Baby Bash - Blow It In Her Face Lyrics

I'm high in the party high in the party high in the party [x2] I light it up and blow it in her face [x4]

[Cousin Fik:]
Backwood full of sticky
And it gotta be a wood yeah I'm hella picky
Tipsy pourin liquor on my kidneys
On a whole zip when I smoke I need 50
Like nuff I got grapes
Gods gift man I gotta say grace (Thank You Lord)
Your girl looking like she wanna taste
So I light it up and blow it in her face
If you keep it lit be the model
I think I'm about to move to Colorado
Or seeato I mean Seattle
Somewhere I can smoke where you niggas can't tattle
Long dreads like mac dre
No rare-o chick go that way
I'm bout to roll up a fat j
And fire up with the dj cuz


[Baby Bash:]
Girl scout loud pack from a car though
Light it up lemme give her a charge though
And I better get your weathers late cornrow
Smoking shit that'll give your ass parvo
Top shelf Nigga good for your health nigga
Growing in the woods make a nigga wealth bigger
Hot head and she drop dead gorgeous
But Bad bitch on my side that I'm watchin
All night we gon post shit
Around the bay on this mothafucking ghost shit
Half a pound on a road trip and I bet we gonna blow bitch
Party buss falled out like its burning
Now that's what I call higher learning
And if the dj keep the table turning
We gonna get higher than messiah no sermon


[Driyp Drop:]
It was me I did it
The purple in the air I lit it
I'm on further gone
Me and cousin smoking like cheech and chong
I'm finna blow it up its a bomb thing
Break it down roll it up I'm the fireman
You can catch it in a backwood
I was smoking on that cookie (That's Good)
Bad bitch say she wanna taste
So I light it up and blow it in her face
I was somewhere outter space
This this shit slapps this beat bang
Fucking with baby bash on them airplanes
Turnt up but I'm twisted off the hurricane
Follow everything hoes wanna jock
I be on my high ones they don't do the socks


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Baby Bash Blow It In Her Face Comments
  1. Hilmija Kahric

    Everybody high af, even the toilet bowl in the living room 😂😂✌✌

  2. Yuliana Bloomberg



  3. Yuliana Bloomberg



  4. Trust Nobia


    Manuel Garcia

    Trust Nobia I bet they have more money than your adopted-ass

  5. Liquid Ocean

    Denver brother! Dabcity @[email protected]

  6. Brian Schachterle

    sweat man

  7. Brian Schachterle


  8. Monique Manriquez

    I love you baby bash

  9. Monique Manriquez

    I love this song

  10. Trustnobia Labelmeadjie


  11. Mary Jane

    okay I just wanted to drop a line. . .
    Light it up, and blow it in my face
    always sample, and get a good taste
    The Kush so good, it will go real fast
    slow it down, hell no, never do that
    Keep it growing, in the shed outback
    keeping it stashed, up high on my rack
    roll with it, in a ziploc bag
    easy to access, and easy to stash
    I fly high, presidential, first class
    all my strains, in a different glass
    so much, class I could teach a lesson
    bout, blessins on blessins on blessins
    start liftin up, to a higher place
    As the smoke clears, you can see my face
    now I sit back relax, and contemplate
    at which rate, to blow it in your face

    elmo ferreal

    Mary Jane

    elmo ferreal

    Mary Jane

    Cupcakz Sprinklz

    @elmo ferreal yes😁

    Luigi Tha KindBudz

    I'll put you on my song hit me up on Instagram @LuigiThaKindBudz

    Cupcakz Sprinklz

    @Luigi Tha KindBudz k

  12. sinfulonekain

    Beesh, I mean Bash going back to his roots! 

  13. Yazmin Carbajal

    Too much weed

    Monique Manriquez

    hi do you like this video

  14. Superior Advanced DNA

    Mullet @ 2:17

  15. Superior Advanced DNA

    There is a lot of ass grabbing going on in their...

  16. rubi815ify

    lmfao I was hella there when they shot this video, I could have been in it buuut im too trill to be in a music but ive never watched it til now its funny to see how they edit everything. 

