Baby Bash - Roller Coaster Ride Lyrics

[Chorus: Ocie Groceries]
If you wanna ride, then you better get live
Does everybody wanna ride a roller coaster ride
A roller coaster ride, yeah, roller coaster ride
Does everybody wanna ride a roller coaster ride
[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Oh my goodness gracious, that thing you got's amazing
That kitty cat is lookin' phat, and I'm the dog that's chasin'
I be mero caliente, man, that body's blazin'
Puerto Rican mamacita, black skin, light or Asian
I'm so lost, I need your navigation
Beam me up, I'm comin' up, expect me on your station
Turn me up, yeah, crank it up, my song is what they playin'
And if I get you home tonight, then baby, ain't no playin'
I'm sayin'
Go 'head, mama, let 'em get in line
Cause everybody wanna ride a roller coaster ride
But they ain't packin' what I'm packin', ain't too far behind
So I'm a go 'head baby girl, and let 'em stand in line

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2: King Solo]
Mama, take a ride with a G, roller coaster Range Rover
Purple paint, white seats, just like I played for Minnesota
Drop top, in New York, mama say she want me back
My life is like a movie tour where everything is strapped, we get in
Boys wanna, girls too, I just keep it player with 'em
Mama lookin' real good, and I just like, playin' with 'em
Sexy, classy, real and nasty, and she know I'm 'bout mine
Just know I'm on a roller coaster when I'm on my down time

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[Break: Baby Bash]
Step, step, step right up
Get your ticket, let it buck
Step, step, step right up
Get your ticket, let it buck
Form a line, let 'em through, baby show me what that do
Form a line, let 'em through, baby show me what that do

[Baby Bash {King Solo (slowed down)}]
All the girls that wanna WHAT!!! {Get your hands up}
All the girls that wanna WHAT!!! {Get-get-get your hands up}
All the girls that wanna WHAT!!! {Get-get your hands up}
{Get-get-get your hands up, g-g-g-get your hands up}

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

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Baby Bash Roller Coaster Ride Comments
  1. Monse Soriano

    2020 ♥️

  2. Kyle Silverfox

    Liz. If you're out there.i Love you. Message me.this is Shug,

  3. Nodin Wind

    2020 ?

    Still 🔥

  4. The Mizz

    Jeff carrasco stole my heart and mind and fucked me to this song when I was 17 I will always love him. I look at him now and think eww!

  5. Cesar Sicajan

    No one jammed to this song like I did mikael never went big like he should’ve

  6. Thalia Perez


  7. Brown Trump

    Dominique marie villarreal i miss you !!!!!

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  9. Pjess Villa

    Still Loving it

  10. R J

    Love it!! 2019

  11. John Carmona

    Whos here in 2019??

    Charlotte Lovato


  12. MR 53R1U5

    2020 fool

  13. iKudaro

    Your body’s like a roller favorite attraction, lemme get closer....

    Thalia Perez

    iKudaro your the drug I got addicted

  14. Bryan Ramirez

    Still here 2019 🔥👌🏻

  15. Delmi Rocha

    Still bumping this music 😍😍😍

  16. FearTheNoLife FEAR

    I should make a fortnite montage with this song

  17. Crystal Rios

    Still listening in 2019♥️

  18. Christal Flores

    2019 ?!

  19. Trill Nigga Polanco

    my baby girl tessa I love you with all my heart I think of you when I hear this 04.01.18 💙

  20. Brookalina Martinez

    This song is gonna be it till I die fr 💕

  21. Gajeel Session

    I been loving this song for YEARS!! Mickael is one of the most overlooked artists. Smh

  22. Junior Castellanos

    I dedicated this song to her back in 2013 when we had ours first kid after 10 years I still love you baby

  23. Starlynn Melendez

    2018 still 🔥

  24. Imperial 562


  25. Victor72 YT

    I'm 13 and this song brings back memories from 2012 to 2014

  26. Kyle Silverfox

    sugary sweet. always. close to me. need u so.

  27. Kyle Silverfox

    # Numéro uno.

  28. Kyle Silverfox

    shout out to Liz. In Crownpoint. Homegirl like fuhhhhhh.

  29. Alex siguaw

    LA BaBYGiRL !3
    (2018) , Thinking of YOU lover boy" DAVID M. SIGUAW 💋💨

  30. McNamara Troy

    Still gettin witt it in 2k18...

  31. The Mizz

    Thank God someone put it on YouTube!!!!

  32. The Mizz

    This song makes me melt everytime, brings back so many memories....

  33. jessca young

    Love this song been listening to it for awhile brings lotta good memories of my child hood❤️❤️❤️💎this songs gold

  34. Archer

    so does this dude just not exist or what? i can really find anything about mickael


    so ive come to the conclusion that he just doesnt exist anymore lol only found two other songs by him

  35. Samantha Big Tobacco

    My lovess 😍😍

  36. Kyleaha Kelly

    I miss my love
    . . . Rest in heavenly peace my love . I miss you so fucking much baby doll.... I wish i could just hold and kiss you . . (July.19 . 17) Waylon Grant Owens ... I love you so much baby . . Forever and until eternity ..

  37. Marcie Goodeagle

    Still jamming to this 😏😎😀 2k18 😉

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    Never gets old!!! 2018

    Xxwicked DreadxX

    Nando Soto never gets old 2019

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    2017 still hearing this muzic

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    song brings a lot sweet sad memories

    Faith Roubideaux

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    Baby making music lol

    Rodney Tuttle

    jacob lonebear badass song bro hahaha, make me think of someone for real

    jacob lonebear

    Aye Rodney found me

    Rodney Tuttle

    jacob lonebear always my boy lol

    jacob lonebear

    Aye yut

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    your my drug baby 😊 t&j

  49. Pam Tillahash

    Damn I miss my babe:(( I'm always by my self...

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    yea it does @king of Texas

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    July 2016

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    song bring back alotta memories real talk.

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    mise 90 sounds good much fun if u in las Vegas maybe I can help ya with that

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    fav sex song tbh

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    Levi Langley 3

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    ♡♡ I was poison & you the remedy ♡♡

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    real good song :) my nephs dance to it!

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  59. Tequanna Red Owl

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