Baby Bash - Smokin Naked Lyrics

[Bash:] Smokin nude with a ultra fly attitude [x4]
[Tokie:] Boy don't be afraid, I see you lookin at me baby. Want you to come and talk to me, you know you wanna talk to me.

[Pre Chorus:]
We could do whateva, let mama make it betta. It's hotter over here we're not talkin bout the weather. What's on your mind cause I know what's on mine, I know what's on mine, know what's on mine...

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

Come with me and I can show ya, I got what we need to roll up, and can't wait to turn the lights off, so we can light the fire. We don't need no alize, we don't need no cocaine, if you wanna turn me on, let's get naked and smoke.

Now let me roll this up while you take your clothes off. What you undress while I get my smoke on, and yea the mood is set, and yea the candles lit. We smokin big and we ain't talkin bout no cigarettes. I'm in the zone and I'm blown touchin on your flesh. Mi corazone and like that song baby you the best. Spark it up flame flash I can see your eyes your pretty flowers got your boy straight mesmerized, and you the sh*t lookin sexy when the cherries lit.

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)


[Verse 2:]
Smokin a bowl, lovin the flame, lovin the kush whatever the name whatever the strain never the game menage et trois a tre with maryjane. Me and u one on one and I got that antidote, turn up the music touch my body baby have a toast. Break down another boulder, kiss my naked shoulder, we love the munchies room service baby place the order. The whole scenery smellin like some greenery, I love you down so cold and make you bust so easily.

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)


[Tokie:] So, you know I was just thinking, that we need to get to know each other a little better... I mean I did say that we could do whatever, take off your clothes, and break this down, and I'm a roll up.
[Bash:] You a boss, Girl you so cold, I love it tho

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Baby Bash Smokin Naked Comments
  1. Arturo Ibarra

    Not going to lie....I skipped to the end

  2. Sara Novak

    This songs hot she’s hot 😬

  3. GOKU 1


  4. savagetdk

    How this not got a few million views wtf?! Good song love it Tokie Renet got some cool bars I like this songs beat and hook is fire!

  5. Hassan Sohail

    Laying back smoking loud ,with this playing in the background

  6. Tawn Tawn Yarbrough

    best damn video eva.

  7. Super Amanda

    Where is TOKIE?!!

  8. Fernando Rios

    Bash Marty an stoogie hope u guys rember me bro

  9. Fernando Rios

    Ur fan Fernando

  10. BIRD CITY 602

    Yo who's the blonde, she bangin mane.

  11. MrTerrell916

    One of my favorite smokeing song's. I wont to smoke with tham

  12. Dirty Tex Mex

    Good smoking song for late night fun.

  13. Pedro Depacas

    I wanna walk in the doors to that forever and ever!

  14. Clariece C

    Why isn't he on the radio anymore????!!!!!

  15. EmanBayBE

    You know bash smash them girls lol

  16. Carmelita Teller


  17. Elias Saavedra jr Aguliar



    OMG she so sexy 😍😂😂😘✌💨💨💨💨 looking all magically delicious 😂💯

  19. michael ramirez

    Me and you 1 on 1 I've got the antidote 👍💯

  20. Ezequiel Uribe

    Vegas Baby

  21. Jose Castillo

    🌎💙Washington State💯

  22. fernando orocio

    Song is lit tho 🔥 💯

  23. Frank Padilla

    cabron baby bash did it again luv the video too home boy

  24. FranklinScott

    Oh yesss!!!

  25. Mz. M


  26. shekelstein

    Lmao this shit is wack as fuck


    shekelstein you wack

  27. Phillip Rader

    Mijita's lookin as fine as that's fire.Love our jente .keep reppin baby b..much love and respects ESE puppz805

  28. Skylie Sanchez

    this song is FIIIIIRE😍😍😍

  29. Valerie Brown


  30. Valerie Brown

    OMG I love this fuckin song OMG and this video wow dam every time I watch it I feel like I'm watching a porno lol way to go bash lol

  31. Valerie Brown

    that was wow the door opens he standing there the girls are both naked ass showing wow and bash the look on your face when you walked in it was one of those faces that would make anyone cream themselves Lol

    dreck 2991

    Valerie Brown. that wasn't bash, it was actually a real delivery guy lol

    Valerie Brown

    I'm referring to Bash it was Bash that I was talking about

    Valerie Brown

    Bash was the delivery guy idk what your deal is but you need to go back and look.

  32. Drunken Meño

    much love from D Town

  33. Frosty G

    who's here before 500k views?

    David Ernest

    Frosty G It’s a re upload bro, this video came out 4 years ago


    David Tobar rekt:)

  34. Matheus Souza

    Fé no pai que o link dessas 2 sai

    Icaro Bittencourt

    Matheus Souza né kkkkkkkkkk

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    hot mamasita booboo song fuken stoners the shit they come up with dumb fine bitch ahaha

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