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame, I'm just shaking my head,

'Cause I'm happy the way I got made,
Who are you to question what God made,
Calling me ugly don't make you pretty,
Putting me down 'cause you feel itty bitty,

It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame, I'm just shaking my head.

Sometimes I wish that we can all just get along,
And I also wish I never had to make this song,
In a perfect world, there would be no wrong,
I'd be a perfect girl, that could do no harm,

But we all know that doesn't exist,
But I know that we could do much better than this,
Stop dissing other people for no reason,
If you don't like it then you don't like it, leave then,

Why you got to sit there and tryna make a person feel bad,
Are they really doing something that's just making you mad?
'Cause nobody's perfect,
We're tryna get better.

If it's losing weight, pimples on your face whatever,
If your teeth ain't straight still crack a smile whatever,
And show them that you love yourself like whatever,

You came that way,
Everybody is different,
If we all were the same then life would be missing,
The lights would be missing,
And the world would be dark,
It'll be the same exact looking kids playing at the park,

Imagine that, one person,
But that one person is perfect then we all would be the same person,
That's boring, think about it,
But you want everybody to be perfect, think about it,
No thanks I kinda like my scar,
And you should be happy just the way that you are.

I'm happy the way I got made,
Who are you to question what God made,
Calling me ugly don't make you pretty,
Putting me down 'cause you feel itty bitty,

It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame,
It's a shame, I'm just shaking my head.

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Baby Kaely It's A Shame Comments
  1. Derrick Osborne

    I Love Your Singing Baby Kaely

  2. Annabel Jousa

    Wait what did she say she sing too fast

  3. Gloria Gutierrez

    Don’t give up baby kaely !❤️😊

  4. Rorry Arnold

    How are you

  5. Beauty Marks

    Why is she making cry 😭

  6. Jazmine Walton

    Hey. Baby kale l. Got bleed

  7. Mkyhala Brown

    If u ate with her for the rest of ur life like this comment

  8. Shelly Johnson

    All this bullying needs to stop it's sickning

  9. Lamont Steele

    i Love this song so much that ist a vary good song to lise to. and. Tomorrow do a nuth video at 3:00

  10. Raul Olivares

    It made me cry that is true you right You should stay the way you are

  11. Jay Thompson

    Your so right love you're song,s

    Jay Thompson

    Smh shake my head

  12. Cinnamon Sticks

    Baby kaely you is very precious I love your song 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Mary Grace Garcia

    And yet you still did a cover on “EW”

  14. Delaine Salinas

    I love this song and you are right love you

  15. Missredd Davis

    Wow that's great

  16. The kitty kitty Squad

    I love your voice music and kindness

  17. Tameesha King

    Everyone is not perfect there fine just like god its okay

  18. Adria Clark

    Please don't please don't be a bully

  19. Newland Wayne

    I'm with you!

  20. Bella Lawson

    I love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💋

  21. MJ Miah

    Wow you cool and awesome and that songe

  22. Kyla Peterson

    Ty for making people happy

  23. Kyla Peterson

    Im crying

  24. Shawnte Proctor

    I think your so pretty so pretty I love all your videos

  25. Miss potato Rosenthal

    I love this song

  26. Ayliany Dee

    God bless you

  27. Charlisa Perkins

    Your so right baby kaley

  28. Rich Pop

    this song is like a hot summer day fire.

  29. Mkyhala Brown

    If with her in 2019 and 2020 say me

    Leslie Sherrill

    It is a shame and you should shake your head because your face is beautiful and your hair is cute

    Leslie Sherrill

    And you are not annoying your songs isn't garbage and even if someone is making you mad you should get away from them

  30. Taylor Schrubbe

    I love this song this girl called me a slut and a hoe so I said calling me a hoe and slut doesn’t make you a better person it’s makes u a bad person it helps me because I feel left out people need to know their worth it they need to live there life how they want to don’t let anybody hurt anyone the more we get people to like this we can tell people their worth it and say sum nice stuff to people we shouldn’t care what they think just because they laugh at you don’t believe in them believe in yourself if u have a pimple on your face who cares we are all different why would we went people to be the same it’s boring we went people to live not care be a kid as long as you have don’t put people down just because their different help people like this if u agree and we should make a stop to people that are mean

  31. Martha Rivera

    Is she crying cuz I am too

  32. Martha Rivera

    2019 anyone?

