Baby Bash - Hit Me (BBM Me) If You Miss Me Lyrics

[Printz Board]
Printz Board on the beat

[Carlos Olivero]
Y'all ready
Show 'em how it is, mayne

[Pre-Chorus: Printz Board]
Baby doll, I love it all
You know I love it all
I love the way you walk
Baby girl, the way you talk
The way you break me off
You hear me, freaky thoughts
You know I love it all
Baby doll, I love it all

[Chorus: Carlos Olivero]
Baby, hit me when you miss me, girl
Tell me how you wanna kiss me, girl
Baby, hit me when you miss me, girl
Baby, baby
B-baby, baby

[Verse 1]
[Baby Bash (Carlos Olivero)]
I'm out here stackin' duckies
Playboy all about my bunnies
That's why I love it when you hit me, tellin' me how you rub it
I like 'em freaky tales, followed up by picture mails
I hit you back with somethin' cool, make you feel me like some braille
I'm on my humble hustle
Tryin' to stack a gang of Ruffles
So me and you can bubble (Bop, bop, doo-wop)
Baby girl, you know I love you
You bad for real, head to heel, if I don't answer, just let it bill
Let me know just how you feel, I love it how you keep it trill (Bop, bop, doo-wop)

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
She send me smiley faces
All the time we spend in Vegas
And your smile is so contagious, see them back when you wore them braces
Everytime we have relations
I tape it on my phone
And she love communication
That's the best thing goin' on
Yeah, we wireless and mobile
Let's take off, feel is global
Let's go rent us some mo-mo
Post up with a gang of dodo (Bop, bop, doo-wop)
And my Blackberry crackberry, iPhone evil
Bust out the webcam, girl let's keep it incognito (Bop, bop, doo-wop)

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

[Hook: Baby Bash]
She be BBM-in' me
Love the flick she send to me
She be bringing friends to me
She be hella fellin' me
Sugar, please
Don't stop, keep it goin'
Sugar, please
Off top, we ready knowin'

[Repeat Hook]

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Printz Board]
Baby doll, I love it all

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Baby Bash Hit Me (BBM Me) If You Miss Me Comments
  1. marisella sanchez

    I love this song😍💕

  2. Angel Velez

    Good song

  3. Reece Engineering

    Where in the world can I find the intro song to this album?

  4. Anthony DCafango

    awesome maybe a remix and bring it back on the radio! what we missed this man voice! needs more radio play! this cd has the sounds of 2pac and Snoop Dogg!