Baby Bash - Good For My Money Lyrics

[Baby Bash]
Hennessey and lime
We off the X-rated
A little of Patron for you
Ma, ma

[Chorus: Lloyd]
She good for my money
Good for my money
She good for money, she good
She good for my money
Good for my money
Good for money, she good
We spending all around the globe
Yeah, we rock, and we roll
And we spend, all the dough
She good for my money
Good for my money
Good for money, she good

[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
It's all on me, I identify you
Lookin' ziplock fresh, girl, you stay on your tools
L.V. purse, I'm a spend it all first
Rubberband full of cake, girl, you know I'm the worst (Worst)
Shorty got style
Look at that fit
Run with material, look at that switch, twitch
Oh wow
Put it on ice
Certified top-notch, certified five mics, mics

[Repeat Chorus]

[Hook: Lloyd & Baby Bash]
Cause I'm a spend it, spend it, spend it all
I'm a spend it, spend it, spend it all
Cause we gon' spend it, spend it, spend it all
I'm a spend it, spend it all on you, lady

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
Spend it in Atlanta, girl, spend it in L.A.
New York City, girl, big bombay
Neon lights with the champagne flights
Ringside tickets to the big top fights {ding ding ding}
You know you wanna live
You know you wanna see it
You know you tell your girlfriends, you know they won't believe it {Hold up}
Hold up, I'm just sayin', though
Capitol, my federal
Fettucinni, love to see me
Work for my candy, I'm a let 'em know

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
On Tha Cool, she baby boo, and I'm a let her wear my chain
New Gucci shoes, new Gator blues, new platinum diamond rang
New whips, she could swang
Shoppin' spress out in Spain
Mi corazon, so you know it's on, cause money ain't a thang

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Hook]

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Baby Bash Good For My Money Comments
  1. Надежда Васильева

    2010 year miss you😔

  2. Bri

    I love this song❤ I thank my mom for showing me this type of music

  3. Ron Tny

    Damn my ex use me again for my money

  4. Carlos Casiano

    gotta get up work twice as hard and stacked it up!!! take a vaK and go with the flow

  5. H-Town Finest

    I'm surprised the Bashtown album didn't get more AirPlay. It got that mainstream sound to it yet still great music


    I love this song  n him also hes awesome

  7. Joseph Vasquez

    This song reminds me of a girl that once liked me, but I fucked that up and now she's on a whole other level

    Yani Zzoa

    +Joseph Vasquez i feel so sorry for you

    H-Town Finest

    It happens. Haha. That's why you gotta get yourself back up to that level. Wether it's working out and getting big, or getting richer

  8. James707

    This is the same beat as Single Girl by Evident. It is produced by Jim Jonsin. He gave Bash a used beat that was on the radio already smh.

  9. Anthony DCafango


  10. lool ales

    this song is rocking the floor cooooooooool

  11. Caleb Correll

    I was hoping I wasn't the only one that noticed this!

  12. Caleb Correll

    Besides the fact that Good For My Money is a bit more sped up. it sounds EXACTLY like Single Girl by Evident.

  13. Bearpaw

    Awsome fricking song! Im no gangster and im definitely not a wanna be....but im feeeeling this song

  14. tdoggs tharsan

    where the video at ?

  15. lemonadeoceangang

    i think lloyd should only sing on jim jonsin beats

  16. marcandremck33

    1:58-2:04 = sickest voice in all hip hop

  17. marcandremck33

    Bash has by FAR AND AWAY the DOPEST voice in todays rap. He raps so....smoothly.

    Not to mention he's pretty damn good looking!

  18. marcandremck33

    Bash has by FAR AND AWAY the DOPEST voice in todays rap. He raps so....smoothly

  19. teesaccount

    damn this album is better than expected

  20. Gurginator1

    bro why isnt this song big?? its awsome

  21. Lauren Mcdonnell

    <3 LOVE ITT

  22. BrahamGod YT

    hell yea that is what i ll b talkin bout love it

  23. spectrum069

    well what can i say, she good for my money ;)

  24. alex niewzwaag

    ha nich nich

  25. Tim

    @SuperWario33 wow geklaut von two and a half man !!! :)
    warum bitte ist das lied schwul??

  26. Myke Hawk

    fuckn autotune.

  27. Cara Nicole

    This just sounds like every other pop/hip hop song out there today.

  28. Katherine D

    love <3

  29. Slick Nick

    nice beat

  30. spectrum069

    what can i say, she good for ma money!

  31. Moana Ete

    Awsome song

  32. goofykid111

    check out everygreen and dub b sick rappers

  33. Kevin Bennett

    me likey

  34. lissen soobrayen

    very good song

  35. looky khan

    jim jones beat i guess

  36. Endre Ohrvik Storækre

    yeah ! ;D <3 Good Song ;D