Baby Bash - Dance All Night Lyrics

"People always say
Rap music is, uh, misogynistic and it's degrading to women
But what I realize, man
Women that like rap
Don't, give, a FUCK
Women that like rap
Don't care what they sayin'
If the beat's all right
She will dance all night" - [Chris Rock]

[Verse 1: Problem]
Yeah, she'll dance all night
Yeah, she'll dance all night
By the end of the night
Bet she land on pipe
Now I ain't talkin' 'bout no plumbin' (Comin')
I'm talkin' 'bout some lovin'
Yeah, I'm young, wild and I'm thuggin', yeah, I'll do you right in public
And I'll know you'll do me back (Back...)
Oooh, that's Problem, yeah, he rap (Rap...)
Have you screamin', "Get the message"
Like I text in all caps (What, what)
Yeah, I'll kiss it, all crazy (Uh hun)
You'll be callin' me daily (Uh hun)
Like my first name is Carson, that got this world like a martian
Cause I got boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah, boo-yah
Blow, bitch, blow (Blow)
When I'm done, can you stay
I'm like, "No, bitch, no" (No)
Gotta, go, go, see ya (See ya)
Girl-girl, get-get from me (From me)
That pole's callin' your name, hoe, it's time to get that money

[Chorus: Fingazz]
"If the beat's all right, she will dance all night"
"If the beat's all right, she will dance all night"
"If the beat's all right, she will dance all night"
"She will all dance night"
"All night" - [Chris Rock]

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
Ay yai yai
Her cha cha ain't got no limit
Somebody's smokin' my spinach
She'll bust it down in a minute
Before I finish my sentence
If it ain't white, it ain't right
If it ain't black, take it black
If it ain't brown, I ain't down
That's why we all gon' get down
Cause I can feel it comin' out these speakers (Speakers)
Surrounded by these chicas (Chicas)
She sexy fine, freaky Zodiac sign
What you know about them Libras (Hun)
She don't do the hokey-pokey
She sip, drank, and get smokey
She'll dance all through the noche
Tryin' to Function like E-40

[Repeat Chorus]

"She will dance all night"
"All night"
"All night-night"
"She will dance all night"
"All night"
"All night" ("Night...")

[Verse 3: Baby Bash {slowed down}]
Yeah, the nastier, the better
My magnum prophylactic
Her partner's ain't no punks, they mad and never scared to get raunchy
The rubber bands ain't lackin'
The DJ got her smackin' {Smackin'}
Lights on, lights off
Cause we the main attraction
Yeah, her birthday cake is clappin'
Clappin', clappin'
Her birthday is clappin'
What's happenin', what's happenin'
Mmm, the red bone to that yella
Somebody grab an umbrella
My music makes her wetter

"The-the-the, the nastier, the better" - [Chris Paul]
"If the beat's all right, she will dance all night"
"If the beat's all right, she will dan-dan"
"The beat's all right, she will dance all night"
"She will dance all night"
"The-the-the, the nastier, the better"

[Repeat Chorus]

"She will dance all night..."
"F-f-f-Fi-Fi-Fingazz on the track..."

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