  17. Omar Villegas

    This shit goes hard but what wtf happened this guy changed his rap flow.

  18. Ricardo White

    Slap town from Nash town hello

  19. Juan C.

    Haha wtf

  20. Nicholas Hooper

    What happened form suga suga to this

  21. Daniela Castro

    Fucken love this song!!bumping this shit loud!! My neighbors listen to good music! :)

  22. Jessalynn Thompson

    That's hot as fuck

  23. Batman The Dark Knight

    Hard af slappp

  24. Lena Lewis

    ayyyeee my lil cuddy driyp slappin.lil cousin doin big thangs


    where driyp been

  26. Priscella Leyva

    Suga suga still of a better song •-•

  27. Lynneah D. Rol

    I liv in Colorado lmao

  28. oneandonlyARK

    to your virgin lungs they may be a lil rougher

  29. garlic spoghoot

    Damn autocorrect. High in the party

  30. garlic spoghoot

    He sounds like flynt floss when he says guys in the party

  31. jeremydebassige

    Doesn't change a thing

  32. Jahmal Jackson

    ma breh dryip !

  33. mc swayzo

    He got over his bitch and dumped her tho! Now he's blowing big at the party high af like bob marley!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  34. mc swayzo

    Suga suga was do

  35. Jason Faulkner

    Niggas needa get it right go listen to badh before he made it big ..real valley joe niggah so he found a way to make it big much respect to tha niggah nd still can rep that bay swag all day sevenOsev all day

  36. CHurRo13XD

    Baby Bash... No...Stahp... What happened from getting honey buns ,now blowing smoke as a swag guy?... Ima go listen to Suga Suga and pray for the best...

  37. lizbehyphy

    high times baby

  38. Kasy Pinillo

    Me and couzin smokin like cheeh &chong 3

  39. raulcastillorcrc

    Fuck a $krap N A Hater re$pect to BA$H

  40. raulcastillorcrc

    Alway$ BurNiNg Big IN THe City of Tree$ Nutty NortH $acra DPH

  41. Lisa Cano-Slaton

    Me & cuzns smokin like cheech & chong

  42. Mike Zavala

    People say how did Baby bash go from Suga suga to this & there some Stupid Mofos if they think Bash has changed, the only thing that's changed by Bash is his Age!.

  43. Mike Zavala

    We all have different opinions, And I also Love Suga suga & that was actually the first song I heard by him but honestly dude I don't get how you can be Disappointed, it isn't always going to be related to the same Damn song or just the way he sings it cause that's just stupid, maybe he decided to mix it up a little, And if you don't like it then Oh well.

  44. Mike Zavala

    He obviously got older & Not all his Songs are going to be related to Suga Suga, & he did say that Suga suga is about getting High & there smoking Weed in this video, only difference is that Frankie J. ain't in the Video but he also ain't gonna making singles with him All the Time, he will be making New songs with Different Artist & he is going to be coming up with New Lyrics cause it ain't always going to be the same shit, people have to realize that.

  45. Mike Zavala

    There will always be Doubters & Haters, I find No Hate in Baby Bash at All, he is an Awesome dude & it would be awesome if I met him 1 Day.

  46. Angeleyes101008

    Baby bash always kills it yeeeeeee xD


    jest lettin u know baby bash has made tracks way before suga suga if thats the only song u like from him thats cool. i first heard him on da song WIGGY WIGGY LOOK UP DA MUSIC VIDEO. plus he just released an album wit lucky luciano PLAYA MADE MEXICANZ havent got dat yet? dont even know huh its good, they just wont play it on tha radio

  48. Lisa Cano-Slaton

    Can't get enough!!!! #bashtown

  49. Shannon Williams

    I dont need to make bars...... I'm disappointed with the way he is going with his music as I was feeling suga suga when it first came out and now he is doing industry typical rap instead of tapping into the creational side I saw when he came out with Suga Suga.


    this shit is sick bet you neva made a bar in your life dont makes what people bump this if u cant figure it out u dont know wus good gettin high at a party

  51. mynameisreggiexp

    i totaly agree...
    WTF from good to this shit

  52. Alexandra Kozel

    Does anyone know where I can find an instrumental version of this song?