  33. Favour Oloyede

    Stop blliling

  34. Asia Dez Bluitts

    Your not ugly and every body is ugly

  35. yo-yo kkk

    I love you baby Keely 💌😘😍❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💕💓💖💞💘💌💋💛💛💛💛💛

  36. Jared Kwei

    #babykaely love you

  37. Tianna Briggs

    That its true because everyone does say that I'm ugly

    Amarilys Lopez

    Your not ugly

    Naty Lacourt

    Just know in the inside that you're pretty and on the outside you heard her song it said that if they don't know you're pretty then they are blind

  38. Jared Burns

    Y'all need to stop being mean that's called being a bully and it's not funny I got bullied warrants do you need to stop and I won't worry

  39. Heav Feliz

    I am not annoying

  40. Janet Flores

    WOW I saw a girl that was sad and I told her that who made you feel so sad

    Mia Luna

    And what did she say

    Jared Burns

    I did that to

    Janet Flores

    @Mia Luna she said a bossy girl

    Mia Luna

    @Janet Flores oh ok

  41. shinita Martinez

    Your so cool i love all your songs and videos

  42. Strawberry Sparkles

    “ Calling me ugly don’t make you pretty, Putting me down cuz u feel itty bitty”... 💯😔

  43. Jaelynn Valentin

    I’m here for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💜💜💜💕💕💕💚💚💚♥️♥️♥️

  44. Quality Affordable

    We'll u doing us

  45. zerina allie


  46. Rhylin Pleasant

    that was very good and the best song ever

  47. Isabella Salinas

    I agree with you

  48. Bella Castaneda

    BellA Hi I Love 😎😂😄😍❤💗💘💙💝💞💟❣💛💚💓❤🧡💕💜🖤💖✌👍👍👍👋👏👼😺😻😹😇🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  49. i Fordege

    Yes I’m not going to give up

  50. Ivring Sowell 3


  51. The Gaming Wolf889 Subscribe

    Ur bootiful

  52. Puppet Guy

    Hi 2020 peeps🤪

  53. linashaooni

    She so buatyful

  54. Rose Khan

    Your amazing, don't let anyone judge you ❤❤❤

  55. Elias Montoya

    That is so true

  56. Amr Shawa

    You are the only person who knows how I feel 💯💔❤️💯💔💔

  57. Hope Kyrie

    How old is she?

    Hope Kyrie

    9 8 or 7


    Hope Kyrie 14 but in this she was 10

  58. Deante Johnson

    I. Love you 😘❤️

  59. Renee Brown

    Who is hear in 2019 give me a thums up if you are .

  60. Latoyia Johnson

    Thanks for your help with this girl

  61. Slim_jaylenmemeh

    I am a girl in real life and know what is happened I get bullyed by my sisters and brother by teeth not lined up and you are not ugly you are beautiful and pretty.

  62. Maria Christy

    That is not true that you say that you read you rude comments that tell you that they think that your ugly and your music is garbage but i feel the opposite for all of it

  63. Rossa and Sakura

    Your right

  64. Kandis Eller

    I did feel ugly and now that is the song I don’t

  65. Kandis Eller

    You are beautiful and very thoughtful

  66. Patricia Nicolls

    Girl whoever says that they just jelly🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  67. Arlithia McKoy

    Keep sing baby kaely😀😊

  68. Quincy Playz

    Haters back off share the love ❤️

  69. WolfyClaw Gamer

    *She looks like Zendea*

  70. Cody Manuel

    Ur beautiful the way u are

  71. Dennis Pro

    I dont like THIS song any mor so never mind

  72. Kaya Sjolander

    You can sing 🎶 and you are beautiful and you are right about that god made you in a beautiful way and sweet way he made you hope these who don’t believe in themselves and give them hope so thank you for singing your songs they inspire me and give me courage

  73. Elizabeth Playz

    😞😔🙂not not the right to

  74. Elizabeth Playz

    😨is not

  75. monique Atilano

    Aww this song makes me cry

  76. Jada Walker

    I loove her outfit😍

  77. Jada Walker

    Baby kaely we all think your beautiful just the way you are and some day i wish i could be just like you nice,sweet,kind,beautiful😍

  78. Denna Karpe

    you are pretty you are pretty and if anyone calls you ugly I'm going to go on their videos and make them feel bad but the music is good by the way

  79. Pat Jones

    Where is your spot you are a beautiful woman 😍❤️😍❤️❣️😣😒😬😔😒🤩😍🤔☹️😨🤮🌛

  80. Pat Jones

    You are beautiful I am a very very big big big fan!

  81. Heaven Boston

    Your song me to do the right and I never been mean to anyone but they made me cry a lot you are beautiful and I love your songs

  82. Nikia Battle

    I have a gap between my teeth but I love it and I'm normal, I love the way I'm made I really love your music and your beautiful 💖♥️❤️♥️ Comment if you think she's beautiful

  83. Renee Meyri

    your rite

  84. Bryan Dilts

    "Calling me ugly don’t make u pretty" that’s my favorite line

    Nikia Battle

    Mine to lol

  85. Vera Titus

    Hey baby dum I hate your songs your stupid

  86. sean taylor

    Hi I am Amor's cousin my name is Naomi and don't let anybody say that to you even everybody else thinks that like we would they say don't ever let anybody say that to you

  87. Emerge_ Senpai

    Love yourself don’t let nobody bring you down

  88. Zaza Fam

    😍😍💚💚😫love this song

  89. rave143warr

    I love your hair so much they are just jealous because you are a better person

  90. rave143warr

    U are so beautiful 😍

  91. Jared Burns

    It's okay you're amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  92. Hassan Newton

    Don't put people down bring people ☝↕ up not down

  93. Nicole Huerfano Reyes

    Omg I love songs I want too be like you when I grow up