Babe Rainbow, The - Monky Disco Lyrics

Je suis le bel arc-en-ciel
De la mer je suis le sel
Les animaux sont mes amis
Viens donc dormir dans mon lit

Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us all

Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us all

Je suis le bel arc-en-ciel
Comme l'ours, j'aime le miel
2016 rhyme avec joie
L'année du singe n'est que pour toi

Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us
Supergirl save us, save us all

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Babe Rainbow, The Monky Disco Comments
  1. H. Jules

    This is awesome

  2. Ronnie Vendetti

    This is great stuff.

  3. pre

    considering killing myself... wish i was making art like this, as if any of us are living out our potential by being in the comments. passive spectators.

  4. Alex Fletcher

    “Stay up all night, do whatever ya like” favorite part

  5. Josh Shore

    "Hippies are dead, the flower children have grown thorne," Abbie Hoffman

  6. Cvija

    I felt depressed then I watched this video. Now I'm still depressed, but at least smiling.

  7. Enlightened Mumbo Jumbo


  8. joseph Cesneros

    Lead guitarist from Allah-Las

  9. Thomas de Vries

    This sounds a bit like moscow diso from telex

  10. Remedy

    The French in this song just feels so calming and I need more of it

  11. Timothy Flowleets


  12. Sora 4 Smash

    Fucking love this song

  13. David Marple

    I just realized recently this is my favorite band.

  14. Piero Bullón

    this song is fitt man

  15. Wayne Randall


  16. thelessiknowthebetter


  17. Yohana Greengirl

    Que video taaaaaaaan hermoso! Supongo que es Australia pero me recuerda tanto a Oaxaca..

  18. Wyatt Griffith

    People who understand

  19. missingmochiguman

    Fuck, now I wanna dance.

  20. Marin marin

    Je suis un bel arc en ciel 🇳🇿🇫🇷


    Eh .....not enough miracas.

  22. Raquel Minchetti

    france hippie

  23. Beth Molly

    in love x

  24. Jason• theFATES

    Hansel is so Hot right now. What can he not do? I'm just playing we are all Digging it! New Zealand or Australia my girls keep asking. I said you were Angels from the Groovy realm of Rock & Roll Heaven! Thanks for sharing the light!

  25. Julio Rodríguez

    Gracias a dios existe the babe rainbow para teletranspórtame a lo hermoso de la era de las 60’s

    Julio Rodríguez

    Y porque no 60s? :)

    Hernán RUIZ

    @Julio Rodríguez podria ser también

  26. felipe caballero

    Anyone notice the Allah Las guitar player on here??

  27. Belleame Stoyan

    This is so fun. Groovy baby.

  28. Pinkfloydian

    I born in the year of the monky. I approve the vibes 🐒🍄

  29. Jinxia Lu

    他们穿的是paloma wool吗😢

  30. Michael Jennings

    Hansel is sooo Hot right now!!!

  31. Human 2.0

    Señor México playing some Maracas

  32. Andrea Bustamante

    Does anybody get Beck vibes?

  33. Gnupfo ​

    Ok so basically

    Im monky

  34. Oliver Seddon

    Damn that girl can move.

  35. Cezar Spînu

    That girl is so hot

  36. I'm not goodbye

    I love how it looks like an entire roll of film was just colored on with Crayola markers

    harryish online

    That’s how it was done. They probably used some sort of watercolor paint and painted each piece of film! It’s very popular to do with experimental films.

  37. Quinn Davis

    OK so basically,

    Gnupfo ​

    Im monky

  38. tatia tsikvadze


  39. Zrob

    -other people "Why do you want to be a hippie?"
    -other people ".......We understand"

    Miguel Sampedro Estrada

    Zrob fuck hippies man, they make great music tho

  40. we lizards

    Supergirl saved us, slaved us?

  41. Diler

    I'm in love with that redhead girl.

  42. Tellesaki mane

    Who ever said white peopleaint got moves

  43. Backflash z


  44. Rafael Rooker

    Simply amazing

  45. Thiago Alexandre

    I love this video clip

  46. Thiago Alexandre

    Austrália eu te amu

  47. Michel Mendoza

    Saquen esos Hoffman 😈

  48. Abadaba Babadaba

    Love these Guys.

  49. Daniel Lee

    allah las

  50. the most unconfident person on earth

    I won't lie, this is definitely me when i'm monky

  51. Sharon S.

    God bless Connan Mockasin

  52. esoteric kalidescope

    This song and video are just so fucking sexy and groovy

  53. esoteric kalidescope

    This reminds me of a trippier bee gees

  54. Brian Mathews

    Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite meets House Of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture

  55. Anthony Strazza

    My dog loves this video

  56. Aixa Mercado

    This is making me happy ☺🐙

  57. Mark D

    is t ha t h omeboy from A llah Las in this vid

  58. Petros

    love this music

  59. Babczynski Thomas

    super smooothh

  60. Psychedelic BluesMan

    So Australia just started to become one of my favorite places hahaha

  61. Maggot Mush


  62. Cam Ruffle-Deignan

    I liked it before I watched it

  63. Dios ito

    Sooooooooo... Hipster! Dam it! I like it! Jajaja


    Will osbourne not hipster at all

  64. The Lsdays

    I love these dudes

  65. hippiecheezburger

    This song is totally sexy


    hippiecheezburger Hot song!


    You are

  66. ABrookeByTheTree

    They've got some mad Napoleon Dynamite dancing skills at work here. Right on!

  67. Jaron Wheaton

    The guy with the camera has taken too many photos of me.

  68. Angel Bravo

    Sick a f

  69. Francesca S.

    M O N K E Y N O I S E S

  70. Grigger


  71. Kenneth Casey

    Is that the guitarist from the Allah Las lurking with a camera?!

    Julio Rodríguez

    Kenneth Casey yesss

  72. Starlessmars

    Why is this on my recommend

  73. msergio0293

    Who's the girl?


    msergio0293 dream girl

    Julio Rodríguez


  74. Nicholas Lane

    groovy as, very nice ;)

  75. Walter Pimentel

    saludos desde peru )(!)!)!


    I’m speechless this is one good rift and jam✌️😜

  77. Zechariah Paterson

    That song, that green outfit, that girl :D

  78. Video Art Design

    what is that red and white jacket?! wow

  79. Andy Garz

    When I shake my maracas I go chick chicky boom.. The vid reminds me of Pond’s Fire in the Water ..

  80. Coozooken Fers


  81. Coozooken Fers

    You guys deserve all the like and subsciptions and love lol i dont understand why your not world famous already

  82. Andrei de Los Santos


  83. hoffmanscup

    babe rainbow eats more clean acid than anyone

    John Gilmore

    hoffmanscup don't know me........baaaaahhaaaaa

    nemooo bemoo

    @esoteric kalidescope yea they are that's how I discovered them

    esoteric kalidescope

    @nemooo bemoo same

  84. CraneoMedia

    Good people, good music

  85. Estefani Campos

    Am i wrong, or is this the dude from Allah-Las?

    Alex L

    Estefani Campos Sir Pedrum

  86. Vanessa Lopez

    The babe rainbow has the best videos

  87. Armando Cruz Shadow

    Que seria de mi y mis drogas sin estas canciones :')

  88. Alex Siegel

    groovy babyyy

  89. Trippy Hippy

    I have discovered myself.

  90. venalexandra

    hey Pedrum

  91. Amy Naylor

    *dude with maracas stands on screen*