  53. Yung Zune

    This track knocks!Play the video at a club or frat party and see what the honeys want to do ?.....Light it up and Blow it in her face lol

  54. dionisis7

    I think that such inspirational videos should be shown in schools nowdays!

  55. PhillyKid89

    whatever yall want to say hes blowing mad tree with bad bitches gettin paid..yall fuckers prolly work at micky d's and can barely get a dime....lame ass people in the world today,,so much to say but yet they life fucked

  56. Kissalicious

    What a load of wack

  57. DriypDrop TheBlackStoner

    I never saw so much hate in my 24yrs of livin' s/o Baby Bash ..For staying so humble in a game full of snakes and fakes DONT EVER CHANGE MANNNN #STONER @TheBlackStoner_

  58. HolidayKirk

    Possibly the most subtle song of all time.

  59. Bobert Collins

    Driyt sounds like a crack head doh

  60. Angel Demery

    Luv this song make me wanna smoke n dance at da same dam time ♥ Bad n Georgeous :)

  61. El Pistolero

    "I think Im bout to move to Colorado..or Seottle I mean Seattle...somewhere I can smoke where you niggas can't tattle!"

  62. Evelyn Marie Verbonac

    dope shit!!! #BlowItInHerFace ;)

  63. Samurai Jack


  64. Lannes Delavega

    Blow it in her face!!

  65. Buksing Black


  66. logankennefic

    Pause at 0:06 for a mind fuck

  67. David Garcia

    the beat hella tight

  68. Felix Camacho

    you suck****

  69. Felix Camacho

    Video and beat is Turned Up!Really feeling this.....haha it goes hard

  70. zaira vazquez

    this beat is nice

  71. zaira vazquez

    nigga you act like every rapper dont make soft shit 50 cent lil wayne kanye west snoop dogg to name a few they have all made love songs

  72. Edg305

    Since when did Mullets become cool. I always thought they were wack

  73. DriypDrop TheBlackStoner

    Instagram @TheBlackStoner_

  74. DriypDrop TheBlackStoner

    S/O Baby Beesh for puttin the kidd on I'm forever greatful thanks for all your feed back now... light it up! And blow it in her faaaaaace


    Omg the dog!!!! Awesome

  76. Marko

    in suga suga he did talk about weed the whole time anyways lol..but i feel you.

  77. Angelina Cano

    hahah yo i thought the same shit when i first read he was in this

  78. MikoPayton

    - 15 Year Old Hip-Hop Artist Out Of Ohio.
    - With Dreams Of Being A Successful Rapper
    - I Don't Rap About? Weed, Sex, Or Money, I Rap About Real Life Things!
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  79. Desstromath

    You guys can't appreciate the song if you don't have a proper bass system. This shit bumps hard, I don't even need the lyrics I can't hear the lyrics over my lows.

  80. Meeran Nagur

    smoke the shit, like a blowing up steam lol! blow blow! fuckin shit..

  81. Diego A

    baby bash where is the good music at?

  82. SLYDOGG510

    oh this song is so underrated wtf this song go!

  83. Nikki Fittz

    The dog is the best part.

  84. truthbesaid101

    bash is done

  85. Nicholas Klender

    How did this happen?

  86. Sam leo


  87. Shanalbeads

    this is fucking terrible

  88. Kyrsten Athan

    lol this has 8k views

  89. Erre elee


  90. Shannon Williams

    How the hell he go from Suga Suga to this shit lol?

  91. Shalom Bhopale

    I watched this video before it got flagged.

  92. pokemon gotta catch them all

    fuck b bash.. your dead.. weeeeeek ass views. tryna come up with some fake ass club banger smh...hahahahahahahahaha

  93. Korey Davis

    its backwoods dumbass

  94. Relo Thuggin

    Ha the dog though ju$t chillin

  95. Gee Solorzano

    Baby bash sux big time

  96. Jack Garrity

    mad bass

  97. jeremydebassige

    blackwoods suck lmao